Powerextra DJI Phantom 3 Waterproof Traveling Backpack

Powerextra DJI Phantom 3 Waterproof Traveling Backpack Review

If you recently bought a DJI Phantom 3, congratulations and welcome to the club. DJI Phantoms are a great piece of equipment. They are a lot of fun and will allow you to create some amazing aerial content. Immediately after your Phantom 3 arrived, you probably took it out the box, set it up and practically ran out the door to try your hand, roaming the skies and capturing cool aerial videos. However, after a short while, you will realize that shooting videos outside your house is not enough. You will want to go to different places where you can capture more cool videos with your toy. However, you will need something to protect your Phantom 3 during your travels.

Every serious DJI Phantom pilot invests in a high quality backpack for carrying and protecting their prized drone and so should you. In this article, we take a look at the Powerextra Waterproof Traveling Backpack for DJI Phantom 3 Review, a unique and compact backpack case which is one of the best carrying solutions made for the DJI Phantom 3. You can also check out our review of the 5 best DJI Phantom 3 backpacks to see other good options for keeping your Phantom safe as you travel.


Made by Powextra, this backpack is a tough and compact carrying solution for the Phantom 3, though it does not offer the same level of protection that you would get with hard shell backpacks or military grade tactical cases. The key advantage of the Powerextra Waterproof Traveling Backpack is its extreme portability, which make it the perfect choice for the days when you want to take your Phantom 3 out for quick, light excursions. The backpack measures only 18.9 x 14.6 x 8.3 inches and weighs just 2.3 pounds, making it one of the lightest drone backpacks that you can carry without experiencing any extra strain on your shoulder and back muscles.


The Powerextra Waterproof Traveling Backpack is made of a strong fabric with double EVA protect which keeps you Phantom 3 protected against most light impacts. Inside, the backpack is fitted with a strong, pre-cut high density foam that provides cushioning for your drone. Unfortunately, the extreme portability of this backpack means it does not have a lot of space available inside. The foam cushioning has a central compartment for the main body of the drone. To fit the Phantom 3 on the Powerextra Waterproof Traveling Backpack, you will have to remove the props. At the bottom of the backpack is a compartment that is meant to hold the transmitter. One on side of the central compartment are two small compartments for carrying extra battery packs. On the other side of the main compartment is an elongated compartment for storing the propellers. At the top of the backpack is a rectangular compartment which you can use to store the charger and other small accessories.

The exterior of the Powerextra Waterproof Traveling Backpack is made of a durable and easy to clean fabric. The heavy duty shoulder straps are thickly padded, making this backpack extremely comfortable to carry for extended periods. Apart from the main section where you store the Phantom 3, the Powerextra Waterproof Traveling Backpack also has zippered side and back pockets which you can use to store other accessories such as a smartphone or a tablet. Though Powerextra claims that the backpack is waterproof, the correct term here would be water resistant, so don’t go swimming with the bag or any other situations where the backpack might be submerged in water, because your Phantom 3 will not survive.


The exterior of the Powerextra Waterproof Traveling Backpack is made using a durable fabric so it will serve you for quite some time. However, do not expect it to last as much as a backpack with a hard shell exterior would.


The Powerextra Waterproof Traveling Backpack is designed for the DJI Phantom 3. It will fit the DJI Phantom 3 Standard, Professional, 4K or Advanced, together with their accessories. Since the foam molding inside the backpack is precut to fit to the shape of the Phantom 3, it will not fit other drones even if they are the same size as the Phantom 3.


Powerextra has strong belief that their customers and their drones require high quality carrying backpacks. To this end, they provide a 30 day money back guarantee on their backpacks. If you are not satisfied with the backpack for any reason, you can return it and receive a full refund of your money. On top of that, they also provide a 12 month seller’s guarantee. If the bag develops any defect within 12 months from the date of purchase, they will issue you with a free exchange. Powerextra also has professional customer service that provides efficient, time and satisfactory technical support around the clock.


  • The backpack is portable and lightweight, making it the go-to drone carrying solution for light excursions.
  • It is water resistant so you do not have to worry if you are caught by some light rain on your way to or from your filming location.
  • It comes at an affordable price.
  • The side and back pockets provide extra space for carrying your accessories.


  • Since it is a soft backpack, it does not provide the same level of protection you would get with a hard shell backpack,

Wrapping up

The biggest advantage of the Powerextra Waterproof Traveling Backpack for DJI Phantom 3 is its extreme portability. It provides an easy and simple way of carrying your drone to filming locations. If you are a professional drone pilot who goes on tough expeditions in search of the perfect filming spot, you might require another piece of carrying equipment besides the Powerextra Waterproof Traveling Backpack. However, if you are only looking for an affordable, lightweight and portable carrying solution for your Phantom 3, then you will find it as an attractive option.

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