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Military Backpack Guide

The Best Military Backpacks

Military packs are meant to be tough, useful, and versatile. The armed forces have a wide variety of needs and need bags that are exclusively designed for that purpose. Of course, there are plenty of civilians who want that kind of function and...

Backpack cooler

The Best Backpack Coolers

Are you looking for the perfect backpack cooler? After doing extensive research and performing various tests on different backpack coolers, we are convinced that the Polar Bear Coolers Nylon Series Backpack is the best backpack cooler available on...

best rolling backpacks

The Best Rolling Backpacks

Why carry something when you can pull, or even push it along? The days of struggling with your luggage through a busy airport are long gone. Most travelers now invest in wheeled suitcases or rolling backpacks instead of the traditional hold-all or...

Best Sling Backpacks

The Best Sling Backpacks

The sling backpack is actually a remnant from the Stone Age! From the moment humans were able to use tools they needed a means of carrying them from one place to another. The solution was a piece of material slung over the shoulder to support a...

Best Batman Backpacks

The Best Batman Backpacks

The backpack is a simple invention that has evolved over time to become a sophisticated way of transporting virtually any item. Whether you need a bag for hiking, traveling the world, climbing Everest, or simply the business weekend away; there is a...

The Best Mesh Backpacks

The backpack may have come from humble beginnings but now it is the bag of choice for millions of people across the world. Celebrities, business people, and students all choose to use these versatile bags to get their belongings where they need to...