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Icon Squad 2 Reflective Motorcycle Backpack Review

Motorcycle riding is thrilling, effective, and safe, when you know what you’re doing. It’s easy to jump on your bike and get going, but carrying everything with you is a different stor

Feature Overview

  • Weighs 1lb
  • Heavy duty nylon chassis
  • Comfort fit engineered chest closure
  • Tool and first aid kit storage
  • Cargo straps to hold jackets, gloves, helmets
  • 15” laptop storage with padding
  • ProShield internal storage
  • Reflective panels on the front, back, and sides

What You Need In a Motorcycle Backpack

Riding a bike is a great way to get from point A to point B, but it’s also a great way to hurt yourself or your belongings if you don’t have a good way to carry them. When looking at motorcycle backpacks, you need to make sure that it helps you stay safe, holds everything in place, and fits just right. The Icon Squad II reflective motorcycle backpack does all of those things.


Staying safe is a major factor in people looking at a reflective motorcycle backpack like the Icon Squad II. The nylon construction of this backpack is designed to have a 360 degree reflectivity that makes sure that any rider is seen before it is too late. The reflective panels cover both the back and armrests on this particular backpack, making sure that you are safe even in the most unlikely of conditions on your bike.

Wearing a helmet is a no brainer these days, but what do you do with the helmet when you get done riding? Luckily, the Icon Squad II also features the ability to hold your helmet. While not specifically a safety feature, it is one that will remind you to put a helmet on when you get on and secure all of your things together.

The effective chest closure systems that are on this backpack not only keep everything on you, they keep you safe while riding. A sliding backpack will not only be uncomfortable, it will cause you to move around and put yourself in a great deal of danger. Not paying attention is one of the most frequent causes of accidents and a safe backpack like this makes one more thing that you won’t have to think about.


When it comes to storage, a lot of reflective motorcycle backpacks focus more on the reflective part than the pack aspect. The Icon Squad II makes up for that and, while not the most spacious, it certainly has features that will accommodate a variety of things that you might take with you.   Specifically, it has a compartment that is meant to hold up to a 15” laptop.

Everyone leaves home with their laptop these days and most people use their own at work. Taking it on your motorcycle can be a stressful situation, though. This pack’s padded, heavy duty compartment can protect it as much as possible. If nothing else, that can put your mind at ease when your $2,000 investment is concerned.

Everything else fits easily into the different sections of the pack as well. An mp3 player section has a hole for headphones to exit through, tie down straps let you secure your jacket and gloves, and side compartments are meant to hold tools and first aid kits.  All of the internal pockets have a ProShield layer of protection that can help prevent damage even in accidents.

That shouldn’t encourage you to be less safe, but it should help you rest easy when you pack up all of your expensive belongings.   There is enough room in this reflective motorcycle backpack to carry your laptop, first aid kit, tool kit, cell phone, mp3 player and enough things to get through your day. This isn’t one that you will find yourself taking on a road trip across country, but it is one that works great for everyday use.

Overall Comfort

Being comfortable might not be one of the most important features when you are buying a reflective motorcycle backpack, but it certainly makes a difference. Some people don’t like the chest closure system, but if you are interested in keeping this thing on you’ll be in favor of it. That chest closure system, the arm straps, and the padded back make it a great fit that you don’t always find in secure backpacks like this.

What Should You Be Paying?

ICON brand backpacks are not cheap. This model in particular is available from Amazon for $145. That is around the same price that the official store asks for the Squad line, as well as the standard price from other online stores before shipping.

Need A Second Opinion?

Looking at reviews of the Icon Squad II show that almost everyone is happy with them. The only concerns pertain to storage space and price, but nothing problematic. Backpacks come down to personal preference, which explains the varying opinion, although the vast majority have been positive.

Squad 2 Reflective Motorcycle Backpack Conclusion

Overall, the Icon Squad II is a good all-around backpack. It is reflective, carries everything, and comes with a variety of features. Some people want to carry more with them than this allows, but for most everyday use this is perfect. The price is a problem for some people as well, but you really get a high level of quality for that price. There aren’t many that come with this many features and function this way. Take a look at them if you aren’t sure, but you won’t be disappointed.

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