Alex King

Alex King

Freshly Picked Classic City Pack Review - Bestbackpack

Freshly Picked Classic City Pack Review

As far as niche markets go, one sector that is definitely on the rise is the Mom on the Go. Fortunately, Freshly Picked have come to the rescue with their must-have Classic City Pack diaper backpack! What Makes the Classic City Pack by Freshly...

Buckitt Bags Review - Bestbackpack

Buckitt Bag Review

If you are a fan of beautifully crafted bags that provide carry ability and timeless fashion, you should take a closer look at the Buckitt Bag. And no, that isn’t a misprint. Buckitt bags are bucket bags with a difference. These handy purses are the...

ONA The Monterey Backpack Review - Bestbackpack

ONA The Monterey Backpack Review

It comes as no surprise that ONA sells out of their camera backpack ranges so fast; once you pull out the removable mini-compartments inside, you can use the ONA The Monterey backpack as a regular backpack. But it’s more than just this multipurpose...

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The 10 Best Backpack Purses of 2020

It is a simple fact of life that you need some sort of bag to carry your personal items with you. For most women, the choice was always limited to the traditional handbag carried over your shoulder with one strap. There are now many different types...

Best Pink Backpacks - Bestbackpack

The 10 Best Pink Backpacks of 2020

One Pink backpack is pretty much the same as another pink one, isn’t it? The short answer is no! One look at the market and you will quickly see how many different shades of pink are available. Then there is the issue of the size of the bag, your...

Best Clear Backpacks - Bestbackpack

The 10 Best Clear Backpacks of 2020

The backpack may have been in existence for hundreds of years in one form or another but the idea of a clear backpack is a much more recent development and, in some respects, a surprising one! Jump to The 10 Best Clear Backpacks. At first, you would...