JanSport Wasabi Backpack Review

JanSport is one of the leading companies manufacturing backpacks, outdoor packs and other types of multi-purpose carrying cases for laptops and notebooks. It is a reliable and reputable choice for anyone. The primary feature of all backpacks of JanSport is the laptop friendly design that incorporates compartments and padded material for protection. Shopping for JanSport backpacks is always a great idea if you are looking for a durable backpack that you and your laptop/notebook can rely on and that you are planning to use on a regular basis.

Overview of JanSport Wasabi Backpack

This JanSport Wasabi backpack with 1800 cubic inches of space inside that can adequately be called ‘organized capacity’ with one compartment fully dedicated for your laptop, charger and other small leads and cables. It is the perfect backpack for everyday use whether you need it for school, for work and for light traveling purposes. This backpack incorporates the comfort requirements of every individual as the back of the backpack is fully padded so that the edge of your books, laptop or anything else does not dig into your back and create discomfort.

In addition to the main compartment, you can easily store your smaller sized valuables like your iPod and mobile phone in the inside zippered pockets. Never feel dehydrated because your JanSport Wasabi backpack has a mesh, water bottle holder.

Detailed Product Features

  • Main compartment: Store your books, stationary, files, document, clothes and other bulky things safely in this main backpack compartment
  • Side entry compartment: This second compartment is dedicated specifically for storing a laptop of any size up to 15 inches, safely and securely. You can also carry the charger and cable for the laptop in this side-entry compartment.
  • Front compartment: This is basically a zippered utility pocket in which you can store personal items you might need on hand. There is also a V-loft pocket that is very easy to access and that is meant to carry your essentials.
  • Web haul handle: During security checks, you cannot carry your backpack on your back. Instead, you will have to put it through scanning. In such a case, a web haul handle comes quite in handy because it makes it easy for you to haul the backpack from one scanning belt to another table, to the floor and then back on your shoulders within a few seconds.
  • Fully padded back panel: This is probably one of the more important features of this backpack because backpacks having straps that are not padded are not very comfortable especially when you have to carry them for anything more than an hour. Moreover, laptops tend to be heavy which makes it harder to carry them around on your back. The back panel of the JanSport Wasabi is fully padded so that your back gets the least impact and weight of the laptop and other heavier items in your backpack.
  • Ergonomic AirCore Shoulder Straps: These are also important in any multi-purpose, everyday use backpack. This is because unpadded straps will start to bite down on your shoulders merely after sometime especially when you are carrying heavy items inside. In places like the airport where you might be expected to wait in lines for hours, this can be especially irritating. However, with the JanSport Wasabi backpack, the AirCore system makes sure that you do not feel the burden that easily. The AirCore system boasts of foam padding that is ergonomically contoured for your shoulders and has extra thick EVA foam for extra softness. It also has breathable air mesh for better circulation. The AirCore straps of JanSport Wasabi are designed in a universal S-curve shape which any person can find comfort with even if your laptop threatens to weigh you down.

JanSport Wasabi Backpack Additional Specifications

  • Capacity: Almost 100 cubic inches or 30 liters
  • Product Material: The JanSport Wasabi is made of durable and sturdy 420 Denier Velocity Nylon and 600 Denier Polyester, which are not prone to being worn very easily.
  • Weight: This backpack is particularly light-weighted for its carrying capacity. At 15 ounces or 0.43 kilograms, you can expect to carry all of your essentials.
  • Dimension: 19 X 12.5 C 10 inches (Height by Width by Depth)

Therefore, whether you need a case to carry your laptop, iPad, mobile phone and half a dozen books to school or you need to carry your laptop/notebook, a bag of lunch, binders and documents to work, the JanSport Wasabi backpack will be more than enough for your needs. Even if you are going to your zumba class or to the gym, you can stuff your iPod or iPad in there along with your gym clothes, your thermos of protein shake or smoothie or even a bottle of water in your JanSport Wasabi bag. Let’s say you are planning to spend the night at a friend or relative’s house and you don’t need to pack a carry-one suitcase, the JanSport Wasabi backpack will come in handy here as well. All you have is to stuff in your pajamas and extra clothes, toothbrush and other essentials and you are good to go.

In short, no matter which color or theme of the JanSport Wasabi backpack you like, you will not regret the purchase of this multi-purpose backpack because it does away with the need to carry a bag for your essentials and an extra laptop case or bag.

How Much Should You Expect to Pay?

In case you are not convinced with all these features of the JanSport Wasabi, you are bound to be enticed by the economical price of this backpack. The price of this backpack varies only slightly with the color and the printed material. While the Grey Tar/Red Tide backpack costs only $27, the Grey Tar/Purple Slick Parson themed backpack costs $36 and the Grey Tar Flitter backpack costs about $39. Therefore, in about $25 to $40, you can find a great quality, durable backpack that is efficiently organized into pockets and compartments and that is easy to carry around as well.

Does it include a Warranty?

With lifetime warranty, you do not have to worry about accidental wear and tear of your backpack or of causing unexpected tear and damage to the bag.

What Others Are Saying

  • “It is a great backpack with a lot of compartments.”
  • “I really like the design of this backpack.”
  • “I really love the product, was in really good shape and was just what i was looking for/ I recommend all people to buy things for this person.”
  • “The red and grey go excellently together. The backpack is spacious and comfortable.”
  • “So what can one say about this book bag? Well first of all, IT IS AMAZING! Yes I have had this bookbag for about TWO YEARS now.”

Any complaints?

The product has received a rating of 4.5 out of 5. Out of many reviews, we have found only one review of a customer saying that this backpack is made of good quality but sounds unsuitable for laptops.

Where Can You Buy the Product?

Apart from the main website, Amazon is considered a reliable and good choice to buy JanSport Wasabi Backpack with its lower price and special offers on free returns on qualified clothing.


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