Backpack Spray Foggers

Backpack Spray Foggers – Old Insect Controls Get a New Twist

Public health officials, gardeners and groundskeepers have used “fogging” as a method to control mosquitoes, and other harmful bugs and pests for over a hundred years. But these methods used to use large and bulky equipment that people found expensive to own and maintain.

Then along came backpack spray foggers. A backpack spray fogger (also called mistblowers) has a compact tank mounted above an easy to use gas-powered delivery system. This sprayers are great for jobs that require the extreme in portability and mobility.

Backpack spray foggers come in two basic styles: thermal (heat activated) and ultra low volume (ULV) or ultra low dosage (ULD) or “cold” foggers. Thermal foggers use heating elements to break up the insecticide into fine droplets or fog. They used oil or diesel fuel mixed in with the bug spray to act as a carrier and produced a dense, smoky fog that lasted a long time.

Ultra low volume (ULV) backpack spray foggers, also known as “cold foggers” use concentrated forms of pesticides without any water or oil being mixed in. This type of backpack spray foggers use special nozzles to break up the bug spray into microscopic droplets.

Because of this, cold foggers can be calibrated which makes them ideal for heavily populated urban areas and inside office buildings, greenhouse, warehouses and farms.

How to use a ULV backpack spray foggers

Backpack spray foggers or more commonly called backpack foggers are ideal for those large jobs when electrical service is an issue. They are lightweight and can and can be used in areas that can only be accessed on foot. However, they have been used while the wearer was riding in the back of truck or on a motorcycle!

They are very simple and easy to operate. Just fill the tank with the correct insecticide mixture. Fill up the gas for the motor and then you are set to walk along woodlots, dense foliage, creeks, bogs or swamplands, where ever biting mosquitoes and flies may be lurking. You can quickly move from one area to another without trailing along heavy, bulky tanks and fogging equipment.

ULV backpack spray foggers are also popular with health and hygiene crews in public areas such as schools, hospitals, and restaurants. They can be used in commercial farming areas around livestock and animals to control communicable diseases and pests. They are also useful to disinfect and deodorize locker rooms, daycare and other public or semi-private areas.

How to maintain a backpack spray fogger

Good maintenance is important for long-term use of any backpack fogger. The most important thing to do is to flush the tank with clean water. Rinse until all the pesticide is removed. Look carefully for any leaks or seepage. Drain the fogger, disassemble and rinse any strainers, filters and hoses. Reassemble. Next using a soft bristle brush, clean all the visible parts of the fogger with mild soapy water. Rinse until the soap residue is gone. Never put up a fogger without cleaning it first.

Now that you know a little bit about backpack spray foggers, you should be ready to venture out and buy one on your own.

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