Osprey Momentum 34-Litre Commuter Pack

Osprey Momentum 34-Litre Commuter Pack Review

If you ride your bike to work, you have probably tried to figure out what you can do to make the trip easier since you don’t have the level of storage that you did inside of your car. Osprey has created the Momentum commuter pack that attempts to solve that problem.

There are a lot of features here, but you should get a good look at the whole picture.  Keep in mind during this review that you have your own reasons for needing one. There is a good chance that this is just what you are looking for, but always be aware of anything that leaves out something that you need to be a feature.

About Bike Commuter Pack

Bike commuting is more popular than ever as people move away from their cars, subways, and taxis. Why car pool when you can ditch the car altogether? The problem is that it can get hard to carry everything with you the way you can with a car.

You also have to think about accidents. Repairs on a bike have to take place on the go and you need a pack that can hold your equipment without having to sacrifice everything else that you need for the day.   A good commuter pack will hold everything that you need, protect against the elements, and also hold your helmet and bike gear while you are actually in the office. The Osprey Momentum 34-liter commuter pack does just that.


The massive interior of the Momentum commuter pack is where it stands out. The main pocket has a panel that allows you to organize pumps, tubes, and tools easily. There is an expansion panel that can unzip and add another 8 liters of storage space if you need it.   The shoulder straps feature zippered pockets that can hold keys, cell phones, and mp3 players to make sure you aren’t bored on the way.   Most important to commuters, however, is the dedicated laptop compartment.

This compartment is situated between the various padded portions, making sure that it is never exposed to the harsh reality of the world. A $1,500 investment is a terrible thing to lose on the way to work.   Finally, the front pockets have organizers, stash pockets, and high-visibility linings that keep everything visible and easy to reach quickly. The compression straps that attach to the front also make it easy to compress the entire pack if you don’t have a lot to carry that day.


A good commuter pack will protect your belongings and the Osprey Momentum 34 features a rain cover to do that. The bright yellow cover has a place to stick on a blinking light and is easy to set up in 10 seconds flat.   Padding also fills the important pockets of the interior. The laptop section is padded well and the organizer protects things from breaking due to them bouncing around loosely. The mesh screens help to hold everything in place further, though, and you shouldn’t have much to worry about in this area.


In addition to the ability to add a blinking light, the Osprey Momentum features highly reflective materials that can be seen in almost any low light condition. The secure fit also means that you won’t scramble to grasp something before it falls, taking your eyes off of the road and putting yourself in grave danger. If anything does happen on your ride, however, the organizer inside can help to keep your tools and first aid kit in order. The rain cover adds to that safety by once again making sure that you don’t have anything to distract you, even if you are riding through the rain and trying your best to keep your eyes on the road.

Additional Considerations

This pack doesn’t have many complaints that can be found. Some people have taken an issue with the lack of a thermos holder, although many smaller bottles fit into the side pockets just fine. A few people have said that iPhones do not easily fit into the shoulder pockets, but they fit very well into other side pockets that are almost as easy to get to.

The only other complaint is that it can seem small on some people. Even the large model isn’t a bulky pack, but that is the design. It is meant to be a small commuter pack that carries your things safely, not something to move with. Compared to other commuter packs, though, it holds its own.

Take a look at people’s cars, they don’t need most of the things they carry around with them anyway. A commuter pack like this eliminates distractions and stops you from taking your Xbox with you everywhere you go. Who needs to take one to work anyway?

How Much Can You Expect To Pay?

The Osprey 34-litre commuter pack retails for $100-$150. Amazon.com is typically the best bet for this since they are almost always in stock and often come with free shipping. More reviews can be found there as well.

Feature Overview

  • Heavy duty, lightweight nylon construction
  • Weighs only 2lbs
  • Laptop compartment to protect your investment
  • Built in rain cover
  • Comes with organizer to hold tools, tubes, and pumps
  • Lid Lock clip to hold your helmet


Overall, the Osprey Momentum pack is a quality backpack for bike commuters. Switching to a bike can be a hassle if you aren’t properly prepared to deal with the fact that you can’t carry everything with you anymore. Most bags have a problem of not packing enough storage space, but the Osprey Momentum has enough room to take almost everything with you.

You still might have to leave excess things at home, but this can even help you unclutter your life. Commuter packs come in all shapes and sizes, but this one gets the best of both worlds. If you have any more questions regarding this specific pack, then make sure that you visit Amazon.com. Here, you’ll find customer reviews, product photos, as well as product specifications.


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