The 10 Best Leather Backpacks for Women of 2020

Best Leather Backpack for Women

When you think of a woman’s bag you may be forgiven for thinking about the classic handbag. But this is no longer the only option available. Whether you are looking for something to carry your personal items on a daily basis, or are ready to start hiking you will appreciate the versatility and durability of leather backpacks for women.

There is a huge range of different leather backpacks on the market and this can make it very difficult to decide which is the right product for your needs. There are many factors which should be considered; these are discussed in more detail in the definitive and ultimate guide to purchasing leather backpacks for women. Of course, the look of the bag will play a part in your decision but you must also consider the color. Unless you are prepared to purchase a leather backpack for every single different outfit you have, a neutral color is the best way to go.

In the past backpacks have been seen as something that students, young people, and travelers use. This is because they are convenient; can easily handle heavy loads and keep your hands free to negotiate any challenge you face. However, in recent years the leather backpack has become an accessory as much as a convenient means of storing and carrying personal possessions.

The backpack has been known by terms such as bookbag, kitbag, knapsack, and backpack but backpack seem to be the name that has survived the best. This is probably because it is the most accurate! It is literally a pack which goes on your back. It is even fair to say that the backpack is now replacing the briefcase and other professional bags. A well-designed leather backpack can look as good as any briefcase but is infinitely more practical; especially if you need to slip through crowds on the subway or cycle through the traffic.

Our Selection of The 10 Best Leather Backpacks for Women:

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the best leather backpacks for women currently available; you are certain to find something that takes your fancy amongst this selection!

1. Coofit Black Leather Backpack

Coofit Black Leather Backpack

This all leather backpack looks fashionable and attractive in black. Designed for daily use at school or while running errands it offers the perfect balance between style and practicality. It is designed to be spacious enough to accommodate the majority of school books which also means it can be used to discreetly pick up personal items while in town. The leather backpack allows you to purchase essentials without announcing to the world what you have bought.

In fact, the bag is designed to take A4 documents and an 11-inch laptop as well as the associated items such as chargers and your cell phone. Not bad for a bag which looks good and can be easily carried on your back. This backpack is well designed with a zipper top; replacing the original drawstring style. It is fair to say this is a valuable upgrade; zippers tend to assure you that your possessions are safe while it is possible for items to fall out of a drawstring backpack.

Although the bag looks extremely elegant and upmarket, it can be purchased for less than $50; making it one of the most affordable options. You may even be tempted to buy a second for spare! The bag s only available in black but does have the benefit of one front pocket and two side pockets. This is extremely beneficial for smaller items or those things you may need in a hurry.

Part of what makes this bag looks so elegant is the fact that the logo has been printed, instead of sewn into it. This emphasizes the quality of the product.

The Coofit black leather backpack measures 11.41 inches wide by 13.77 high and has a depth of 5.11 inches. It should be noted that this product is handcrafted. This can affect the exact measurements inside by as much as 1 inch but this is a small price to pay for the quality workmanship you will be receiving.

It also has the advantage of being simple, almost classical in its style which will ensure it remains fashionable for years to come. This is a versatile and extremely useful leather backpack but it is one of the smaller offerings you can find. If you regularly carry lots of books or larger objects this is probably not the bag for you! Fortunately, there are nine other excellent ones to choose from.

Of course, if you simply need something to store your daily items, cell phone, notebook, small laptop, and other personal items then this is the easiest way of carrying them around and looking good at the same time.

2. Scarleton Chic Casual Leather Backpack

Scarleton Chic Casual Backpack

Scarleton specializes in creating fashionable and practical bags. They are based in Los Angeles which helps to ensure they are fully aware of all the latest fashion developments and this shows in the range of leather products; including the Scarleton Chic casual backpack. As its name suggests, it is designed for those who need to carry stuff but want to look chic while doing so. It is important to note straight away that this is designed with fashion in mind; you will not get an A4 binder or even a small laptop inside this backpack.

It measures just 11.6 inches wide by 11.8 inches high with a depth of 5.9 inches; your tablet will fit in comfortably! This leather backpack is more than just stylish, it is aware of the current trend for organic products and is manufactured from synthetic vegan leather. You can comfortably use it even if you do not usually purchase leather materials on principle!

The synthetic vegan leather has the look and feel of real leather; it is soft and supple; allowing you to enjoy all the positives of leather without the guilt. The inside of the bag is made from cotton canvas and is hard wearing which will help your bag to last as long as you want it. There have been a few comments regarding the smell of the leather. It is distinctive and takes a long time to dissipate. Leaving your bag or using it in direct sunlight is likely to reduce this aroma, but then again, you may like it just as it is; plenty of other people do!

The bag has a zipper on top, keeping your items safe and an interior pocket designed to take your cell phone; preventing anyone from discreetly removing it from your possession. In addition, the bag has a zipper pocket on the side; although it should be noted this is not a large pocket! You will also find pockets on the front and back of the backpack, both with zips to ensure items do not fall out. All the zippers are gold to add to the look and feel of this stylish well-made bag.

Although this leather backpack is relatively small, the number of pockets included in its design makes it a very useful product for daily use.

It is also worth noting that this hand stitched backpack can be purchased in a wide variety of colors. These include brown, Labrador blue, natural, navy, pink and even red. Surprisingly the price of the bag is under $40; you may feel like indulging yourself in a selection of colors to ensure you have the right one for every occasion!

You may be interested to find out that this backpack enjoys a 4.5-star rating on Amazon which should help to assure you of the quality of the product. It is designed to look like a backpack but it is possible to adjust the shoulder straps and have it appear more like a traditional handbag. This will allow you to attend any occasion in comfort.

The bag is big enough to carry everything you need, can be carried as a rucksack on the way to the event and then used as a classic handbag during the event! It’s not often that you can be fashionable and practical as well as stylish!

3. Z-joyee Casual Purse Fashion School Leather Backpack

Z-joyee Casual Purse Fashion School Leather Backpack

This bag may have a long name but this simply addresses the fact that it can be used by virtually anyone! This is another bag on the list which can be had for under $50. It can also be purchased in a wide range of colors, including white, black, blue, pink, and cerise, purple, red or even a printed version!

Whichever color you choose to purchase you will be impressed with the look and feel of this offering of the classic leather backpacks for women.  The backpack is crafted to represent a traditional handbag with a narrower top section. The bag has drop-down tassels emerging from the top; under the cover and visible zips on both sides.

All the zips and accessory parts are gold colored; this combines with the simple lines to create an elegant and stylish offering from Z-joyee. T even has a small carry handle at the top to help provide the illusion of a handbag, when required. The backpack is advertised as a school backpack but it is also an excellent option for the businesswoman or even the traveler.

In fact, there are three slightly different options encompassed by this particular backpack design. They all look very similar in appearance although the larger offering is the one with the zips on the front; this is for appearance.

The three bags offer these dimensions:

Option 1 – 9.8 inches by 4.3 by 12.9 inches with a handle drop of 3.1 and adjustable straps; going from 20.5 inches to 37.4. This option has a snap close front pocket, a rear zipper pocket, and 6 interior pockets.

Option 2 – A larger backpack measuring 11 inches by 6.3 by 11.4 inches and the same handle drop of 3.1.  The straps can also be adjusted from 17.7 to 34.3 inches. There remains a zipper pocket on the rear as well as 6 interior pockets and the snap close top.

Option 3 – This option is 9.3 inches by 6.3 and 11.8 inches.  The handle drop on this one is slightly larger at 3.5 inches and the straps still offer a significant amount of adjustment going from 18.5 inches to 35.4 inches. This backpack also has a rear zipper pocket, snap closed main pocket but just 4 interior pockets.

The hard wearing lining has been made from polyester and the outer is soft PU leather. This backpack is designed to hold A4 books and even an umbrella making it the perfect accessory for school or the office. In fact, it looks good enough that you would be confident using it in virtually any situation.  The outer magnetic flap covers a drawstring closure on the main pocket which provides a good level of security.

Of course, as this backpack is made from synthetic leather it will have a distinctive smell. This can be quite strong when you purchase it brand new but the smell will quickly disappear after you have left it in a well-ventilated space for approximately 5 days. This is a good example of how leather backpacks for women can be functional, stylish and not overpowering. You could even use it as your carry-on bag if desired. From a security point of view, you will find comfort in the rear zipper pocket. This is against your back when you carry it; ensuring that no one can access it without you knowing!

If you opt for any backpack without this you can consider adding a zipper pocket although you may not want to mark a quality bag like this!

4. Copi Women’s Simple Design Fashion Quilted Casual Backpack

Copi Womens Simple Design Casual Backpack

If you are looking for something that looks a little more like a backpack but still manages to retain the charm of a women’s bag then this may be just what you are looking for.  The backpack looks stunning in ivory but is also available in black, beige, gold, light gray and pink. It is designed with a plain bottom third separated from the rest of the bag by a zipper. The top two-thirds have a crisscross pattern which gives it an authentic feminine feel as well as providing a distinctive look. Your bag will stand out in the crowd!

The bag is created in Korea where Copi is becoming an established and respected brand. It is made from artificial leather which is surprisingly soft. The inner lining is constructed from nylon and stitched carefully into place to provide a high quality and durable finish.  It is stripped to help provide a distinctive and lasting effect which looks good when you open it.

There is one reasonably sized interior pocket which could take your iPad or another tablet approximately 10 inches in size.  You will also find an outside pocket with zip closure which is designed for your cell phone, wallet or a small number of personal items.

The bag is 11.8 inches high, 9.5 inches wide and has a depth of just less than 4 inches; it definitely fits into the small bag category which makes it perfect to use for work or casual events. It will not take a full-size laptop but is comfortable with virtually any tablet. Equally, you will not get an A4 binder in it; this is not one to take to school.

If you choose to purchase this item you will quickly realize that it is very well put together. It weighs less than 1lb and can be carried with the small handle comfortably; it has a 2.2-inch drop. As with most backpacks, the straps are adjustable, with a price tag under $50 it is a serious contender no matter what your needs are.

As the backpack is handmade to order if you want a specific color you may have a delay of up to two weeks. This actually adds to the charm and authenticity of the bag, although it may not help if you need it in a hurry!

This is essentially a large purser which is much easier to carry as you can secure it to you back and move swiftly and safely through any crowd. This makes it perfect for these short travel trips where the bare essentials are enough. Equally, it is stylish enough to take out on a date and still look like a fashionista. The only negative comment which seems to have been made about this backpack is the thinness of the straps; you may not wish to trust anything heavy and valuable to it.

5. WINK KANGAROO Fashion Shoulder Bag Rucksack

WINK KANGAROO Fashion Shoulder Bag Rucksack

Wink Kangaroo’s business mission is to protect the short tail kangaroo; referred to as one of the happiest animals on the planet due to its sweet smile. Unfortunately, this animal is close to extinction. Wink Kangaroo is dedicated to helping these kangaroos through raising awareness of their plight. Even some of their profits will go to helping these animals

One product which is worthy of the top ten leather backpacks for women is the Fashion shoulder back rucksack. It is described as a girls or ladies travel bag and is built to stand up to the rigors of traveling. Each backpack has a zippered main pocket with 5 interior pockets, 2 of these are also zippered one is the main space and the other two are slip pockets; these can be left empty to increase the available space in your backpack.

The backpack measures 12.25 inches tall, 9.6 inches long and a depth of 6 inches. It is created out of soft PU leather although it is hard to tell this synthetic material apart from genuine leather. The finishing’s, zips, etc. Are all gold colored and help to establish the bag has chic and not just another one of the leather backpacks for women. The inner lining is made from polyester and looks good while providing a quality and durable finish.

You should also be aware that this firm offers an excellent after sales service. Any backpack returned damaged will gain a refund within 24 hours and you do not even need to return the damaged item! You should be able to purchase this Wink Kangaroo bag for between $20 and $40 which is excellent value for a product that has been well put together

A useful additional feature is the ability to change the length of the straps; they can be varied between 21 inches and 37 inches. You will also note that the side zippers can be opened on the backpack to create additional space inside for your belongings.

Although this backpack is designed to accommodate your school books and A4 paper needs it is not a huge backpack; you should remember this when ordering it and going to use it. This is the sort of backpack you purchase for a specific trip then discover it far more useful than you thought and starts to use it on every occasion you can.

One point that has been brought up by many users is the need to stuff the bag for several days before it will retrieve its proper shape. This is a very little issue unless you need the backpack in a rush. It will still function normally but does not look its chic best until you have found its proper shape.

Once that is discovered you will see the backpack for what it is, a good looking contemporary bag which can handle a large volume of goods. You will need to be careful with the zippers and other hardware as there have been reports of them falling off.

6. Coofit Women Black Leather Backpack

Coofit Women Black Leather Backpack

This is the second offering from Coofit to make the top ten list. As soon as you see the bag you will be able to appreciate its beauty, simplicity and yet contemporary design. It is listed as a girl’s drawstring school bag or a casual daypack. In fact, it can be either of those things or a host of others; this is a surprisingly versatile backpack.

This backpack is offered in just one color, black. This ensures it will go with any outfit and can look professional or chic depending on your need. The backpack is made from PU synthetic leather and has a polyester inside which ensures it will last for a long time; even with extreme use.

It is designed as a drawstring backpack with a zipper compartment at the front. You will also find a second zipped pocket on the rear of the bag and side pockets which are designed to hold water bottles or similar items. Inside the bag, you will find a slide pocket which will take your magazine or even a small laptop. You will also find a zipped pocket and an open one to help you store your valuables safely.

This makes it the ideal backpack for traveling as well as using at school or even on the daily commute. The straps are designed to be long enough to ensure the bag can be comfortably carried by an adult and they can also be adjusted to ensure you are comfortable, no matter what size you are or what weight you are carrying.

Perhaps what is most surprising about this stylish looking backpack is the number of different products you can keep in it. Although it does not look excessively big or bulky, the number of pockets and its dimensions, 12.8 inches by 15.2 inches with a depth of 6.3 inches; is large enough to ensure you can carry everything you need and have space to spare.

As well as your small laptop or tablet, cell phone, wallet and hairbrush you can keep a light change of clothes and an umbrella, along with a refreshing drink! You should be able to pick up this Coofit leather backpack for women for approximately $40 to $80 although it feels like it is worth so much more.

One thing that is worth considering and is often overlooked is that when the bag is put down empty it will collapse into itself. While this does not affect its ability to function it will make it harder to maintain the chic look. This could be a serious issue; it will depend upon your use for the bag.

The majority of owners give this backpack a very favorable response, especially as there is so much storage space inside. Whether you are considering a trip, looking for something chic for school or just hitting the office daily this could be just the leather backpack you need.

7. Coolcy Hot Style Women Real Genuine Leather Backpack

Coolcy Hot Style Women Real Genuine Leather Backpack

There are backpacks which focus on practicality and then there are those which scream “fashion statement”. The Coolcy Hot Style Women’s real genuine leather backpack is the latter and proud of this fact.

At first glance, you would be forgiven for not realizing that it was actually a backpack. This is despite it having an almost rectangular feel. The detail on the backpack draws away from this and enhances the style statement; disguising the fact that this is actually a very useful backpack; as well as a fashion statement.

You can opt for the bag in the traditional black, but it is far better to opt for one of the vibrant alternatives, such as yellow, rose, wine red or even royal blue and dark brown. No matter which color you choose you will be instantly impressed by the quality of the product and the versatility.

This is one is the few bags on this list which is made from genuine leather; while this may be enough to make some customers turn away, it gives a feel and quality that simply cannot be matched by the synthetic products. It is exceptionally soft to the touch but extremely durable; offering natural protection to your valuable possessions.

The inner mining is fabric and durable; the backpack weighs less than 30 ounces and measures 10 inches wide by 13 inches high with a depth of 4.5 inches. As with most backpacks, you will find adjustable straps and a selection of pockets.

There is one zipped pocket on the rear of the backpack which is perfect for securing your valuables while inside there are two pockets, one designed for your cell phone and the other with a zip to keep your essentials in place. Alongside the main pocket, you will also find an exterior front pocket which is zippered.

All the zips are gold which actually adds to the look of the bag; it does not draw attention away from the simplistic yet chic lines. The backpack is capable of holding an A4 pad, 11-inch laptop or virtually any tablet. It will still give you enough room for the other items which simply must go with you.

This is perhaps one of the most versatile options on the leather backpacks for women top ten lists, it can be carried with its small carry handle as a standard handbag or slipped onto your shoulders and be forgotten about. It is exceptionally comfortable and spacious enough to deal with most items, including your regular school items. Alongside this, it has received a range of positive reviews which highlight how well the bag has lasted, even after a year of regular use.

Although you may be concerned at the use of genuine leather this is one time when it is perhaps better to accept the quality of this product; which can be bought for under $80; justifies the expense and the durability justifies the material used. If you decide this is the one for you then you will need to be prepared for people to ask you where you got it from; it looks that good!

8. BOSTANTEN Women Leather Backpack Casual College Daypack

BOSTANTEN Women Leather Backpack Casual College Daypack

Bostanten is manufacturers of quality leather products, ranging from leather backpacks for women to wallets and man bags. Every item is handcrafted and made to a high standard. They are extremely fashion conscious and this show’s in their designs and approach to business. The Bostanten women leather backpack is no different. It is available in a choice of colors; light gray, light blue, dark green, brown back, pink and even red. Every bag looks fantastic and balances the look of a contemporary handbag with a high-end backpack perfectly.

This is a high-quality product, it uses full grain leather and they insist on the best possible product every time. Indeed, to help emphasize the leather the backpack is supplied with light gold hardware. These have been treated with antioxygenic compounds to ensure their appearance does not deteriorate over time.

The leather backpack has a zip two-thirds of the way up the front which transforms the look from conventional backpack to custom handbag.  It even as a shoulder strap which can be removed for when you need to carry it like a conventional handbag!

You will note that the interior of the backpack is made from high-quality material and is split into one large pocket with two slip pockets, designed to handle cell phones and a zip pocket for your keys or other valuable items.

The outside of the bag has a zipped pocket as mentioned, two-thirds of the way up the bag. There is a second pocket in the same manner on the rear of this leather backpack for women; making it an exceptionally versatile and spacious backpack. However, you should note that it will not accommodate an A4 folder although a 10-inch tablet will comfortably slip inside it.

This product is handmade; every person who works on the production line is trained to create high-quality leather rucksacks for women. This is why the quality is so high and what makes it the perfect accessory for your business meetings, or even a light school day. It is not designed to take a large number of school books.

The backpacks measure 10 inches wide at the bottom but just 8.6 inches at the top. It is 11.8n inches high and 5.5 inches deep and looks stunning. It’s simple, yet classic design ensures it will appeal to women from all generations.

You should be able to purchase one for between $60 and $150 depending upon whether a sale is in place or not. However, it is worth noting that there are copies of this product n the market; you should only purchase them directly from Bostanten or where they are shown as Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA).

Providing you are not looking for a bag to fit your laptop in, this could be the best one for your needs; it is certainly one of the best on this top ten list! Of course, it is also one of the more expensive but sometimes the additional funds are worth it in exchange for the longevity of the product.

9. Heshe Women’s Leather Backpack Casual Style Flap Backpacks

Heshe Women’s Leather Backpack Casual Style Flap Backpacks

Heshe have a wide range of bags o offer, they specialize in creating quality bags in an array of colors. Not all of them are made from genuine leather but the Heshe women’s leather backpack casual style flap is made from the finest quality cowhide. This particular model has three color options, black, sorrel and wine red. All of them offer a stylish yet functional backpack which can easily double as a handbag. The carry loop is 2.2 inches in diameter and will slip over your wrist to create the effect of a casual day bag.

The quality of the product is apparent in the hand-stitched leather, the silver accessories, and the dark brown polyester interior. All the stitching is color coordinated to ensure it is virtually invisible. This Heshe leather backpack for women has a zip across the top which is hidden by the leather flap. The flap fastens down with a magnet and has an audible clicking sound when you close it. This ensures your personal belongings are safe from.

Inside the backpack, you will find one large pocket and one zippered pocket. There is also a pocket which appears invisible, only you will know that it is there. Alongside this, there is a slot for your cell phone and one for your credit card; allowing you to keep everything safe but to hand.  The inside is big enough to take a compact umbrella; helping you to be ready for any occasion.

On the outside of the backpack, you will find just one pocket; this is on the rear and is closed with a zip. Not only is this easy for you to access it is very safe as it cannot be accessed while on your back. The straps are designed to be interchanged. You can add the backpack straps or remove them and add a shoulder strap instead. This allows you to flex the backpack according to where you are going, even if you change it as you arrive!

This means you have a backpack, messenger bag, shoulder bag, hobo or even a sling bag; all in one go! Each of the straps is made from leather with one side having a nylon coating. This ensures they are comfortable and durable. They can, of course, be adjusted to your preference depending on your size and how you like to carry your leather backpacks for women.

You can find a brand new Heshe bag for between $50 and $100; they represent excellent value for money and can be considered the most flexible option n this list.

The measurements are 10.62 inches wide by 14.17 inches high. It has a depth of 3.54 inches. This means it is tall enough to take most laptops 13 inches and under.  Of course, tablets will easily fit in; making this an extremely practical option as well as a stylish one. As with all genuine leather products the initial smell will fade within a few days, leaving you with an excellent bag for your money.

10. BOSTANTEN Women’s Leather Backpack Casual Mini Daypack

BOSTANTEN Women's Leather Backpack

The tenth entry on our list is the second one from Bostanten and another high quality, genuine leather product. Although made by the same firm this offers a different look and a range of different uses which makes it the perfect bag for general day use or as an accompaniment to the College Daypack; you can have more than one bag!

This bag is available in a choice of colors; these include brown, black, burgundy, green, light gray, lilac, light blue, and pink! There is certain to be something which will appeal to your tastes. You should be able to purchase this backpack for between $70 and $140, again depending upon whether there is a sale in progress. But, remember, you should only purchase it from the Bostanten store of FBA to ensure you have a genuine product.

The Mini Daypack is crafted from genuine leather and comes complete with gold trimmings.  It measures 11.81 inches wide by 12.99 inches high and has a depth of 5.9 inches. This means it is capable of carrying everything you need to get you through a normal day; whether at school, in the office or simply out for the day rambling.

The interior of the bag is also handcrafted and stitched; it is made from high-quality fabric and is split into the large compartment with two slip pockets which can handle the latest iPhone with ease. In addition, there is a zipper pocket to keep specific items safe. Car or house keys are often put into these slots to ensure you can get them when you need them!

The outside of the bag has two pockets with zips; one on each side of the bag. These are discreet and yet stylish; enhancing the look and feel of your bag. In fact, the bag will comfortably handle a 12-inch tablet or a small laptop! In addition, you can fit a compact umbrella, your cell phone and all the cosmetics you need to look stunning throughout the day!

As always the straps are adjustable and you can use the carry handle, depending on the occasion and how you prefer to carry your bag. Again, as a genuine leather product, it will have a strong leather aroma when you first open the ^packaging. This will disappear within a couple of weeks and much sooner if you hang it in the open air.

This bag looks like a conventional handbag but has the size and flexibility to be so much more! The fact that it feels incredibly soft and is anti-scratch will simply help your backpack to look as good in a year as it did the day it arrived. It is important to note that this is marketed as a mini daypack; while it can take an A4 binder and a small laptop it is unlikely to have enough space for all your school books.

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Right Leather Backpack for Women

The backpack has become recognized as a fashion accessory due to its ability to carry a wide assortment of items easily.  For years women have needed to carry items in a conventional handbag which often leaves your shoulders aching or causes you discomfort in some other form.

Fortunately, this is no longer the case. While the traditional handbag still has a place in every women’s wardrobe, purchasing leather backpacks for women is now big business and the sensible, yet stylish option.

However, before you rush out and buy the one you like the look of the most on this top ten list, you need to understand what factors should influence your buying process. The best leather backpacks will include all the following features and provide you with years of service; if you want them to.


Do you need a backpack which will take a 15-inch laptop, a complete change of clothes and your running shoes? If so you might find that all the leather backpacks for women on this top ten list are too small for your needs!

The point is that you need to consider what size is really appropriate for your needs. If you go too small your backpack will never be truly useful and may not be used as much as it could. The result will be the need to either compromise every time you go out, take a different, less comfortable bag or simply buy another.

This does not mean you should buy the largest backpack you can find: Doing this will also provide you with issues, such as whether it will retain its proper shape when not full or you may start to carry more items than you really need to.

Bigger is not necessarily better, you must choose the backpack that most suits your needs.

In general, backpacks are classified within the following guidelines:

  • 15 – 30 liters is big enough for a day at school or a day out
  • 30 – 50 liters will cover an overnight stay
  • 45 – 55 liters will give you enough space for a weekend

More than this and you will need a different type of bag.

It is also worth considering whether you travel often or not and, if you do, whether this backpack will be your carry on option. If it is then you may want to check the carry on size for your most frequently used airline!


Of course, you should also consider the budget you have available. While this type of bag can offer you years of service you must consider what you can reasonably afford today. Just because the backpack will last for years does not mean that you will want to use it for this long a period of time.

As with all fashion products, there will be new products arriving on the market all the time and you will want to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

You should, therefore, select a realistic budget for your financial means and stick to it. There will be plenty to choose from no matter what funds you have available; this leather backpacks for women top ten list covers all budget options!


It is important to consider how well made the backpacks are. Creating hand stitched backpacks is a skill which should not be under-estimated. In general, a hand-stitched product should be superior to a machine made one because every product is made with attention to detail.

However, this is not the only sign of quality. You will also find that material used to make these backpacks is generally of very high quality. Whatever your views on leather products it is a high-quality material which will last for years. More importantly, it has no adverse effect on human health; the same cannot always be said for some of the synthetic products.

It is advisable to verify what your backpack is made of before you place your purchase order; this will ensure you are happy with the result and have a quality product.

Water Resistance

Leather backpacks for women and for men are generally used in all weathers. This means they need to be waterproof, or at the very least water resistant. After all, there is no point in being able to carry your cell phone and tablet with you if they will be ruined the first time it rains!

Most genuine leather products will have a natural water resistance or you can coat the material with a water-resistant spray. However, it is wise to confirm the water resistance of the backpack before you purchase it and find out whether you need to treat it regularly.

It is important to be aware of how waterproof your leather backpack is supposed to be; depending on where you live this may even be the defining factor!


A handbag carries a huge array of different items; all designed to help you make it through the day. However, one of the most challenging things is finding the right product when you need it. This is a common problem as smaller items generally fall to the bottom of your bag, and are difficult to find; without turning your bag upside down.

It is therefore important to consider the size of your backpack and the things that you generally keep in it. All these backpacks have pockets designed to hold your cell phone and most have zip pockets which can help prevent you losing your keys.

This still leaves you with makeup and other items that can get lost; you will need to decide how many and what size pockets are most suited to your needs; this will help you to select a bag which has the space you need and allows you to access everything easily.

This section also covers concerns regarding where you will keep your tablet. A good pocket should provide some protection if you drop your backpack or it is accidentally kicked.


As with any fashion accessory leather backpacks for women come in an array of styles. You need to choose the one that reflects your personality bit also offers you the practicality to be used in your daily life.

While a yellow backpack with flowers all over it will look cool at the festival it may not help you to be taken seriously at work. You must consider your style and where you are most likely to use the backpack; this will help you to find the right backpack for your needs.


Some of the backpacks available are comparatively expensive. This is generally an indication of quality but it is important to verify the reputation of any manufacturer and supplier before you buy.

There are two factors to consider:

  1. Is the product Genuine?

Unfortunately, there are many duplicate bags produced which proclaim to be created by design fashion houses but actually copy and are not usually of the same quality as the genuine product.

Unless you know the product exceptionally well it can be difficult to spot a fake. It is advisable to avoid this issue by only purchasing leather backpacks for women from reputable sources; either straight from the manufacturer or via an FBA supplier.

  1. How good is the reputation of the Manufacturer / Supplier?

Once you have established who you wish to buy your product from it is worth checking out their supply record and customer satisfaction. There should be an indication of this on their website through feedback from customers.

It I also worth looking at online forums to establish what customers have said regarding the supplier, its products and the level of service. This will prove to be essential information should you have an issue with any backpack you purchase.


Leather backpacks for women are designed to be used in multiple different environments. It is worth considering the place you are most likely to use it. While much of this is covered by the considerations you have already thought about it is important to think about whether you will be regularly passing through areas where pickpockets operate.

If this is the case you will need to consider how easy it is to get into any of the pockets on your backpack. A bag without exterior pockets or only ones on the rear will be a more difficult target for any pickpocket.

While you hope this is a situation you hope you will never find yourself in it is worth considering it before you purchase your leather backpack.


Finally as mentioned several times in this article; you must ensure that your backpack has adjustable straps. This will make sure that it fits perfectly on your back and be worn comfortably throughout the day.

Larger backpacks generally have waist straps to help support the weight on your back but this is not something you should be concerned about for the majority of leather backpacks for women.

You do need to know that the backpack straps can be adjusted to fit your size, that you can carry it comfortably by the small handle and that you can clean your backpack easily.

This will ensure it stays looking good and lasts for as long as you need it to.


You may be surprised at just how many different options there are when it comes to backpacks. After all, before it became a fashion accessory the backpack was simply a tool to carry school books for the day or clothes for the weekend.

However, the humble backpack has come a long way, as this top ten leather backpacks for women demonstrates. Each of the backpacks on this list is stylish, well made and serves a specific purpose. The right one for you will not necessarily be the same as the one your best friend wants or needs. You should not be swayed by their decision but consider your own needs first.

If you consider each of the points in the guide to buying leather backpacks for women you will soon know exactly what you do and don’t need in your backpack. This will allow you to narrow down the search although you may still be surprised by the choice available to you.

A well-maintained leather backpack will give you years of service and can become part of a collection giving you a bag and a backpack for every occasion. All you need to do to start is consider which backpack is most suited to your current needs.

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