Plush Character Backpacks

Plush Character Backpacks – The Hottest Trend for Back to School

From Blues Clues® to Eeyore®, if you are parent of a young child, don’t be surprised when your kid ambushes you with a request for one of those cute plush animal backpacks.

What are plush character backpacks?

Okay, like me, you may be out of the loop, but now there are plush character backpacks in the shape of mice, tigers, donkeys, dogs and any other cartoon character you can think of. They are great as a gift item, or reward for good behavior during the long hot summer months. But as a school backpack, then cute, plush purse not textbook carrier.

These are stuffed animal backpacks and are designed to appeal to very young kids for 3 – 8. They are not very big, most or under 15″ inches (that’s including legs!) and small interior pockets when your kid and stash, a comb, some candy/gum or maybe even a pencil or eraser.

Plush character backpacks represent all cartoon and movie characters that children have grown to love. Favorites like Shrek®, Mini Mouse®, Tigger®, Winnie the Pooh® or Cookie Monster® from Sesame Street. They have long zippers that open from the side with narrow adjustable shoulder straps. Most also have a loop for hanging up in bedrooms and classrooms.

Plush animal backpacks or stuffed animal backpacks should be treated like you would buy any other plush or stuffed animal toy for your child:

Stitching – Look at the seams on a plush character backpack before you buy. Are the seams strong and well sown? You don’t want to have Shrek’s leg come loose at the first good tug!

Buttons – Are the buttons large or small? If small, they may represent a choking hazard to smaller kids. Are they attached with strong thread or are already loose while still in the store?


– Although, it’s basically a toy, stuffed animal backpacks are going to get a lot of wear. Kids are going to opening and closing that zipper a hundred times a day for “lookie what I got”. Get a pack with as a good of a zipper as you can find.

Straps – This is not a standard school backpack, but look at the straps and check for reinforcing around the strap attachment to the plush character. No sense in buying for a plush animal backpack to have the “animal” part fall off a week later.

The Character/Animal – Look at the actual construction of the plush character backpack. Check carefully for potential choking hazards like plastic eyes, tiny decorations, removable clothing or shoes.

Everything on the toy should stay on the toy. Also check the depth of the plush. That long plush looks very cute but some manufacturers make a plush that is difficult to get rid of as pet hair! Get a one with a short nap plush covering.

Whether you call them plush character backpacks or plush animal backpacks or stuffed animal backpacks; they are here to stay. So until your kid is over their Beauty and the Beast® or Shrek® phase, you need to know how to pick a cute but safe plush character backpack for your child.

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