The 10 Best Backpack Purses of 2020

best backpack purses

It is a simple fact of life that you need some sort of bag to carry your personal items with you. For most women, the choice was always limited to the traditional handbag carried over your shoulder with one strap. There are now many different types of bags that can be used, from the clutch bag to the backpack purse; all of them have their place but backpack purses are becoming an increasingly popular option. There is a simple reason for this; the backpack purse is exceptionally practical, easy to carry and fashionable. You can take it with you when traveling, commuting to work or even heading straight from the office to the bar.

There is a huge array of backpack purses on the market; there is certain to be one that appeals to you no matter what size your budget is. The defining factor in any backpack purse is that it can be carried and used as a backpack but also doubles as a purse. Some versions will have adaptable handles to ensure the backpack looks like a standard purse, while others will rely on the small handle to act as a carry point.

When choosing the right bag for your needs it is important to consider the size of the bag and how flexible it is. Although you may wish to buy half a dozen bags choosing to purchase just one that can do the job of all six is a viable option. After all, if you only need one bag you can afford to spend a little more and get a quality product which will last you substantially longer.

With so many different bags to choose from it is essential to consider what you really need before you commit to, this is why this article comes with a comprehensive guide to ensure you consider all the options before you purchase your backpack purse. It is worth noting that carrying too many items in your bag on a daily basis could lead to back issues. Although a backpack purse can be carried on both shoulders which will reduce the risk of back sprain it is still not advisable to carry more than you need to.

1. Scarleton Chic Casual Backpack

Scarleton Chic Casual Backpack

11.6 x 11.8 x 5.9″
Vegan Leather
Color Options

One look at this quality backpack purse and you will be forgiven for thinking that it should cost a lot more than it does. This backpack purse can be had for between $20 and $40 despite being made from vegan leather. The material feels soft and luxurious while the inner lining is made from quality fabric to help keep all your items contained.

The main pocket of this backpack purse is closed with a zipper and you will also find zipped pockets on the front and rear of the bag. Additionally, the inside has a well-designed slip pocket; perfect for holding your cell phone. There is also another zip pocket on the inside which could be used for your keys or other items you don’t want to lose in your bag!

The bag measures 11.6 inches by 11.8 inches; making it almost square yet the tapered top edge gives it a more classic backpack/purse look than you might expect. It is worth noting that these measurements might be big enough to hold A4 paper but you will not get an A4 binder in or even your laptop. Of course, your tablet will slide in perfectly and can be just as useful as any computer. The inside is capable of holding an iPad 2 but don’t try to go any bigger than this, straining the zip to get it to close is likely to damage this well-made bag.

This bag has adjustable shoulder straps which will give you as much as a 20” drop; if required. It can also be purchased in a variety of colors; black, black with a pattern, brown, blue, natural, navy, pink and even red. There is bound to be one that will suit your needs, or you could even buy several! If you leave the zips at top center the bag has a symmetry which highlights it simple yet fashionable appeal. Although this is not a bag designed to carry your school books it does look stylish enough to be taken anywhere.

The size of this backpack purse lends itself perfectly to carrying a simple change of clothes or even hitting the beach. But, it is equally at home when you hit the bars in the evening as your main purse. The pockets will allow you to keep your money safe along with ID and other personal items you need to carry with you. In fact, the zip pocket on the rear is particularly good in this role as the zip is always pushed against your back; this will make it exceptionally hard for anyone to remove items without your knowledge. There is also the standard loop that can double as an effective carry handle if required; allowing you to carry your backpack more like a conventional handbag.

It should be noted that as this bag has been made from vegan leather it will have a distinctive smell when you first purchase it. This will dissipate over tie although you can speed this process up by leaving the bag hanging in the breeze for 2 – 3 days.

2. Coolcy Hot Style Women Real Genuine Leather Backpack

Coolcy Hot Style Women Real Genuine Leather Backpack

10.0 x 13.0 x 4.5″
Genuine Leather
Color Options

The title says it all; this Coolcy bag really does look cool. There is no doubt you will look fantastic with this backpack purse, whether you are heading to a party or getting ready to travel the world; this bag is the one that you can take and will look good with everything you wear.

You can purchase this high-quality bag for between $50 and $100, which is an excellent price for a high-quality product. The bag comes in standard black for the more somber occasions and your serious side. Alternatively, you may wish to go for something a bit more vibrant which reflects your attitude and approach to life. You can choose from golden yellow, rose, wine red, deep blue or dark brown. There is certain to be one that appeals to you.

The bag is made from genuine leather and has a distinctive yet not overpowering smell. It is soft and warm to the touch and sits snugly on your shoulder or back; you are likely to forget you are carrying it! The inner material is fabric and the straps can be adjusted to suit your size and what is comfortable. You can even opt to carry it via the top handle; it is large enough to slip along your arm and keep the bag looking like a fashion statement instead of an essential accessory.

This backpack purse is surprisingly large; despite the appearance of smallness; it measures 13 inches high by 10 inches with a depth of 4.5 inches. This means you will be able to fit your A4 binder in although you might not get too many of them in at the same time. The backpack purse is also comfortable taking any tablet and even a small laptop; although most 13” laptops will not quite fit. The bag weighs just 28 ounces which makes it easy to carry anywhere with you.

It is worth noting that the leather used on this backpack is extremely high quality. It has gold colored metal zippers to ensure they will last as long as the bag does but these also add to the look and feel of the backpack. The style is relatively traditional but the vibrant color and the quality of the stitching show that this is something that fashion conscious buyers are comfortable with as well as those thinking of practicality. It has pockets on the outside front and back; both of which have zips. This makes them useful and secure. Inside the bag, you will find a slip pocket which is perfect for virtually any cell phone and a zip pocket to the side to keep important items safe.

The carry handle at the top allows you to hold onto your bag at all times, whether near your feet or looped over your arm. This provides an excellent range of flexibility as well as keeping your belongings secure even in a crowded environment. This is one backpack which really can go anywhere and carry virtually anything but still look good while doing so.

3. Huabor Fashion Shoulder Bag Rucksack

Huabor Fashion Shoulder Bag Rucksack

9.0 x 11.0 x 6.0
Vegan Leather
Color Options

If you are looking for a budget offering which will give you the practicality you need and still look like a high-class fashion accessory then look no further! The Huabor Fashion Shoulder bag rucksack can be purchased for under $40 but you are guaranteed to feel like it should be worth a lot more.

As with many backpack purses, it is big enough to accommodate your personal items but small enough to be used as an evening bag; even in the best of restaurants. The bag is made from PU leather and has gold accessories to ensure it has a quality feel and will last. You can even select the color you want to have it in! Choose from black, blue, beige, blossom black, gray, sky blue, green, lavender, pink or even red. All of these colors are distinctive but muted enough to make the bag a viable accessory for any occasion.

It measures 11 inches high by 9 inches wide and 6 inches deep with a solid frame that ensures it maintains its shape regardless of whether you have items inside it or not. The main pocket is sealed shut with a zipper and a flap over the top which stays in place via a magnetic catch. The rear of the bag has a further pocket, again sealed with a gold zip. Inside, this soft PU leather bag you will find a standard fabric lining with one pocket, designed to take your cell phone. The large internal space is left untouched making this one of the most versatile backpack purses. You should be able to comfortably fit any tablet into this although a laptop is out of the question. The same is true of your A4 binders, some A4 paper is acceptable but this is not really designed as a student backpack.

It is possible to adjust the straps on the backpack from 37inches down to 21 inches; this will make sure it is comfortable no matter what size you are and what you are doing. You should be able to comfortably fit all your belongings in regardless of whether you are going to a theme park or a day out shopping. As an added bonus because this backpack purse is made from PU leather it is naturally water resistant; you can always improve this and help to protect the material from scratches by using a protective and waterproof spray. The fact that this material is also very easy to wipe clean means you don’t need to worry about spills and other accidents while you are out. This simply helps the backpack purse become the right bag for every occasion.

This is a great value bag although it has received a few comments regarding the zipper quality. However, providing you take care of this backpack purse it will take care of you! In general, the reviews confirm the high quality of this bag considering the price and the fact that it looks like something that should be much more expensive!

4. DAVID JONES Women’s Synthetic leather Shoulder Bag Backpack

David Jones Womens Backpack

9.0 x 12.2 x 4.7″
Vegan Leather
Color Options

As the name suggests this bag is not made from real leather. However, it is created from the very best quality faux leather; it is very difficult to spot the difference although it does not have the distinctive leather smell that comes with a genuine leather bag. Of course, not everyone likes this smell so this might make the bag more attractive to you! It comes in four distinctive colors, all of which are bright enough to reflect your personality but somber enough to be taken seriously in any situation. The colors are camel, black, light blue and pink; each one looks as stylish as the next!

Each bag has a carry handle on the top which makes it look like a traditional handbag but also has adjustable straps on the back which can stretch between 20 inches and 33 inches. The curve at the top of the bag creates an arch-like effect which adds to the style and attraction of this bag.

The bag measures 13 inches high, 9.6 inches wide and 5.8 inches deep, it weighs just 1.8 lbs with the standard two adjustable straps and a zip closing in the main pocket. There are two slip pockets on the inside of this backpack purse which are perfect for your cell phone and other essentials, such as vital make-up pieces. You will also find a zipped inside pocket which can look after an array of small items. On the outside, you will find a zipped front pocket that is fitted with three slots to keep your credit cards or ID; making it very easy for you to get to when you need it.

Despite being faux leather it has the same soft feel as real leather and the polyester lining ensures that your valuable items will not find their way out of your bag. As with other faux products it has a natural water resistant quality which will help if you get caught in bad weather.

Although this is a good sized backpack it will not hold a 13” laptop or anything bigger. It will hold any tablet and a collection of binders or school books which could make it your perfect day bag as well as a nighttime purse.  This is especially useful as the bag retails for between $40 and $60; the price reflects the quality of the product and the fact that it is extremely durable.

The bag is advertised as having no smell but there have been reports that it arrives with a light chemical aroma. If you do notice this then it is easy to get rid of the smell by airing the bag for 2 – 3 days. The bag also has the logo embossed onto the front of it which adds a quality feel to the backpack.

The bag looks fantastic and is perfect for virtually any occasion. The detailing on the stitching and the general quality of this backpack purse make it one of the most attractive options on this list.

5. Heshe Women’s Leather Backpack Casual Style Flap Backpacks

Heshe Women’s Leather Backpack Casual Style Flap Backpacks

10.6 x 14.2 x 3.5″
Cowhide Leather
Color Options

The next option on this list is from well-known backpack manufacturer Heshe. They have been in business for several years and specialize in leather bags as well as faux leather ones. This means they have an array of options; one of which is sure to meet your needs.

The Heshe women’s leather backpack casual style is an excellent example of one of the premier products. It is made from the finest quality cowhide leather and has stitching which is virtually invisible as it matches the color of the bag.  The lines of this bag are simple yet elegant; balancing perfectly the image of a backpack versus the classic handbag. All you need to do is tuck the straps out of the way and loop the carry handle over your wrist to have the perfect accessory for your night out; no matter how up-market the place.

The bag can be purchased in three distinctive colors, wine red, sorrel or black. Each bag makes a statement without shouting out that they are a designer brand or worth thousands of dollars. If you select this option you will need to be prepared for the admiring looks and comments you are certain to get!  One part of the bag which really appeals is the flap top. This helps the bag to look traditional but is still secure as the main pocket is zipped closed and the flap actually has a magnetic catch. This helps to ensure your items are secure from any passing interest.

This backpack is 14.17 inches high by 10.62 inches wide and with a depth of 3.54 inches with a weight of just 1.76 lbs. Inside the bag, you will find a zippered pocket to keep your items safe and a phone slot as well as a card slot; helping you to know exactly where your things are when you need them. There is also an invisible pocket which is extremely useful as only you know it is there!  On the outside of the bag, there is one pocket which zip closes. This is on the rear of the backpack for added security and makes it easier for you to access these items even while on the move.

One of the best things about this backpack purse is that it has a selection of handle styles which can be used depending on the occasion you are attending. There is a shoulder strap which can be adjusted to suit your specific needs and double straps to use as a backpack or even the carry handle to allow you to keep it on your arm. You can even use it as a Hobo, sling bag or a messenger bag; the list is virtually endless.

The size of this bag makes it perfect for every occasion. You can fir a 13-inch laptop inside or any tablet as well as the accessories you need on the road. Alternatively, it is big enough to take your weekend clothing requirements yet still small enough to use as your carry on! Considering the bag can be purchased for between $60 and $80 this is a very attractive option and one that you should consider when selecting your next backpack purses.

6. BOSTANTEN Women Leather Backpack Purse

BOSTANTEN Women Leather Backpack Purse

10.6 x 13.2 x 5.5″
Cowhide Leather
Color Options

If you are lucky you will be able to pick up this extremely high-quality backpack purse for under $100 but it usually retails for between $100 and $150, but it is worth every cent.  It is crafted from high-quality genuine cowhide.  The leather is premium full grain and the bag has the distinctive aroma of leather; although this smell will disappear as time passed. You can, of course, speed this process up by airing the bag or even spraying it but most people find the aroma pleasant. To finish the effect and add to the quality look and feel of this bag you will find all the accessories are made in a light gold color from antioxygenic metal. This ensures they will not tarnish or fade. The inside of the backpack is fabric but is designed with everyday wear and tear in mind; it is high quality and designed to last. In fact, the bag simply looks stunning as though it has just left the catwalk.

You can choose between beige, black, brown, green, gray, pink red and even a delightful pale purple is known as taro purple. There is definitely one color which will suit your personal tastes and yet still look fantastic with any outfit. The base of the bag is smooth but as it climbs it crinkles with a diagonal zip and stud effect climbing over the top. Unless you see the backpack straps you would simply think this is a gorgeous oversized purse.

It measures 13.38 inches high by 12.2 wide and 5.51 inches deep; perfect for you 10, 11 or even 12-inch tablet although a laptop will struggle to fit in comfortably. You have plenty of room for your A4 binders if you are still studying or a host of paperwork and even a change of clothes. This is more than just a backpack purse; it is one of the most versatile backpacks on this list!

Inside the backpack, you will find a large pocket and two zipped pockets; each of them is large enough to hold the latest iPhone or any other item which is important to you. In addition, the bag has an external rear zipped pocket which is big enough to take your ID and some coins as well as travel documents. This should help if you’re ready to go traveling.

It is important to note that this backpack is fashionable and practical but it should only be bought from Bostanten direct or fulfilled by Amazon; if not you are likely to be purchasing a copy which may not have the same quality or durability as this product. You may also be interested to note that these backpack purses are handmade; this means there may be a slight discrepancy in the size but that you are guaranteed to receive a high-quality product. This backpack is big enough inside to take all your daily needs; in fact, you may need to add an additional organizer to ensure you can find everything you need within your backpack!

7. S-ZONE Women’s Leather Backpack Purse

S-ZONE Women Girls Ladies Leather Backpack Purse

10.6 x 11.0 x 5.9″
Cowhide Leather
Color Options

If you are looking for a backpack that doesn’t look like one then you have just found it. Although this is a large purse it is well designed, tapering at the top to keep the traditional look of a handbag. The small carry handle on the top is big enough to slide your arm through allowing you to carry it comfortably while running for the train or strutting your stuff on the catwalk. Of course, the backpack straps are a viable option when running as well! The straps can be looped in your hand to help make the bag look less like a backpack and more like your handbag. But, in truth, it is a fashionable accessory whichever way you hold it.

The straps are approximately 1 inch wide while the backpack is 11 inches high by 10.6 inches wide and 5.9 inches deep.  This makes the interior large enough to cope with any size tablet although it is unlikely to be big enough to handle your laptop. There is one main pocket on the inside and 3 smaller ones. Two of these are designed as slot pockets and will comfortably handle your cell phone. The other is a zipped pocket for keeping valuables safe. Of course, your cell phone and other personal bits can also be stored in the small exterior back pocket of your backpack which has a zip. This will make it easy to get to these items when you need them.

You should be able to purchase this bag for between $40 and $80 but it looks like it is worth much more. The simple but traditional lines suggest elegance while the soft, high-quality leather shows that this is a premium product.  You can choose from black, brown or coffee color and each bag looks exquisite. The top of the backpack closes with a zipper and a magnetic flap goes over the top. The leather is treated and slightly waxy to ensure that the bag is waterproof and will protect all your belongings.  This bag is exceptionally practical as well as good looking!

The zips and accessories are all gunmetal color, they are designed to last regardless of how much you pull or throw the backpack around. Even the stitching I color-coded and designed to last the toughest treatment. This is one backpack purse that you could travel the world with and it would still look as good when you finished as it did when you started!

Of course, because it is genuine cowhide there will be a leather smell when the bag first arrives. This should go away in a few days; it is best to hang the bag in the airflow during this time. The colors may differ slightly but this helps to maintain the quality look and feel of this backpack; no two bags are identical. The reason the leather has a slight shine is that it has been oiled and even polished; to help protect it from the elements and ensure it looks just right every time you use it.

8. S-ZONE Lightweight Women Genuine Leather Backpack

S-ZONE Lightweight Women Genuine Leather Backpack

11.0 x 11.4 x 4.7″
Genuine Leather
Color Options

This is another offering from S-Zone but with a distinctively different style to the previous one. Although this is a cheaper product which you should be able to pick up from between $50 and $70 it is still well made and high quality.

Your initial impression will probably be that you are looking at a shoulder bag. It has the slightly slouched look and a visible shoulder strap which helps to present this image. But, the shoulder strap can be easily removed when using the bag as a backpack purse. Between these straps and the carry handle, you have virtually every option covered. The bag comes in an array of colors; in fact, it may be difficult to choose your favorite! The list includes black, blue, brown and wine red. Each of the colors is also available in a choice of horizontal or vertical zippers; this helps to provide a distinctive and unique look.

This backpack purse is made from genuine leather; it is soft and extremely durable with all accessories in gunmetal. The inside of the bag is nylon and designed to provide as much space as possible for your personal effects. The outside measures 12.2 inches high and 11.8 inches wide; making the backpack almost square although it does not look it! The bag has a depth of 5.5 inches and the straps are adjustable according to your size and height. They range from approximately 20 inches to 37.5 inches. The main pocket on the bag closes with a zipper for security and you will find 2 more zipped pockets inside the bag as well as 2 smaller slip style pockets; perfect for keeping your cell phone safe. On the outside of this stylish bag, you will find 2 side pockets; these are open so although beneficial for sliding things in and out of they should not be used for anything of value. You will also find a zipped pocket on the rear of the backpack. This is exceptionally easy to get to when traveling and very secure.

It is worth noting that there are imitations of this product available which are not made of genuine leather. It is advisable to use a reputable seller if you wish to purchase this simple, functional and yet incredible fashionable backpack purse. Although it may struggle to take a laptop it will comfortably house your tablet, even the latest iPad as well as some school books or travel guides. This makes it the perfect choice for virtually any occasion or trip. Whether you need a backpack, carry-on or a shoulder bag this one item can do the job of all three!

Perhaps the most impressive feature if this bag is the positive reviews it has received. In fact, this is potentially the best bag of the top 10 backpack purses guide simply because all the feedback is rated at 5 stars. It is ready to look after you and give you just enough space; no matter what you are intending to carry.

9. SiMYEER Women’s Pu Leather Backpack Purse

SiMYEER Women's Pu Leather Backpack Purse

11.4″ x 13.0″ x 4.3″
Vegan Leather
Color Options

This offering from SiMyeer is particularly attractive in wine color. Although this is just one of the available options it has a particularly elegant yet classic look. The bag is slightly narrower at the top as compared to the bottom and this gives it a slight satchel type feel. However, the quality of the materials and the stitching helps it to stand out from the crowd as one of the best backpack purses you can buy. This bag would usually retail for between $70 and $100 but at times it is possible to get it on a special deal for under $30!

The SiMyeer backpack purse is made from PU leather and not genuine leather. The material is still of exceptionally high quality; you will be surprised at how soft this bottom closing shoulder bag is. The main pocket is zipped shut across the tip with a flap going over the top of the zip to ensure your possessions are safe. The fact that it is made from PU leather means that it is already waterproof; allowing you to confidently walk to work, school or a party knowing that your precious items will remain safe and dry. As well as having adjustable back straps this bag comes with a carry handle to make it easy to carry by your side; this is particularly beneficial when you need to move through stores or security areas; taking it on and off your back can be tedious.

The bag measures 10.6 inches high and 9.5 inches wide. It is just 4.3 inches deep with one large pocket inside it. You will also find an interlayer zip pocket and two open top pockets; this should give you enough space to store any of your belongings. It is worth noting that this is not a big backpack; you will fit a tablet in but not the biggest ones and although it will take several notepads it is not designed for anything too heavy or bulky.

The straps on this back are interchangeable. There is a removable shoulder strap which can also be adjusted as well as the standard backpack straps. These are actually very discreet slotted against the backpack until you lengthen them to actually use them. The carry handle is 4 inches high, this ensures it is comfortable and allows you to slip your wrist through there; if so desired. The stitching is color-coded and very discreet and all the fastenings appear to be well fitted. This is definitely a bag which is made to last, no matter how long you wish to use it for.

Although the bag is moderately small this is part of its appeal; as is the fact that it holds its shape, whether you have something in there or not. This is not designed as a large backpack for hiking through the hills, it is designed as the ultimate and practical fashion accessory; one which you should consider ordering today!

10. Leyan Genuine Leather Backpack Shoulder Purse

Leyan Genuine Leather Backpack Shoulder Purse

9.8″ x 14.2″ x 4.7″
Cowhide Leather
Color Options

The Leyan genuine leather backpack purse is only available in a deep blue but this is the right color for this backpack. Out of all the ones in the top ten list this s the one which looks most like a backpack and yet it is still impressively stylish and practical; no matter what you are intending on doing. The bag is made from genuine cowhide and is exceptionally soft to the touch. The interior has a polyester lining to help ensure it will be durable for years to come. It is advisable to cover the bag with a waterproof spray if you are likely to be using it in the rain a lot; leather is genuinely only water-resistant.

The bag measures 14.17 inches high by 9.84 inches wide and a depth of 4.72 inches. It can be said to have a classic design but one that will still be fashionable in years to come. The interior space is big enough to handle any tablet and will even take some 13-inch laptops. This makes it perfect for business use, a day at school or university or even a day shopping. The Leyan backpack purse is extremely comfortable to carry courtesy of its adjustable straps and the fact that it weighs just 1.98 lbs. You can even wear it over one shoulder like a shoulder bag instead of the classic backpack approach.

The inside is well designed with two large pockets, both of which have zips on them. You will also find a slip style pocket big enough for your cell phone in one of the main compartments. The other has a zip pocket big enough to hold all your valuables. There is one exterior pocket on the front of the bag which is also closed with a zip. This runs the width of the bag and is big enough to carry several items or even a good book. The main pocket is zippered but also has a flap which goes over the top f the zips and seals with its own magnetic. This will help you to feel confident that your belongings are safe when you are out.

You should be aware that this Leyan bag can only be purchased from Leyan or an approved outlet; replicas will not have the same quality feel or durability that is associated with the genuine product. The double main pocket is designed to accommodate your laptop or tablet without placing too much pressure on it and risking damaging it. This is an effective and practical solution for something that can be used to carry your money and accessories to the bar.

There are also two exterior side pockets which can accommodate an umbrella or your sunglasses although they are too small to have a water bottle in them. This bag is not the smallest backpack purse you will find but it is small enough to be carried comfortably and large enough to carry everything you need; including leaflets or other important items. However, it is not suitable as a student backpack; the term backpack purse perfectly describes the style and function of this bag.

How To Find The Right Backpack Purse – The Definitive Guide

The top ten selection of backpack purses should have convinced you that one of these is just the bag you need. Instead of having a closet full of bags you can manage with just one or two of these convenient, practical and yet stylish bags. The problem is that you need to choose the right one for your needs and your personal style statement. This guide has been created to help you:

 For What Purpose Do You Want A Backpack Purse

The most important question you need to ask yourself is what you need the backpack purse for. The initial intention behind these bags was to create something which s easy to carry, small enough to house all your essentials but practical enough to carry with you anywhere.

If this sounds like you then you need a backpack purse. However, if you are used to driving or being chauffeured where you need to go and only need the bare essentials with you a more traditional purse will suit your needs.

Once you have answered this you will know if the backpack purse is really the bag for you.

Your Style

You will have noted that there are many different styles; from the traditional backpack to the handbag which simply comes with back straps. You need to think about which type of product you are most comfortable wearing and which will go with the outfits you already own.

Backpack purses are not simply something you take with you; they should be an extension of your style and fit with your wardrobe. This is why it is essential to look at all the different offerings on this top ten list before making your decision.


You also need to consider what items you are likely to be included in your backpack. If you need this for your daily commute then you may want to ensure there is space for your work items, money, travel card, and any other work-related bits. But, if this backpack purse is to be used as it was intended you should also be considering what activities you undertake at the weekend. For instance, can it double as your workout kit bag or will you be able to rock climb with it?

The backpack purse you choose must have enough space to handle all the different activities you undertake on a regular basis.


You will also need to establish your budget. The majority of the backpack purses on this list can be purchased for under $100 but the cheapest products may not be as durable as the others. This does not mean you shouldn’t buy them but you must consider the budget you have available and then select the right bag for you within your price range.

If these two scenarios simply do not match then you may prefer to wait an extra few weeks before getting one of the backpack purses; it is better to obtain one within your budget or grow your budget gradually to ensure you have the right one. Overstretching yourself is not a desirable situation to be in; after all, there is no point in having a backpack purse if you have no money to put in it and no reason to use it!


All the backpack purses within this review are either made from leather or from PU leather; with one exception which uses vegan leather. Before you go any further you should be comfortable that you know how to determine if something is real leather or not. This will help you to identify a fake leather purse.

The first thing you must decide is whether you are comfortable with leather products or not and which material will best suit your needs when looking at backpack purses. There is little point in admiring the leather bags if you would never buy them.

Although making this decision may limit the range of choices available to you there will still be plenty to choose from.


Most materials can be made waterproof. However, in this process, you may find that the color of the bag changes slightly or that it prevents it from fading nicely as the leather ages. You, therefore, need to decide if you are likely to be using your backpack purse in the rain or not.

The answer to this will depend upon the activities you undertake and whether your new bag will be the only one you use or not.

It is worth noting that most PU leather bags are already waterproof but leather bags tend to be water resistant. In many circumstances, this will be enough for your needs but it is worth considering, especially if you are likely to be carrying your cell phone and tablet within your backpack purse.


Did you know the way you store your backpack purses will affect the durability and color of it? Leather is prone to fade in sunlight but all materials are affected. If you constantly hang your bag on the peg by the door it is likely to get sun on just one side and you will end up with a two-tone bag.

You need to learn how to store your bag correctly.

This may not seem to be linked with choosing the best backpack purse for your needs but once you know how to store your bag you will be able to assess whether you are able to look after specific bags in the correct way or not and whether you want to. Most of the PU leather bags will be unaffected by sunlight and need less care; although they are less likely to last the same length of time as the leather alternatives. This is something you should consider carefully before committing to a specific backpack purse.

Flexibility of Handles

A good backpack purse will provide you with the flexibility to use it as a backpack, shoulder bag or even a standard handbag. This is what sets it apart from a standard backpack. Most importantly it should be able to do this while looking stylish and matching your current outfit.

Every backpack has adjustable length straps which are designed to ensure you are comfortable with it on your back. However, you need to be able to adjust one of these straps to convert it to a shoulder strap or a standard carry handle. This is what makes your backpack purse a viable option as an all-purpose bag instead of just a backpack.

Consider what you will be using the bag for and then look at the handle configurations offered to establish which f the bags on this list is your preferred choice.

Gender Neutral

Some of the backpack purses on this list look like small rucksacks and if you choose them in a gender neutral color such as black you may find that your partner decides to borrow it from time to time. While it is nice to think that this is a viable option it is extremely frustrating if you want your backpack purse and someone else has it!

Of course, black is the most common color as it goes with virtually any outfit, but this is also the most likely one to be borrowed! It is, therefore, important to consider who may borrow your bag and what color will be best to avoid this. Alternatively, make sure the right rules are in place before you purchase the backpack purse!


You should also consider the pockets which your backpack purse needs to have. A cell phone pocket is virtually essential but, if you are traveling a lot do you want his inside your bag or in a zipped outer pocket? The zipped exterior pocket on the rear of a backpack is always excellent for security and ease of access when on the move; this is one thing that requires serious consideration.

You must also think about what you put in your backpack purse. More pockets make it easier to separate items and find what you are looking for in a rush. However, this often reduces your ability to carry larger or bulkier objects.

Choosing the right number of pockets will depend upon your preferences and the ease in which you need to access items.


It is also important to consider the closing method of your backpack purse. Every item you place inside your bag is potentially important or even irreplaceable. However, it is possible for others to quietly remove items; especially if you are on a packed train, packed public transport or attending a busy party. It is safest to have a zip on the top of your bag to ensure your belongings are safe but this may affect the look of your backpack purse.

You need to consider the types of places you visit and how best to look after your belongings before deciding the right type of closing for your backpack purse.


It is important to remember that there is no right or wrong when it comes to looking at backpack purses. Every one of the bags included in this review is good quality and stylish. Your personal preferences are what need to be taken into consideration before you select the right bag for your needs.

While you would probably prefer to have several dozen different bags this is not generally financially or physically viable. After all, you will need to keep moving things from one bag to another and sooner or later you will forget something important. Having one bag with the flexibility to be a backpack, purse n even a shoulder bag means you will always have the items you need to hand while still looking good. This is not always an easy achievement! The right backpack purse can make this one step easier for you.

A backpack purse is generally considered to be something that is between 6 and 12 inches tall; they will not generally accommodate your laptop but will carry all your essential items; just as your conventional handbag would. However, while doing so they will keep your hands free which can be an extremely valuable benefit.

Consider your needs and then choose the backpack purse which suits you best from this list; you won’t regret your decision!

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