Duluth Pack Brushed Leather Deluxe Backpack Review

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Nearly every fashion icon worth their salt has been spotted with a backpack at some point or the other – whether it is an old-school canvas-inspired style; the compact, triangular bag; or the more feminine motifs. This has only added to the accessory’s soaring popularity over the decades. Today’s backpacks are born and bred multitaskers. They need to perform a variety of roles without breaking a stitch and they need to be comfortable in controlled indoor environments such as offices and college campuses, as well as the uncontrollable outdoors. During the week you may require them to hold your laptops and iPads, but on the weekends you might need it to hold large water bottles, lunch boxes, sunscreen, etc. for your hike/camping trip. And all of this needs to be done with a certain sense of style too. Talk about expectations! Enter, the Duluth Pack Brushed Leather Deluxe Backpack. This is a backpack that meets these expectations, and more.

High Fashion Meets High Functionality

It would be a fair statement to say that Duluth Pack has been making backpacks since the time of our great-grandfathers – 1882, to be exact. Since then, the manufacturing processes of the backpack industry has changed, evolving towards more machine-based processes that churn out products on an assembly line. You will hardly find a stitch different from one backpack to the next, which lends an aura of impersonal craftsmanship. The raw materials too have evolved, perhaps not in a good way with sub-standard, albeit economical, sources. However, this is where Duluth Pack stands out from the rest – by still following their tradition of handcrafting their products. Their backpacks meet the highest standards of quality and endurance while displaying a signature style. This is where high fashion meets high functionality. One of their latest offerings, the Brushed Leather Deluxe Backpack, walks the thin line between fashion and function – pulling it off brilliantly.

Duluth Pack Brushed Leather Deluxe Backpack

A Premium Accessory

At first glance, the Brushed Leather Deluxe Backpack gives off the aesthetic of a premium accessory. The fine leather finish, available in tan and brown, produces an eye-candy look that will certainly hold your attention. Wear it on your back and we are sure you will have people looking your way. The visual style is just one aspect where the backpack scores easily. When running your fingers lightly over the surface of the backpack, the lush leather feeling only affirms the quality of this high-end accessory.

You may have to carry your backpack for many hours and a cheap material may lead to an uncomfortable experience. Thankfully, that’s not something you need to be concerned about with the Duluth Pack Brushed Leather Deluxe Backpack. In fact, one of the standout features of the Deluxe Backpack is the attention to detail paid to each and every aspect, which we will touch upon in the next segment.

Duluth Pack Brushed Leather Deluxe Backpack

Fine Attention To Detail

Quite often, the difference between a premium accessory and a mediocre one is the fine attention to detail that the former exhibits. The Duluth Pack Brushed Leather Deluxe Backpack displays a sophisticated touch, even in the smallest of aspects. Take the loops attached to the zippers, for instance. By furnishing it with a leather finish, the makers only add to the accessory’s overall appeal. There is a touch of style and a dash of practical function as well because the loops allow you to open and close the bag with a minimum of effort.

Another aspect that may not catch the attention of the casual observer, is the fine addition of rivets to the rear of the backpack. The gold-colored rivets offer an interesting color contrast to the leather and tan finish. They also reinforce the straps to the body of the bag, allowing you to sweep the backpack off with a single hand, even if there’s a heavy load inside.

The Duluth Pack Brushed Leather Deluxe Backpack comes with enough compartments to carry all your books, laptops, or any other other equipment. The shorter, front compartment can hold essentials such as wallets, mobile phones, keys, etc. – all of which can be placed inside convenient slip pockets. The front compartment can also hold packaged food items and drinks. The larger, second compartment that opens broad and wide is ideal to hold the bulk of your belongings. College students and even young professionals will find the space it affords more than sufficient to carry academic or work material.

The last aspect that we like to touch on in this section is the shoulder straps. You could say that the straps are the soul of a backpack; if they do not sit comfortably or cannot hold the load, the bag loses its identity. The shoulder straps of the Duluth Pack Brushed Leather Deluxe Backpack only enhance its soul. The leather finish is skin-friendly, even if you end up wearing it for hours, and they can be adjusted for a perfect fit on your back. The quality of the material ensures that whatever load you carry, that backpack will always be a comfortable wear.

Duluth Pack Brushed Leather Deluxe Backpack

Made In America, The Old Fashioned Way

In an age of rapid globalization, where most of the manufacturing processes have shifted to cheaper destinations, Duluth Pack has maintained its legacy of producing handcrafted bags with locally-sourced materials. The result is a premium accessory that anyone would be proud to flaunt, and the fact that it is crafted from leather only enhances its style appeal. The backpack can be used in a variety of settings, and in a variety of conditions, including light rain.

Final Thoughts

Make no mistake, the latest offering from Duluth Pack is a premium accessory. Everything about it attests to this, perhaps nothing more than its price. This may be the one factor that may put people off the backpack but, guaranteed for life, you definitely get what you pay for. Our only gripe with the Duluth Pack Brushed Leather Deluxe Backpack is that the interior is lined with a plain nylon fabric which takes away from its premium look. Aesthetically, we’d have loved to see a beautifully patterned woven cotton or something similar. With that said though, Duluth Pack has specifically selected the nylon fabric for its ease of cleaning. Again, fashion meeting function.

As a versatile, home-grown and premium backpack, it’s easy to see why the Duluth Pack Brushed Leather Deluxe Backpack is fast becoming a favorite to many. It’s suitable for both men and women, school or work. Beautifully handcrafted,  the backpack offers a unique, signature style that is certainly an attention grabber.

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Changali Anand
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