Should You Buy A Rolling Backpacks For Your Kids?

Rolling Backpack

Rolling backpacks are a very popular way for kids and young adults to carry around their school books and personal gear. But a growing number of them are arriving at hospital emergency rooms due to injuries related to backpacks. Severe back pain, neck aches, headaches and soreness can occur from improperly worn backpacks. So what should a parent do?

Rolling Backpacks to the Rescue.

A rolling backpack is simply a backpack that has been designed to roll on the ground as well as being carried by shoulder straps. They are very similar in design to wheeled overnight bags for business travelers. Rolling backpacks are a very safe way for a young child to transport heavy textbooks to and from school.

What to Look For In a School Rolling Backpack

A good rolling backpack will have two wide, well padded shoulder straps. No messenger bag styles since they cause kids to carry loads lopsided which aggravates the problem. It should also have a nicely padded back for protection from bulky books and pointed edges.

Rolling backpacks will have either a double looped pole or a single “T” metal handle coming from the top. The handle should be kid tough and fold away neatly into a low profile when not needed.

Example Rolling Backpack:

Other things to check on rolling backpacks are the length of the handle. The taller the student, the longer handle should be since it reduces heel-kicks and stooping. But be careful that you don’t get too long a handle, which will create a tripping hazard for other kids!

A school style rolling backpack should also have a good set of solid inline skate wheels securely attached to a bottom cradle. It should also have a solid lifting strap on the top for ease of stowing in lockers and under desks.

Students of all ages can be are tough on their belongings and school backpacks especially. Get a rolling backpack that is well made. Is it made of a good nylon? Preferably a type of durable, water resistant nylon that resists scrapes tears and scuffing. Does the backpack have reinforced stitching or metal grommets at high stress points? Are the zippers heavy-duty and glide open easily? Is it easy to clean?

Is the bag really able to carry around 25-35 pounds of books, gym clothes and notebooks? If your student really does have a “heavy” course load then you may want to consider moving up to a wheeled backpack used by business travelers.

What about a rolling laptop backpack? More and more kids and especially high school and college age students are taking their laptops to school with them on an almost daily basis. A rolling laptop backpack should have a specially padded compartment covered in a soft material like Velour.

All styles of rolling backpacks should have ample storage room. Get one with lots of compartments and pockets to keep all your young students electronics and personal gear organized and tucked safely away. Rolling backpacks are your best bet as a parent to prevent back problems and expensive trips to the doctor.

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