A High Visibility Motorcycle Backpack Can Save Your Life

A High Visibility Motorcycle Backpack Can Save Your Life

Due to the growing popularity of sportbikes and “naked” bikes where storage capacity is extremely limited, motorcycles backpacks are becoming more and more common. There are several different kinds of motorcycle backpacks available.

There are ones made from butter-soft leather to futuristic “clamshells” made from fiberglass. Some are worth every penny you pay while others are not so good. There are many features to a good quality motorcycle backpack, but the most important feature that is constantly overlooked is high visibility.

Why is a High Visibility Motorcycle Backpack Important?

A study conduct in New Zealand determined that – motorcycle riders who wore high visibility gear (like backpacks, helmets or jackets) substantially decreased the risk of suffering a fatal accident. This study proves what veteran riders have known for a long time – the key to motorcycle safety is high visibility.

Think about. You are riding a small, very fast maneuvering two-wheeled vehicle traveling among slower cars, trucks, and over-sized SUVs driven by people who are tired or distracted. Being clearly visible is one of the smartest choices you can make when choosing your gear. You need gear that will make you be easy to spot and if you have to wear a commuter backpack then investing in a high visibility motorcycle backpack is simply the smart thing to do.

So how do you choose a motorcycle backpack that is right for you?

High Visibility or Reflective Material -The main key of this type of backpack is its high visibility or reflective nature. Okay, you don’t have to a backpack in hunter’s orange or Halloween yellow to be seen by other motorists. You can choose a motorcycle backpack that is made completely out of retroreflective material or that has high-visibility stripes sown on.

Another way to increase the visibility of a motorcycle backpack is to use fluorescent colors. You don’t need to have the entire backpack colored fluorescent red in order to increase your traffic profile. In fact, most high visibility motorcycle backpacks just have a back panel or two picked out in a fluorescent shade. This alone can be very effective.

Popular Motorcycle Backpack from Ogio:

Questions to Ask Yourself

Just how waterproof or water resistant is the backpack? Has it been treated to withstand moisture or does it come with a “rain cover” that can be popped on during a downpour? Does it have a helmet carry hook (which allows you to attach your helmet when not riding) or a helmet compartment to store your headgear inside the motorcycle backpack itself?
A nice feature on a high visibility motorcycle backpack would be multiple pockets; inside and outside. Securely zippered pockets can provide handy access for cell phones, keys, and MP3 player.

You should try to get a lightweight and compact backpack motorcycle with secure fasteners like YKK® zippers.

A quality high visibility motorcycle backpack should have adjustable shoulder straps, and compression straps (at the waist and/or sternum) to prevent the backpack becoming a “kite” as higher speeds or at lower speeds, shifting suddenly causing the rider to become unbalanced.

Luxury features would include a “camelback” hands-free, water delivery system or gel back protector to save your back when you fall.

In the long run, no matter what style of backpack you decide to buy, a high visibility motorcycle backpack will always be a wise and life-giving investment.

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