Nathan Speed 2 Waistpack Review

I’ve been interested recently in making some changes to my lifestyle, and I have decided to start running. I began researching to find products to make things easier as far as carrying my water bottle, and I found the Nathan Speed 2 Waist Pack which I thought was a rather intriguing concept. I’ve seen water bottle holders before, but certainly nothing as well-thought of as this product is. The best part I found is that it’s something we can all afford.

All I could think about was how easy it was going to be to work out or take a jog in the morning without having to hold on to my water bottles. What a great and handy little product this can be for those of us who enjoy taking a run or even just a long walk! Here’s my review of what I found on the Nathan Speed 2 Waist Pack.

What to Look for in Exercise Gear?

One thing I found while looking for gear to make any exercise run smoother was that some products are handier than others seem to be. What I found to be true is you want a product that is:

  • Convenient and compact
  • Nothing too bulky and light weight
  • Functional
  • Won’t get in the way

There’s a lot of great gear on the market to help make things easier, and one thing I know is that the key to having a successful work out is to constantly sip on water, energy drinks, or something to keep you hydrated. The Nathan Speed 2 Waistpack offers convenience and more which is why I find it to be such a great product.

Convenient and Compact

One thing you’re going to see is that the Nathan Speed 2 Waistpack is worn like a belt. It’s comfortable unlike other bulky items, and it’s great for holding your drinks in. The two water bottles that are included help keep your drinks from splashing around everywhere and are held in place with holsters that are secure enough. It’s a Velcro waist belt that offers smaller pockets for your small items such as keys, a cell phone, and refill packets of your favorite beverage such as sports drinks.

Light Weight and Not Bulky

One thing that you’ll find with some belts or fanny packs is they tend to bounce and sag once you begin running. The Nathan Speed 2 Waist Pack weighs a mere 8 ounces which is ideal for longer runs. Even when the flasks are full, they are molded and stay in place without popping out like you might find with others. Because you have it around your waist, you’ll find ease of use which allows you to grab a bottle with one hand easily and replace it just the same. The belt offers limited stretch allowing it to always stay in place rather than sliding around when you run.

Offers Functionality

I find that when I run, I’m trying to stuff my keys in pockets or I am stuck carrying them. On top of that, I have to try and find a way to carry my water with me as well as my cell phone. It becomes harder to run the distance I want when I have to carry everything. The Nathan Speed 2 Pack offers a front pocket that is extremely functional allowing me to carry my keys and cell phone in it. The holsters each hold one 10 ounce flask which is included with the belt.

The bottles are in the front when you put the waist belt on which makes it easier to grab and drink. This avoids the stopping and going which can make your run or walk less effective. Another benefit I found was the pocket itself was compartmentalized. I could put my cell phone in one pocket while putting my refill sports drink powder packets in another pocket.

What Can You Expect to Pay for the Nathan Speed 2 Waist Pack?

The Nathan Speed 2 Waistpack can be found on Amazon for an average price of $25 – $47. This can vary based on the color you choose. You’ll find it available in a few different sizes as well which makes this a great belt for anyone looking to add ease of use to their work out. As far as what you can expect to get with your purchase, you’ll get:

  • Leather waist belt with Velcro
  • 2 – 10 ounce flasks
  • Medical ID card

What do Other Users have to Say?

One thing I found when looking at numerous sites is that the Nathan Speed 2 Waist Pack is getting amazing reviews! This made it so much easier to buy the product. I knew I was going to be getting a great product! To date, some of the customer comments include:

  • My wife won’t give it back to me!
  • This belt is great for me and I’m training for my 5th marathon with it!
  • Best Hydration pack I’ve used.
  • I’m hydrated and happy!
  • More comfortable than I could have imagined!

Are There Any Negatives?

As with anything, I found some people were not completely satisfied with the Nathan Speed 2 Waist Pack but the issues were nothing major. There were a few reviews that talked about the size of the flasks, but for those who are not running 20 miles, you’ll find 20 ounces of water is going to be more than enough. If you feel the same, you might want to invest in a bigger size. There are different sizes available to fit your needs.

Where Can You Find the Nathan Speed Waist 2 Pack?

The Nathan Speed 2 Waist Pack can be found at a number of online retailers such as Amazon is a competitive place to buy it as they offer other places to ensure you get the best price. I found that other sites that offer it do offer free shipping, but the belt is a little higher in price.

If you’re looking to learn more about the Nathan Speed 2 Waist Pack, Amazon offers customer reviews and there are a few hundred to date on this product.

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