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If you are a fan of beautifully crafted bags that provide carry ability and timeless fashion, you should take a closer look at the Buckitt Bag. And no, that isn’t a misprint. Buckitt bags are bucket bags with a difference. These handy purses are the perfect blend between the latest style trend, and an item you will be happy to pass down to others through the generations.

What is the Difference Between a Buckitt Bag and a Bucket Bag?

The Buckitt Bag company was founded in London in 2013 by professional leather goods and textile designer, Rae Jones. She started off making women’s shoes and branched out into the bag market under the same label. She designed the Buckitt bag to stay true to the multi-functionality of the bucket bag’s shape while ensuring it was smart enough to carry anywhere and durable enough to tote the groceries home for supper.

A bucket bag is a widely used term to describe any bag that has a flat bottom and round or oval shape. You will probably see a version of the bucket bag just by looking around the room right now. Some designer labels have even attempted to lay a claim to the use of the word “bucket” and try to link the bucket bag description to their name synonymously. You can check out the features associated with a standard bucket bag further here.

What Are the Identifying Features of a Standard Bucket Bag?

The main bucket bag feature and one that you will struggle to find on a man’s tote bag with the same basic shape is the flat bag bottom that helps the item stay upright and not fall over. This was an essential characteristic of the original drawstring bucket bags, as they were apt to spill the bag’s contents all over the floor otherwise.

How the Buckitt bucket bag keeps within the design parameters and still retains its super-functionality and dual-purpose, is with the addition of an adjustable, long strap. This can be used to cross the bag strap over the body for more even-weight distribution. It is also a convenient feature to have at night when you want both of your hands-free to look for your keys; similar to the convenience offered by the styles seen on our 10 Best Backpack Purses list.

Buckitt One

Buckitt One

The Buckitt One is the original open-top bucket bag from Rae Jones’ hand-made-centric manufacturing company in the east of London. The line is regularly updated with highly collectible limited-edition models. These collectibles are distinguished by different color linings, colors, and bronze embossing.

The Buckitt One comes in nine gorgeous standard colors:

  • Natural
  • Wine
  • Black
  • Green
  • Gray
  • Navy
  • Choc
  • Tan
  • Red

Buckitt One Bag Colors

Every color is on the muted, matt side of the color spectrum, in keeping with the brand’s use of highest grade Italian vegetable-dyed leather. This gives the bags a softer, more organic appeal.

Continuing the muted tone theme used in the Buckitt bag’s colors, the solid, square brass rings, detachable strap eyelets, studs, and zip all have an aged finish that is a welcoming counterpart to the hardware patina.

The Buckitt One has two sturdy leather carry handles that match the long, detachable leather strap. This is what makes it so easy to carry the Buckitt One cross-body, or remove the strap and hold it by the handles.

Inside you will find the Buckitt One has no lining, and this utilitarian feature is embellished with an internal raw-cut open pocket on the one side of the bag. Some of the limited-edition bags have linings, softened Italian-aged leather, and the logo embossed in bronze. It doesn’t mention if the lining is stitched onto the bottom of the bag to anchor the lining to the base.

The final finishing touch of the Buckitt One bag is the matching leather loop that is attached to the bag by threading it through the eyelet. You can use this to keep your keys accessible or secure your valuables in the Buckitt Pouch or Purse.

Buckitt One Dimensions:

Buckitt Bag Dimensions

Height: 10.8 inches
Width: 18.5 inches
Depth: 6.0 inches

Every Buckitt One, Two, and Three is designed to be reconditioned upon request, and any parts that have worn away can be replaced. This is an encouraging thing to know when buying a Buckitt bag, as they don’t have studs on the base bottom, a feature most bucket bags have. These are to protect the base of the bag by keeping it from touching the floor. Don’t be alarmed, however, because the Buckitt bags all have a raised rim on the base instead. It might not work if you have a weight in your bag though.

Buckitt Two

The Buckitt Two is also available in the nine Buckitt One colors. It is different from its baby Buckitt bag original by having an outside pocket that extends along the side horizontally, and with a zip fastening closure.

Buckitt Two Dimensions:

When the zip is closed on the Buckitt Two, the opening depth is 4.5 inches. Its dimensions are the same as those of the Buckitt One in every other way.

Buckitt Three

Buckitt Three

The Buckitt Three is an update on the outside pocket offered by the Buckitt Two. The difference is that the Buckitt Three comes in one choice of two-tone color and the outside pockets have no zip. This makes the Buckitt Three perfect for slipping a bottle of water into the extra pockets for hydration, maps, magazines, and even a hardcover book. The outside pockets are really spacious and open wide enough to make the Buckitt Three a welcome addition to the Buckitt family.

The Buckitt Three comes in Navy (main bag) and red (outside pockets). Dimensions are the same as the Buckitt Two. The Buckitt company plans to make this model in an extremely limited run.

Caring for Your Buckitt Bag

Buckitt bags are built to last. They are deemed heritage pieces by their huge fanbase all over the world. Their production leaves minimal impact on the environment and only get better looking, softer, and more desirable with age.

The leather used to make a Buckitt bag will change color naturally over time. There is no fading, just a general weathered patina. Use a soft cloth, lightly dipped in tepid water and pH-neutral soap. Using a circular motion, wipe the spot down lightly. Allow drying naturally away from direct sunlight.

The bags offered by the Buckitt company, and the bucket bag design itself, are on-trend, on top, and on their way to becoming a wardrobe staple.

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