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Icon Squad 3 Backpack Review

The Icon Squad 3 hi-visibility motorcycle backpack is the newest offering from Icon, but it uses the most tested features of their previous models. Storage, safety, and comfort are major concerns when it comes to motorcycle backpacks and this model has something to offer in each of these areas.

What You Need in a Motorcycle Pack

Driving a motorcycle from place to place is one thing, but getting everything there with you is another story. There is only so many things that you can stuff into your pants pockets before you have to upgrade.   In the modern world, you need something that will carry your laptop, tools, and everything else you need to get through the day.

Storage is a big thing when you have a busy life. The Icon Squad 3 manages to carry around a lot of your things without sacrificing safety.   Safety, in addition, is one of the big things that you should look at when you think about getting the Icon Squad 3 hi-visibility motorcycle backpack. None of that matters, though, if it isn’t constructed well.


This hi-visibility motorcycle backpack is made out of rip-stop nylon. That means that this is strong, but not bulky or heavy. It is a lot more lightweight than most people would expect. Double stitching then makes sure that all of that heavy duty nylon stays together. This is meant to last for years, although there is no way to test just how long this will last under regular use.

Staying Safe

Reflective material is the best way to stay safe on your bike and the Icon Squad 2 hi-visibility motorcycle backpack has plenty of it. The chest closure system and back are both covered in strips that will keep you visible to others on the road. Since they are made into the backpack, these are also going to last much longer than any other reflective strips.

You also need to think about the way that it is secured to your body. The chest closer makes sure that it doesn’t slide around, it doesn’t fall off, and you never have to grab it in a hurry to keep it from hitting the road. Every single time that you take your attention away from the road, you are putting your life in danger. Keeping your belongings securely attached to your body is one of the easiest ways to eliminate threats.


The Icon Squad 3 hi-visibility motorcycle backpack isn’t waterproof, but it is water resistant enough to help protect your things from damage, within reason. They recommend an aftermarket dry bag if you carry around a lot of very expensive electronics that are at risk of water damage.

The large, primary compartment is capable of holding up to a massive 17” laptop and any other books or papers that you need. This main compartment also has a mesh pocket that can hold maps and other small accessories. Other small pockets are stitched into the sides and can hold a variety of things, although it doesn’t have the mp3 player pocket that a lot of people want.

Important for very expensive things is the side pocket that features a water proof zipper. Not many things can fit into this pocket, though, so it’s best to save it for vital things. Water damage is one of the biggest issues with electronics. In many cases, it is also the only thing that isn’t covered by your warranty or insurance.

Somewhere between safety and storage is the helmet strap. When you get off of your bike it’s hard to know what to do with your helmet, but now you can easily carry it with you. Once you get back on your bike it will be hard to “forget” to put your helmet on. For most people they’re a no brainer, but some people still resist them.

Keeping Comfortable

Comfort isn’t necessarily the first thing that people think about when they picture the ideal backpack, but it is important. The Icon Squad 3 hi-visibility motorcycle backpack is, in fact, one of the most comfortable on the market.

The chest closure system is strange to some people, but once you get used to it you realize why it’s there. Not only does it keep everything in place, it distributes the weight of your pack throughout your upper body. If you are carrying anything particularly heavy, it won’t take long for you to notice the soreness in your shoulders. The padding on the backside keeps your back equally cushioned.

Features Overview

  • ID holder on the arm straps
  • Heavy duty nylon construction
  • Highly reflective strips on the front and back
  • TUP hardware custom to this brand
  • Chest strap system with mesh padding that keeps you cool
  • Internal pockets for laptops, phones, IDs, mp3 players and more
  • Waterproof zipper and water-resistant fabric exterior

What Should You Pay?

The Icon Squad 3 hi-visibility motorcycle backpack retails for $100. Sites online keep this as a standard price, but on Amazon.com you can get it with free shipping. You also get their easy return policy, though.


This is a big step up from the Squad II hi-visibility motorcycle backpack, but it also brings its own flair to the table. The addition of ID holders adds to the everyday wear style that Icon has created and the comfort level has only improved.

This pack has the same flaws as the previous model when it comes to storage space, but if you only have a laptop, a few files, and your wallet/phone accessories, this is a great option. The main thing that you need to look at with Icon series backpacks is your own needs.

If you are getting just back and forth from work every day, you won’t notice the lack of storage. In fact, you’ll be hard-pressed to find more storage on similar backpacks.

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