High Sierra Loop Backpack Review

I never really cared about the back pack I used when I would go to the gym after work until I began researching for a friend of mine. She was looking for a great multi-purpose one that would be great for things such as camping, going to the gym, and more.

I found the High Sierra Loop Backpack to be a great choice and the best part was it is offered at a price anyone can afford nowadays. Here is my review of this great backpack that is great for a number of uses regardless of what it is.

What You Should Look For

When I was looking into a number of styles of backpacks I found that the High Sierra Loop Backpack was even a great choice for students who are in college or even high school students. I found there are a few things that you should ensure you have in a backpack including:

  • Comfort
  • Durable design
  • Compartments
  • High quality
  • Durable straps

Some backpacks are poorly designed and therefore the straps might break or the backpack itself begins to tear. That’s why having a backpack that’s made from high quality material is always a better option and therefore meaning you might need to invest a little more money.


One thing I discovered was that a number of people were extremely satisfied with the design of the straps. The shoulder straps were comfortable even when the bag was loaded up. Most other bags begin to dig into your shoulders making them very uncomfortable to carry. There is also an elastic pocket which allows you to keep your cell phone within reach at all times.


The bottom straps of the High Sierra Loop backpack allow you to attach on any other equipment you might need during your day and there are side straps as well which work great for keeping your belongings safe and secured at all times.


The High Sierra Loop backpack offers ample space and compartments to fit all of your belongings in it with ease. There is a see through netting as well in the side pockets which is great for keeping a water bottle, tripods or even a set of poles used for hiking. I personally like using it for a camera tripod and one for my water bottle while I’m out hiking so I can capture the scenery around me.

High Sierra Loop Backpack 2

There are an additional 3 compartments that zip up and are great for other small items such as keys or anything else that might fit. The biggest compartment which is found on the front of the back pack is great for calculators, keys, your stationary and more.

There is a lot of room offered or you could even fit a few paperback books for longer camping trips. There is also a compartment ideal for threading your MP3 player or your iPod’s headphones while your player is safe and secured in a nearby compartment.


The High Sierra Loop backpack is great in size and I found the dimensions were 19.5″ x 14.5″ x 8.250″. While this bag is a tad bigger than some of the other backpacks on the market, it’s also used for different things than what other backpack’s are used for. I found the size to be ideal for my needs but it’s not big to the point you’re going to be running into things with it on your back.


I really like the quality of the High Sierra Loop backpack. The stitching that is used as well as the material used to make this backpack I found to be high quality unlike some backpacks. The inner portion of the backpack is made from nylon which makes it water resistant which is great.

What Do Others Think?

There are several satisfied customers that already have the bag and from Amazon to at least 3 other sites, there were nothing but raves about the High Sierra Loop backpack. Customers are raving about the space as well as the design and the best part is there are numerous colors and patterns to choose from which make it even more of a better choice. To date, some comments include:

  • “Amazing all-purpose backpack for any occasion!”
  • “I had to buy a few in different colors for my teens!”
  • “I’m a small person and found this bag to be perfect!”
  • “As a high school student, I love that it holds all of my books and stationary needed to get me through my day!”
  • “I use mine as a diaper bag and find it far more durable and higher quality!”

Are There Customer Complaints?

There are a few customer complaints about the High Sierra Loop Backpack and while some love the size of the bag others say it’s just too big for their needs. However, each person is different and there are different bags targeted towards different customers. Some people feel that the pictures featured on Amazon are not accurate and some find the mesh netting to not be big enough for their cell phones.

Where Can You Buy the High Sierra Loop Backpack?

The High Sierra Loop Backpack can be found on a number of sites such as Amazon. Amazon offers the bag in a number of colors to fit your personality or to look great while at the gym or for your teens in high school. There are a few other sites as well but Amazon seems to be the one offering the backpack at an unbeatable price.

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