High Sierra Long Trail 90 Internal Frame Pack Revew

Are you heading out into the woodlands and you are unable to figure out how to organize your belongings? Do you have lots of stuff to carry but you need to pack everything all together so you can enjoy the great outdoors? The High Sierra Long Trail 90 Internal Frame Pack is said to be the solution to your packing problems. This bag is ideal for all types of trips or adventures that you have in mind. Let’s have a detailed look on the features of this backpack.

How Much Should You Expect to Pay?

High Sierra Long Trail 90 Suspension Pack has a listed price of $280 but you can buy it from Amazon for just $112 in black color and $145 for Pacific color.

A Perfect Carrying Companion

A backpack is considered your best companion when you are travelling with your necessary belongings. Even so, picking the right one for your trip can be a challenge. Therefore, in order to ease the decision-making we have listed some features that a good backpack will always have.

  • A large carrying capacity
  • Multiple access points from all sides; the top, bottom and front. It is essential for organizing stuff and getting your hands on it when you need it!
  • Made of extra durable material to withstand all kinds of environmental conditions
  • Innovative closing features for example; drawstrings and bottom flaps.
  • Extra flaps for accommodating the important stuff close by, such as flashlights and first aid kits
  • Hooks to hold ice axe or hiking poles
  • Adjustable frame bars can be adjusted to fit your back, for easier movement and more flexibility while on the go
  • Breathable surfaces
  • Features for comfortable carrying such as waistbands, cushioned straps, help secure and stabilize your load
  • A hydration reservoir
  • A media-pocket preferably one that can be detached for entertainment
  • Capacity to hold lots of water
  • Weather and water proofing
  • Exciting Colors

Smart in size

High Sierra Long Trail 90 Internal Frame Pack has a huge main compartment with a capacity to hold up to 5,500 cubic inches – an absolute perfect for the heavy weight packer, providing the ideal size for the more experienced and extensive load carrier. The dimensions are 36 x 15 x 11 inches. This is a huge capacity and can easily hold essentials for longer trips. However, the extended capacity does not add too much weight to the bag. The bag weighs about 7 pounds, so you can easily manage the trip without feeling the extra burden.

Creative pockets

The High Sierra Long Trail 90 Internal Frame Pack comes with pockets in almost every possible location; the front, back and bottom. At the top, the main compartment has a drawstring closure along with an adjustable lid. Furthermore, the bag has three entry points, which allow you to access your frequently needed items. At the bottom, you will find a drop-bottom sleeping bag compartment. It is an understood idea on the part of the manufacturer that you will most probably need one of those on your trips, because many of us tend to extend our trips.

Prepare for some adventure

Irrespective of what sort of trip you are going on, it is only fair to assume that you will engage in some sort of adventure. If so, then you will be glad to know that the High Sierra Long Trail 90 Internal Frame Pack is equipped with soft-lashing hardware that holds an ice ax or hiking pole for easy adjustment.

Internalization – The Best

The internal frame feature is a unique property of some hiking bags, including the High Sierra Long Trail backpack. Originally, fabric only, fragile bags were supported with an unbending, stiff exterior frame. Then the internal frames were introduced. These were attached to the inside of the bags imparting some strength to the fabric and at the same time, maintaining good flexibility. The additional plus point is that this design holds the weight of your belongings close to your body, ensuring that you maintain your posture throughout the trip.

Comfort level

The High Sierra long trail 90 Pack is designed for comfort. The dual countered aluminum frame bars are designed to adjust to the shape of your back. This feature ensures an excellent fit without extra bulk. The back panel is molded to fit into the arches of your back with the airflow channels to keep the back cool and dry. In addition, the bag comes with ergo-fit shoulder harnesses. These come with adjustable load lifters and a waist belt lined with 420-denier nylon fabric and high-density foam padding, which adds the extra cushion effect just where you need it.

The design includes an adjustable sternum strap, as well as side and bottom compression straps. These features allow for greater weight carrying and allow you to balance the load on your back and body. Moreover, the High Sierra Long Trail 90 Pack comes with a waist belt that is adjustable and also covered with the Vapel mesh padding to soak up moisture during your excursion.

Weather proofing

Being outdoors can definitely cause wear and tear to your bag and the stuff you keep inside it. However, you will not have to worry about the High Sierra Long Trail 90 Pack. The top and sides are made of ultra-durable Grid-Weave Duralite and Mini-Weave Duralite, which can withstand all sorts of adversities that nature throws at it. Moreover, it also includes an even tougher Duraweave at the bottom of the bag, so you can be sure that when you throw it off on the ground, the bag will not tear apart.

Maintaining the pack

We know that such bags are usually exposed to various environmental damages and stresses. However, it is designed with extra durable materials, the pack is also washable with soap and water for a good as new feel after every excursion.

Drink holder

High Sierra Long Trail 90 Pack comes with a pair of mesh side pockets that can hold 1-liter bottles of water. In addition, the hydration reservoir allows you to store more fluids that can easily fit into the bag. Therefore, you never have to worry about dehydration while out on your trip.

Does it include a Warranty?

All High Sierra products are lifetime warranted to the original owner for any manufacturing problems or build issues. However, their warranty does not include any zipper wear or damages that are normally caused with time or due to misuse.

What Others Are Saying?

The majority of customer ratings for this product is very positive. Here is a look at what customers normally say about them:

  • “Great Backpack extremely well design with lots of extra pockets also pretty functional”
  • “I am 6’2″ and am around 280 lbs. and this bag is just long enough to fit my back. it is a large bag and has lots of pockets.”
  • “I have to say, I was very skeptical when I bought the bag. The zippers are strong, the material is well put together, the bag contains a ton of space, everything zips up nice. I don’t have one complaint about this bag.”
  • “I buy this backpack for my friend and when He receives the packaging was really surprised, is a really excellent backpack.”

Any complaints?

Apart from a few complaints, we do not see any major problem with this backpack. Some of their customers have complained that the top compartment is loose when the backpack is not filled-up. Besides this, most of them look satisfied.

Where Can You Buy the Product?

Although there are various web stores and ecommerce sites where you can buy High Sierra Long Trail 90 Internal Frame Pack, but it is recommended to check Amazon before you finalize your purchase. It has great deals and offers an amazing price with two different colors.


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