Fun Backpacks for Kids

Fun Backpacks for Kids That Are Also Safe to Wear

Backpacks for kids in school or even daycare have become essential. And there are tons of unique kid’s backpacks available for sale, but which are the best and safest for a young school age child? If you are not sure how to properly pick a kid’s backpack for the upcoming school year, then you should read on and learn how to buy a backpack for a kid that is both fun and safe.

That age old question: Cute vs. Comfort

Your child wants a backpack with a beloved cartoon character or one bearing their favorite colors or some other unique kid’s backpack. You want a kid’s backpack that will last out the school season and not cause any undue stress to your child’s body. Don’t fret with just a few simple tips on you can easily learn how to spot a good, well constructed backpack from the market of cute but no so nice products.

Here are 7 things to look for in good yet unique kids’ backpacks:

  1. Basic Design: Strap, Sling or Roll? – No matter how a unique a kid’s backpack is they usually only come in 3 main styles. You can choose the standard double strap backpack, the single strap sling that crosses the chest and a rolling or wheeled backpack that is pulled along the ground.
  2. Durable Material – look at the label and look out a kid backpacks that is made of tough polyester or heavy-duty nylon (for an older or teenager). Be careful to look for reinforced stitching at the bottom and side seams. Check the stress points for double thick material, reinforced stitching or metal grommets.
  3. Zippers – The last thing most parents look at are zippers, but children are tough on kid backpacks and nothing is more wasteful than to having to trash an otherwise good backpack due to a busted zipper. A well made zipper should open and close under repeated use. If it is stiff in the store, it won’t last long with your kid. A good zipper should last longer than the material it’s sewn into.
  4. External Pockets – Some backpacks for kids have fun shapes and decals on the outside but your child also needs front or side pockets for water bottles, and personal gear, not to mention pens and a pencil or two. External pockets let them have access to frequently used items.
  5. A Big Main Pocket – Look for a large, roomy main compartment. It should be large enough to hold all their textbooks and binders, note papers and maybe even some gym clothes.
  6. Interior Pockets -This may be an area where you may have to let “cute” win: if possible find a kids’ backpack that has inside pockets to organize wallets, keys, calculators, pens, etc.
  7. Wide Shoulder Strap(s) – Even with fun backpacks for kids, they should have sturdy straps. The shoulder straps shouldn’t be too narrow. Measure the distance between your child’s shoulder bone and the leading edge of collarbone. A good backpack straps should be as least as wide as this.

Buying fun backpacks for kids doesn’t have to chore, just follow the above steps the next school year and you and your children should both be happy.

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