Camelbak Lobo 100-Ounce Hydration Pack Review

The one thing that you notice when you browse around the Internet for any length of time is that too many reviews are basic, thin, or sales pitches for certain products. The last thing you want is used car salesman tricks and sleights of hand. I know, I’ve been frustrated plenty in the past regarding some reviews. But I love writing reviews because I have a genuine interest in the product. For the Camelbak Lobo 100-ounce Hydration pack, I’m an avid hiker, so I know a thing or two about them.

Let me start off by saying that I never considered style to be all that important when it comes to hiking gear, but the Camelbak Lobo 100-ounce Hydration pack can be used for so many different purposes that style really is important. You can use this pack for jogging, walking around the city all day, working outdoors, heading to the beach, biking, or whatever else your imagination can create.

Where to Start

The first thing that any buyer should think about is what is important to them about a hydration pack. I’ve found that most people care about the capacity of the pack first and foremost. Too small of a capacity and you run out of water, so what’s the point? Too much and you’re lugging around dead weight. Next comes comfort. You’re going to have this pack slung over your shoulders and on your back for several hours, most likely. That’s a long time, so it better be comfortable.

Durability is the next thing that comes to mind. If your pack isn’t going to hold up for long, then don’t waste your money on it. Extra storage is the other main feature that most people tend to focus on when searching for the right hydration pack for them. So let’s get into the important stuff here.


Obviously, the Camelbak Lobo 100-ounce Hydration pack holds 100 ounces of water. Pretty straightforward, but why is it important to understand this? First, 100 ounces seems to be the ideal amount of water for most people who either hike or bike. It’s not so much that it weighs you down, and not too little to keep you wishing you had more as your ride or hike wears on.

A great feature of this pack, as compared to other types is that the reservoir can be taken out of the pack and filled externally. You don’t have to worry about spilling and you can clean it out much easier. Why would you need to clean it anyway? After all, isn’t it just water you’d be using?

Sure, it’s water, but water still has bacteria in it and over time, that bacteria can become unhealthy if you don’t clean out the container properly. This pack makes cleaning it easy.


I have yet to come across a hydration pack that is as comfortable as this one. Seriously, I was amazed at the feel of this strapped to my back. It has an ‘Air Director’ back panel so that you’re not being overburdened with sweat (it allows your back to breathe), a gel pocket in the shoulder harness for added soft comfort, and a waist belt to keep it from flopping around on you when you’re jogging, walking up or down steps or steep inclines, or cycling through the hills.

It’s also stylish in its beautiful blue tone so that when you’re out and about in public, it will appear like any normal backpack. Style can be important to many people.


These packs are not cheap for what they do (they carry water with an easy to access system). However, there are a number of cheaper models out there to choose from. Sure, you could throw forty dollars down on one, but when it wears out in two months and you realize that you have to shell out more money for a new one, and you have to keep doing that over and over, you understand that sometimes investing in the right gear is a smarter financial decision than trying to save a few bucks in the beginning.

The Camelbak Lobo Hydration pack is as durable as they come. In fact, I have found through writing these reviews and testing a number of these packs out that they are about as durable as anything you’ll find on the market. You just can’t beat the Camelbak for durability. Made of rugged fabric and strong, thick stitching, you’ll be as impressed as I was with how durable they are.

Extra Storage

When you hike of bike, jog, or head through a city, you probably want a few more things with you than just water. The Camelbak Lobo 100-ounce Hydration pack offers you plenty of pockets for just about anything you need (small and within reason, of course). You can carry a number of biking items, for example, such as a pump, spare tube (just in case), your wallet, snacks, keys, and even an MP3 player. You may prefer to have your phone with you or a small tool kit or pocket knife. No problem.

What Do Other People Say About It?

You don’t have to take my word for this review. There are plenty of glowing reviews and testimonials about it.

  • “This back was a great value …”
  • “I read all the things people posted about [sic] this and many others. This is the one I chose. I use it for running around the mountains and its [sic] awesome.”
  • “This pack lives up to the hype.”

So, Are You Convinced?

If you’re like me, you know a great deal when you hear or see one. The Camelbak Lobo 100-ounce Hydration pack is a great deal for the active, on the go lifestyle. I couldn’t recommend a better hydration pack on the market. Seriously, I couldn’t. If you’re ready to grab your own, then head on over to Amazon and discover the comfort, durability, and convenience that you get with this pack.

You won’t regret it. Camelbak stands behind all of their packs with their “Got Your Bak” guarantee. Head over to Amazon now and order yours!


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