Koozam DJI Phantom 4 Waterproof Case Rugged Military Grade Case

Koozam DJI Phantom 4 Waterproof Case Rugged Military Grade Case Review

The Koozam DJI Phantom 4 case is an ultra-strong military grade case that provides ultimate protection and storage for your cherished Phantom 4 drone. When you splurge upwards of $1500 on a drone, you definitely need to go out of your way and find a reliable carry case for it. Simply throwing it into a backpack and slinging it over your shoulders is not the best way to handle a pricey piece of technology.

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As most drone pilots know, the adventurous life of being a drone owner means that you spend a great deal of time on the road and out in the wild piloting your quadcopter, seeking all sorts of information and photography.

Not only does your body suffer physically from the hard knocks of these adventurers but your equipment feels the brunt too. As such, only a military-grade carry case can guarantee the safe custody of your prized drone. The Koozam ultra-strong military-grade carry case provides extra protection for your Phantom 4, no matter where you go.Koozam DJI Phantom 4 Waterproof Case Rugged Military Grade Case

In the rest of this post, you’re going to learn about the key features of this case and how to best use it to protect your drone and prolong its life. You can also check out our 5 best DJI Plandom 4 cases, of which the Koozam DJI Phantom 4 Waterproof Case is number 2.


The Koozam DJI Phantom 4 Waterproof Case is ideal for transporting and storing Phantom 4 drones and the respective accessories. The first mark of quality you notice about this case is its superior build quality. The hardshell case has a rugged design that adds to its strength. The hard shell is made of ABS plastic, which is renowned for its superior toughness and impact resistance.

The hardshell material combined with the rugged design of the Koozam ensures dustproof, watertight and airtight protection in extreme conditions. The case provides waterproof protection in immersions of up to 1 meter deep for a whole 30 minutes.

On the side and bottom of the case are a pair of raised edges that act as stands. They help to hold the case a few inches off the ground and also give it enhanced grip to prevent it from sliding when you’re packing or unpacking stuff.Koozam DJI Phantom 4 Waterproof Case Rugged Military Grade Case

The handle looks and feels sturdy to grip. This is important especially during transit. The case is all black, with light blue accents on the handle, the locks, and in between the raised edges on the side and bottom. There are two locks that provide extra security for your stored items. The case comes with two keys for the locks. The Koozam does not have wheels but it is compact enough to be carried in one hand.

The case measures 22.3 by 16.1 by 9.5 inches and weighs a little over 12 pounds when empty. It is compact enough to fit into airplane overhead bins although it may not necessarily meet maximum dimensions allowed for every airline’s carry-on luggage.


As this case is primarily meant for storage and transport of the Phantom 4, it’s important we pay a little more attention to the interior detail. On the interior, there’s a custom cushioning foam that is precisely molded to fit the drone, the controller, the batteries, accessories, and a tablet. The main slot holds the drone and fits it snugly. The drone fits with its propellers on as they rest slightly above the foam cushioning.

On the extreme left are 3 battery slots and just next to them is the accessory pocket. On the extreme right is the controller pocket and an extra 2 battery slots above and below the controller slot.

Koozam DJI Phantom 4 Waterproof Case Rugged Military Grade Case

The pocket right beside the handle holds a tab and a few other parts such as extra propellers. There’s another accessory pocket above the drone pocket that holds cables, cards, and other accessories you may have.

The slots are cut out with precision measurement to fit the respective components that they hold. This way, the parts are held in place in case of movements and jostling, avoiding unnecessary damage. The cover lid is also lined with egg crate foam to provide heat proofing and cushioning against impact.


As mentioned earlier, the materials used on the Koozam case are some of the highest grade materials for such cases. They meet the high standards of cases used in military and industrial applications.

The ABS hardshell is tough and can withstand a great deal of impact. It will handle any terrain and condition you take it to, whether it be hiking, biking, jogging, on the sea shore, or in a remote desert land.

This is a testament to the Koozam’s quality and durability. Even with unusually rough handling, this case will last a long time.


The Koozam DJI Phantom 4 case fits all Phantom 4 series including the Phantom 4, Phantom 4 Advanced, and Phantom 4 Pro. It may not fit the Phantom 3 series.


The Koozam DJI Phantom 4 case comes with a warranty from the manufacturer that it is in the condition to be used for the purpose for which it is advertised. There are conditions that may void this warranty and are only available to buying customers.

Wrapping Up

If you’re looking for a dedicated carry case for your Phantom 4 drone, you should seriously consider the Koozam DJI Phantom 4 Waterproof case.

Built with high-grade materials, the case offers excellent protection for your drone and its accessories. It is sturdy, dependable, and very easy to carry, thanks to its streamlined design. The case comes with custom features designed to provide dependable protection to your drone’s most delicate parts.

In addition to storing the Phantom 4 with the rotors on (a huge plus), you can fit a bunch of accessories in this case without a lot of hassle. The interior padding ensures that there’s no damage to the parts in case of knocks and shocks during travel. You’ll spend slightly more on this case than usual but the extra dollars are worth the quality and protection you get.

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