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I have become somewhat of an amateur photographer in my old age, now that I have the time to travel and spend my leisure hours enjoying nature and taking thousands of pictures, which is, of course, also so much easier now that we have digital photography. When I retired I invested in a good camera and a few different lenses, but the one thing I needed was a good bag in which to carry all these bits and bobs, and I found that in the AmazonBasics Backpack for SLR Cameras and Accessories.

I love this backpack as I can pack my camera and all my lenses in it, as well as my bird books, a rain poncho, a tablet and various other accessories such as spare batteries, memory cards, and a USB drive. I sometimes even take my MiniDV camcorder with, especially if I am going into the mountains, as I love filming the large birds of prey in full flight.

What You Should Look For

When looking for a backpack to hold your expensive camera and lenses, as well as various other accessories, it is important that you look for the following features:

  • Ample space
  • Good padding to protect your expensive equipment
  • Adjustable compartments
  • Easy accessibility

Ample Space

Do not be fooled by the compact size of this backpack, which weighs in at 1.9 pounds, and has exterior dimensions of 11.5 x 7.2 x 15.6 inches or 292mm x 183mm x 396mm. This little beauty features plenty of space in which to store all of your camera equipment, with many various compartments, zippered pockets and pouches, and straps with which to secure accessories such as a tripod.

    • On the Outside – You will find two side pockets with flaps and Velcro closures on the outside of the backpack, which are great to store items such as keys, a cell phone, or even your pipe and tobacco. There are also two large zippered pockets in which you can store notebooks, manuals, a light jacket or anything else. There are also side straps and a flexible cord attached to the front which can be used to hold an umbrella or a tripod.


  • On the inside – The main compartment is lined with fabric-covered foam throughout, so that your delicate equipment is well-protected. There are several foam dividers which are held with Velcro, and which can be moved or even removed completely to accommodate different gear, and the canvas straps can be utilised to secure larger items. The inside of the main compartment cover features two clear plastic zippered pockets in which smaller items such as memory cards, batteries, and USB cards can be safely stored.


Comfort of use

The AmazonBasics Backpack features wide, adjustable waist and chest straps as well as heavily padded adjustable shoulder straps, which make carrying the backpack more comfortable to wear even when loaded with all your equipment. The bottom part of the backpack which comes into contact with your lower back is made of mesh, which helps to keep you cool when hiking.

Easy Accessibility

One of the features that I really love about this backpack is the fact that it is a full-zip opening backpack. I cannot struggle to get something that I need when the slightest movement may disturb a bird I am trying to shoot, so the fact that I can lay the backpack down flat on the ground, fully open, allows me to grab another lens or a cloth or anything else I need easily and without too much movement.

What Do Others Think?

My children and grandchildren always tell me that I am too much of a perfectionist, but I don’t mind; it has worked for me all my life, and it is second nature to me to find out what others think of an item that I am contemplating purchasing.

These were some of the comments made:

  • “This bag exceeded my expectations with features much better than the 200EG. For one, the extra padding on the shoulder straps. You also get a belt strap to support your back with heavy gear. I’m about 5’3” and the bag fits snug and comfortably. “
  • “Whatever you want this case to be for your particular needs, it can morph into it. “
  • “I like that the compartments inside can be moved around or just removed altogether. That makes organizing much easier, good storage and easy access to everything. “

Are There Customer Complaints?

Being someone who likes to know all the advantages and disadvantages of anything before I commit to making a purchase, I also checked the Internet for any bad reviews, with the help of my grandson of course, and I must admit that I could not find many complaints. One chap had a problem with the backpack riding too low on his back, but I think that is personal choice as I have not had any problems with that. Another person mentioned that he felt that the backpack was not sturdy enough for his professional lenses, but if you had seen what all he says he packs into his backpack, you would understand why.

Does it include a Warranty?

The AmazonBasics Backpack is backed by the AmazonBasics 1-Year Limited Warranty.

Where Can You Buy the AmazonBasics Backpack?

It was quite funny, really, as an old codger like me is not au fait with shopping online, but with the help of my grandson, I found that purchasing the AmazonBasics Backpack for SLR Cameras and Accessories from took all of five minutes and was actually quite easy. I suggest you do the same, as they have really good deals.


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