Titanium Frame Backpack

Titanium Frame Backpack – When You’re Serious About Hiking

You have been hiking and camping for years, but finally your schedule came together just the way you always dreamed and you are able to take longer hikes and camping trips. But your old daypack is just too small. But now that are you seriously thinking about upgrading your gear, how about investing in a titanium frame backpack? Learn how to choose the right titanium frame backpack for you.

Backpack Styles

Backpacks come in two basic designs: frameless or framed. Most beginning or day hikers probably start off with a frameless nylon or leather backpack under 3000 cubic inches. But soon they start to putting more time on the trails, and going longer and longer distances. They quickly discover how heavy a frameless backpack can feel without support.

Advantages of a Framed Backpack: External or Internal

A framed backpack carries more weight more comfortably than a similar sized “soft” or frameless backpack. Framed backpacks are either external or internal.

External frame backpacks have been around since prehistoric times. They are basically a backpack attached to the outside of an “H” shaped frame with shoulder straps attached to the other side. External frames are no longer popular due to their tall profile (snags easily) and bulky shape (restricts freedom of movement).

But because nothing can carry extremely heavy or awkward payloads, like an external frame, they are still popular in the hunting and wildlife photographic communities.

Internal frame backpacks the default for serious campers and hikers. Their lightweight frames are incorporated into the pack and fit the contour of wear’s back. Internal frames are made either of titanium or aluminum.

Aluminum is still the most common metal but titanium is gaining rapidly in popularity. A titanium frame backpack is resistant to corrosion and has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal. A titanium frame backpack can be strong as some steels but is 45% lighter!

Other points to ponder when looking at buying titanium frame backpack:

A Properly Fitted Frame – Does the curve of the frame fit the contour of your back? Does it feel comfortable? To find the proper size have someone measure your back from the base of your neck to the top of your tailbone. This “torso” measurement that determines what size framed backpack you should buy.

Good Shoulder Straps – Shoulders straps should be well padded for long term comfort but not so wide as to limit the free movement of your arms or bind your shoulders. All straps should be fully adjustable for optimum comfort.

Load Lifter and Sternum Straps – a well made titanium frame backpack will have conveniently placed load lifter straps. Lifter straps help reduce fatigue by transferring the load from the shoulders to your hips and legs. Sternum straps help stabilizes the load and stop shoulder straps from sliding down your arms during very active movements.

So as you can see a good titanium frame backpack is ligehter, stronger and more durable than an ordinary framed backpack. As a result a titanium frame backpack causes you less fatigue, offers better freedom of movement and will be more comfortable on your dream camping or hiking trips.

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