Targus TSB75001US Compact Rolling Backpack

Targus TSB75001US Compact Rolling Backpack Review

When I originally bought my laptop it came with a Targus laptop bag; I really liked the quality of it, but found that it just did not suit all my needs as a trainer and facilitator. One does not realize just how heavy a laptop is until one needs to travel a lot, then it becomes like a deadweight on your shoulder.

Earlier this year I was awarded a new contract to train for a national company, and this meant constant traveling. Carrying a laptop, overnight bag, files, etcetera just became too much for me and I ended up with a very sore shoulder, which made it difficult for me to demonstrate what I needed to during the training. I did some research on the Internet for an alternative means of carrying my laptop, and was really pleased to find the Targus Compact Rolling Backpack for Laptops on Amazon. Not only did it solve my sore shoulder and back problems, but it has many other great features as well, which is why I decided to write this review.

What You Should Look For

During my research into the perfect backpack for my needs I found that there are various brands and models that all offer several features, but the ones that I found the most relevant are:

  • Ample space
  • Comfort of use
  • Durability
  • Lightweight
  • Rugged construction
  • Versatility

The Targus TSB75001US Compact Rolling Backpack for Laptops offers all of the above and much more, and it is a steal at the price.

Ample Space

The Targus TSB75001US Compact Rolling Backpack for Laptops has just become my favorite thing of all time. It is designed to fit laptops up to 16 inch and Macbook Pros up to 17 inch. It not only gives me sufficient space to pack my laptop, peripherals, all the cables, and the charger, but the separate large compartment for storing books, documents and folders allows me to put my files in the backpack as well, so that I do not end up having to do a juggling act every time I travel.

Apart from the large compartment, there are also two side mesh pockets in which I can store some discs, and various other small objects that I use in my training. Add to this the large work-station in which to store pens, keys, flash drives and anything else I can think of that I may need, and this helps to keep everything organized and orderly. I am infinitely grateful that I found this great backpack and to tell you the truth, I am in storage heaven.

Comfort of use and Durability

The main features that sold me on the Targus TSB75001US Compact Rolling Backpack for Laptops is the fact that it can either be carried by the shoulder strap or pulled behind one on the quiet retractable roller wheels, using the quick and easy to engage and retract aluminum alloy handle. These are the features I desperately needed, considering the state of my poor shoulder and back with all the traveling I am currently doing. Since I have been using this backpack I no longer have those problems.

The padded laptop sleeve and dedicated sleeve for my tablet ensures me that they will not get damaged in transit, and the overall sleek and sturdy design has survived various trips through rough country, rain and dust storms with nary a scratch.

The shoulder straps are not only stitched, but are also riveted, and the wheels can be covered with a flap that serves as strap storage when using it as a rolling backpack. The empty backpack weighs only 4 pounds and is expandable.


Not only can the Targus TSB75001US be used as either an ordinary backpack using the hidden shoulder straps, or as a Compact Rolling Backpack, but it can also function as a weekend bag, because Targus has ingeniously included elastic straps to hold an extra change of clothes.

Now I don’t even have to take two bags when traveling overnight, just my Targus Compact Rolling Backpack. This also makes it so much easier when flying, as I can take it as hand-luggage therefore no need to wait for booked luggage at the luggage carousel upon arrival, I can just go.

What Do Others Think?

Whilst doing my research I also read various reviews from customers, and this is some of what they had to say:

  • “It is well made and the rolling capabilities definitely help when the bag is weighted down. “
  • “This stylish, roomy and thoughtfully compartmentalized bag eliminates the need for two storage cases by offering the capacity to lug everything in one case including all of the documents and paraphernalia from my briefcase. “
  • “I do really like the flap that covers the wheels so you don’t get dirty when going from pulling to carrying. “
  • “I was delighted to see that the bag is shaped to actually contour to your back, and it does not have any pressure points that cause discomfort when you are wearing it. “
  • “The bag is well designed, solidly constructed and all the details have been well thought out. This will become my new “go to” carry on bag. “

Are There Customer Complaints?

I feel that one also needs to read complaints when reading reviews, so I looked whether there were any, but honestly all I could really find was one comment by a gentleman who found the backpack straps a bit uncomfortable. As I had read the opposite on many reviews across the Internet, I did not let this put me off, and I am so glad I didn’t.

Where Can You Buy the Targus Compact Rolling Backpack?

I actually rarely buy anything online, but the price, service and quick delivery from Amazon impressed me, so I suggest you try them first.

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