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I was recently given a laptop for my birthday and have been searching for a suitable backpack in which to safely carry around my newest addition. My search was met with way too many results to choose from and in an attempt to reduce the number of options. Then I came across a Wenger backpack, specifically the Wenger GA 7305 14F00 SwissGear Computer Backpack. I was immediately drawn to it because of the manufacturer; the makers of the Swiss Army Knife. Certainly they have already built themselves a sterling reputation.

Wenger Backpack

What to Look For When Buying a Computer Backpack

During my research I found a few key points which should always be considered before spending your hard-earned money on the best computer backpack. These are:

  • A laptop pocket in which to fit your laptop
  • Strong and comfortable shoulder straps
  • Enough room and compartments
  • Safety for your laptop

I found that searching for a product based solely on price will not always yield the best results, and if you are serious about getting a top-quality product, rather look out for these qualities. Allow me to explain the relevance of these qualities in this specific Wenger backpack.

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One Size Fits All, Nearly

Since the primary function of this backpack is to house your laptop, of course you need to be sure that your laptop will fit comfortably; it is of no use if your laptop sticks out from the top of the bag, as you will not be able to fully zip it closed. The Wenger backpack fits most 15.4″ widescreens, which should be more than sufficient, as consumers say that their 16″ screens fit comfortably as well.

Carry with Comfort

Wenger Backpack 2The Wenger backpack sports Comfort Fit back straps, which means that they are wider than the average back strap, and they are also padded enough to ensure that the straps do not cut into your shoulders when your bag is full. They are also shock absorbent, thereby distributing the weight evenly on your back and ensuring comfort.

Another wonderful little comfort feature is the Air-Flow Back padding which will keep your back cool on hot days, as we all know how embarrassing it can be to remove your backpack, only to reveal a large sweat patch on your back.

Compartmentalize Your Belongings

A computer backpack cannot simply hold just your laptop, because with a laptop comes many accessories such as your charger, USBs, an external hard drive perhaps, and even books and stationery. The SwissGear computer backpack has an Essentials Organizer in the front pocket which has pockets and slots for all your gadgets, which makes it extremely easy to keep everything neat and in order. In addition to this is a Quick Pocket with a place for your iPod or MP3 player and a headset port, so your music player will be safely tucked in your bag while the headset can reach your ears. There is also ample room for your textbooks if you are a scholar or if you are planning on using this for work purposes. The netted side pockets are also useful for less valuable items such as a water bottle.

Safety, Security and Durability

There is no point in purchasing a bag for your laptop if it is not going to keep it safe, and this is where this bag excels. The computer pocket is padded so that your laptop fits in snugly, and this cushioning will protect it if you accidentally drop your Wenger backpack.

Another safety feature that is absolutely essential in a computer backpack is that the bottom must be reinforced for when you set your bag down. Here, SwissGear makes use of a CaseBase Stabilizing Platform, which should keep all your belongings upright and in place when your bag is no longer on your back. The material used on the bottom is also extra durable so that it doesn’t suffer early wear-and-tear.

The materials used throughout the entire bag are nylon and polyester; polyester is a hydrophobic fabric which means that it will not absorb water quite as quickly, and nylon is known for being light, strong and durable. These high quality materials and strong, durable stitching and sewing will ensure a long lifespan.

How Much Should You Expect to Pay?

The GA 7305 14F00 SwissGear Computer Backpack sells for $89.99 from the Wenger website. However, Amazon has lowered the price considerably at

Wenger Synergy Backpack, Gray (GA-7305-14F00)

Price: $59.00

4.5 out of 5 stars (1007 customer reviews)

63 used & new available from $59.00


Wenger Backpack Warranty?

Each Wenger backpack carries a lifetime guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship for all their products. Should you encounter any such defects, you can simply send your proof to Wenger, and they will either replace or repair it for you.

What Others Have to Say

Wenger Synergy Backpack, Gray (GA-7305-14F00)

Price: $59.00

4.5 out of 5 stars (1007 customer reviews)

63 used & new available from $59.00

These are some of the positive comments:

  • “This is the nicest computer backpack I’ve found so far…”
  • “I’ve owned this backpack for at least 6+ years….I find absolutely no damage to it.”
  • “The ergonomics of this bag are outstanding …”
  • “Very nice backpack, made of quality materials and manufactured with very good craftsmanship.”
  • “Great product at a very good price.”

Any Negatives?

I did not come across many negative reviews for this backpack, although one consumer did mention that the backpack is heavy and bulky. Since the bag is designed to allow for ample room for all your items, once filled to capacity, it may be heavy, but that is dependent on what you are filling it with. As for bulky, well, another consumer commented that for such a large bag with so much storage space, it actually seems rather sleek.

Where to Buy this SwissGear Computer Backpack

This can be purchased online from the Wenger website, however look out for the additional sales tax and shipping fees which are not included in the initial price. The website will also provide you with information about a retailer near you. Alternatively, you can order this from Amazon, which seems to be the best deal, especially since shipping is free.

Read More Wenger Backpack Reviews for Extra Information

Amazon is a great source of information since there are many reviews for you to read from people who use or have used this Wenger GA 7305 14F00 SwissGear Computer Backpack. So if you are still uncertain, these may help sway your decision.

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