Canon Deluxe Photo Backpack 200EG Review

When looking for a new bag for my cameras, I asked around, and the consensus seemed to be that a backpack was the best way to go, as it made it easy to carry all extra equipment yet still have one’s hands free to take photos. A colleague of mine who also does photography as a hobby mentioned that he has the Canon Deluxe Photo Backpack 200EG for Canon EOS SLR Cameras and was very happy with it.

I must say that after doing my homework I also purchased this backpack from and am very happy with it, as it is everything that I need and more. I love the fact that I can pack my Canon 7D, a 10-400 L, 24-105 L, a few different lenses, and various other accessories in the bag and I can also pack my notepad and USB stick so that I can transfer photos and even edit on-site if I need to.

What You Should Look For

Any photographer will tell you that there are certain features that are very important to them when it comes to transporting and securing their valuable and expensive photographic equipment.

The following are some of the most important features to look for:

  • Durability
  • Lightweight
  • Ample space to pack stuff
  • A divider system to keep things safe and neat
  • Straps with which to secure equipment

Ample Space

Although the Canon Deluxe Photo Backpack 200EG is compact at dimensions of 15 x 12.2 x 7 inches, it reminds me of the old adage about dynamite coming in small packages. This backpack has sufficient internal space to safely store two or three smaller SLR camera bodies, or a larger camera with a battery grip, 3 or 4 lenses, and various other small accessories such as lens hoods, and filters. I like the fact that the apartments can be adjusted to fit whichever cameras I want to take with that day.

The external compartments can store items such as a cell phone, battery packs, cables, chargers etc. There are also straps on the bottom of the bag so that one can attach a tripod, and the front pocket usually holds my tablet and a light windbreaker.


The backpack is made of a rugged waterproofed nylon and polyester material, which means that it is very durable, and it is also coated with a water repellent urethane, which is great should one get caught in a shower; at least the equipment won’t get wet.

Comfort and Versatility

The Canon Deluxe Backpack is lightweight, weighing in at only 3 pounds when empty, and the padded shoulder straps and back make it a comfortable carry, even when loaded with all my equipment.

The well-arranged padded divider system, which is movable or even entirely removable means that you can adjust the dividers to suit the type and size of equipment that you need on the day, and makes for easy access to everything. One of the great features that I love is the added tripod carrying straps on the bottom of the backpack, which can either hold a tripod, or if you are like me and do not have a tripod, you can even use the straps to strap a nice warm jacket in.

What Do Others Think?

I feel that it is always important to find out what others think of a particular product in which I am interested, so I scoured the Internet for reviews on the Canon 200EG and came across hundreds of them.

Here are some of the comments that were made by happy customers:

  • “One thing that isn’t mentioned in the reviews I saw is the pockets, all of them, are made to expand, meaning they have billows to become larger than a standard pocket.”
  • “I originally saw this bag at a big box retailer and they are charging over double Amazon’s price!”
  • “This pack has much more room than it appears to have. I’ve got a Canon 20D with BGE2 battery grip, 3 zoom lenses (one a telephoto), a Canon 580EX flash, a Slik mini tripod, lens hoods for all the lenses, and a large assortment of filters for all the lenses all inside the main compartment.”
  • “This pack showed up in a small box and right off the bat I wondered if I had made a mistake. I can tell you, there’s no mistake. This Canon pack exceeds my expectations in every way. I also have two other camera packs and this is the only one I use.”

Are There Customer Complaints?

There will always be some people who will find some problem with an item, but I was really glad to see that there were not too many complaints about the Canon Deluxe Photo Backpack 200EG for Canon EOS SLR Cameras. In fact I only found two; the one complaint was from a guy who describes himself as very tall, and said the backpack looks like a child’s school bag on him. Well, I am slightly taller than average, and it works perfectly for me, so he must be some kind of a giant. The other negative point was a suggestion that “It would be nice if Canon provided extra elastic/velcro strips, like the one used for the main compartment, to hold the lenses in place.”

Where Can You Buy the Canon Deluxe Photo Backpack 200EG?

The Canon Deluxe 200EG backpack can be purchased at various suppliers, but with the fantastic prices offered by I think it would be remiss to purchase it anywhere else. I mean, they are offering it for virtually half the price for which it can be purchased anywhere else.


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