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Backpacks are incredibly versatile and have been adapted for all types of specific functional applications. When you set out to buy a backpack there are a few simple pointers to keep in mind to ensure you are selecting the best backpack for you.

What To Keep in Mind when Buying a Backpack

Functional Utility - The fist question to ask yourself when selecting a backpack is: "What will I be using this backpack for?" In some cases, like if you're planning a multi-day hike across the Tundra or looking for a backpack to use as a diaper bag your the answer to this question may be simple.

Some backpacks are versatile enough to be used for multiple purposes, but you should still try to narrow down your primary need for the bag and then find a backpack that will fill that gap.

If you need a backpack to carry your large laptop to client design meetings across town, you'll find a little of packs that could hold your bag and get it there for you. Yet, there are backpacks specifically designed for carrying laptops, and even more specifically carrying large laptops.

These will protect your machine and be designed with ample space for power cables, notepads and other items you may need to transport with you in your mobile office.

Your Budget - Many great companies compete in the laptop space for your attention and this healthy competition ensures that backpack prices are kept relatively reasonable. That being said, you will find a wide range of costs associated with back packs. You know your budget, you know how frequently you'll use the backpack and how essential - or not -it may be to your daily life.

The best backpack for you is often one that also doesn't break your bank. We do however advise that, if at all possible, you spend a little more upfront and ensuring you purchase a quality product with a good warranty rather than something sub-standard.

What to Look for When Choosing a Backpack

There are several physical characteristics in that you should consider regardless of the utility of your new backpack. Without going into too much detail, take a look at the list below for just some guidance about areas you may want to find out or ask questions about when speaking to sales people or reading reviews about backpacks:

  • Comfort of use and durability
  • Capacity and available space
  • Frame and support construction
  • Style and function
  • Ease of access and organization
  • Water resistance
  • Warranty

Reading Backpack Reviews Elsewhere and Here on

The internet has made it possible to gather a load of pre-purchase information on backpacks before you make your final decision. Browse the web, read reviews on sites, like this one, dedicated to putting forth useful information and helping you find the best backpack.

A selection of great backpacks for any occasion. Supplement your backpack review reading by watching some video reviews on YouTube. Usually easy to find by simply searching for the specific backpack on there.

Knowing what others had to say is important. On a site like Amazon it's also useful to look at the total number of reviews as this often indicates the popularity of an item and is another indication of a happy customer base.

Look no Further!

At we aim to provide our own in-depth reviews of only those backpacks that are top rated on in any class. We continue to track customer reviews off all types of backpacks and add our own review here only once a backpack has proven itself over time to be very reliable and are consistently receiving high marks from users on other sites.

If you're looking for the best backpack for your needs, chances are after you've done all your homework that you're going to come back to one of the packs we've reviewed on here. Enjoy the reviews and happy shopping!