The Camelbak M.U.L.E. 100 Ounce Hydration Pack

Camelbak MULE 100 Ounce Hydration Pack Review

I love hiking and being outdoors and one thing I found is that my traditional hiking bag was getting to be too heavy to carry and it was holding me bag. While searching for another one, I came across the Camelbak MULE 100 Ounce Hydration Pack. It’s also a great bag to choose if you’re into riding your bike in the mountains.

Being outdoors is always better when you’re prepared and have the right gear or equipment such as this bag. Here’s my review of the Camelbak MULE 100 Ounce Hydration Pack.

What You Should Look For

If you’re in the market for a sports hydratration ack pack, you’ll find there are a number to choose from. Some are more compact than others, and some are just simply too bulky. One thing I found the more I researched is there are more innovative styles available and a few important things that tend to matter the most include:

  • Lightweight
  • Ample space
  • Strong and durable
  • Won’t slow you down

One thing the Camelbak MULE 100 Ounce Hydration Pack offers that some hiking back packs won’t offer is ventilation. This prevents you from getting hot or if you are carrying foods, they won’t melt or get too warm too fast.


The Camelbak MULE 100 Ounce Hydration Pack offers enough space to carry your snacks, a lunch, your phone and other necessities, and even your MP3 player! This is great if you’re traveling alone or want to listen to music while you hike or ride.

The total weight of the back pack is a mere 1.76 pounds which is amazing compared to others. It offers a slim design allowing it to not become overpowering or too heavy once you add in your items.

Water Resistant

Perhaps the best feature of them all is the fact that this back pack offers water resistant material. There is a pocket that is specifically designed for your MP3 player and the zipper and pocket itself is water resistant. This means your music player stays dry even if conditions get a little wet. I find this to be beneficial because I do a lot of riding and enjoy listening to my music a lot.

Antidote Quick Link System

I found that the one thing that could sell anyone on this back pack is the Antidote system that allows you to carry a drink in the reservoir. It’s easy to use and prevents bacteria from growing in it as well. It’s stability and the big bite valve additionally allows you to drink from it easier.

This back pack is super light as well meaning it is not going to weigh your bag down at all like most other bags would do. The cap on it tightens easily as well preventing any spills.

Not Bulky Like Other Bags

One thing customers have come to love is the fact that the Camelbak MULE 100 Ounce Hydration Pack isn’t bulky or heavy at all unlike other bags. This allows you to continue hiking or traveling for longer periods of time as opposed to other bags which can wear you out faster.

The bag is 16 inches in length and offers comfortable straps allowing it to stay in place once put on. This makes it great for riding uphill or on a bumpy road. Your epic days can be enjoyed rather than spent getting your bag to stay in place or getting too heavy on your shoulders.

What You Can Expect to Spend

The Camelbak MULE 100 Ounce Hydration Pack is going to cost an average of $75 – $150, and this can vary based on the site you purchase from as well as the color you get. Some sites might also offer sales or other discounts on your purchase so it really just varies.

Color Options

There are a few different colors you’ll find the Camelbak MULE 100 Ounce Hydration Pack in including:

  • Lack
  • Blue
  • Black/charcoal
  • Blue/white
  • Blue/orange
  • Silver
  • Red/charcoal
  • Chili pepper
  • Chili red
  • Citron/navy
  • Citronelle/dark navy
  • Skydiver/orange
  • Skydiver
  • Tin man

This is great for finding the one that suits your style or needs. You can express yourself or find a brighter color to help others see you when it starts to get darker.

What Do Others Think of Camelbak MULE 100 Ounce Hydration Pack?

Camelbak have been making hydration packs for years and are leaders in this industry and their years of experience are reflected in the general positive feedback they seem to get about their products. The Camelbak MULE 100 Ounce Hydration Pack is a great bag and I found several other users agreed as well. To date, I found more positive reviews than negatives and some include:

  • “Amazing survival back pack!”
  • “Gets the job done every time!”
  • “Great for longer bike ride!”
  • “Great engineering job on the bladder!”
  • “No regrets here! Fabulous buy!”
  • “Perfect bag in every way possible!”

Are There Customer Complaints?

In regards to any negative customer reviews or complaints, I only found one customer review that was on the negative side. The customer felt that after using the back pack for a while they found that the construction of it began to break down and it began to peel. Many other users have had nothing but good to say about the bag so far. This bag is durable and stands up to the test.

Where Can You Buy the Camelbak MULE 100 Ounce Hydration Pack?

If you’re looking for a place to purchase the Camelbak MULE 100 Ounce Hydration Pack you’re in luck as there are more and more online retailers such as Amazon offering this back pack at an unbeatable price. Many people find that Amazon is the better place as you can see reviews and a lot of information to help you make a wise decision based on what you read and see.

The Camelbak MULE 100 Ounce Hydration Pack in my opinion is an all around great choice for a hiking or mountain riding back pack. Reading reviews will show you that just about every person that has purchased this back pack loves it and continues to love it the more they use it.


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