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Everybody who enjoys an outdoor expedition and traveling can appreciate a trusty backpack. There are a number of wheeled luggage options that are perfect for long travels. However, a mini backpack has always been a top choice for travelers, students, and anyone who prefers a traditional route of carrying their luggage.

Our Top Pick!
Fjallraven Kanken Classic

The signature features of this brand are a square body with top handles that are clipped together. There is also a beautiful red fox emblem on the front that adds to its style. This brand boasts dependability, durability, and functionality.

Reasons to Purchase a Mini Backpack

You may be someone starting a new school and want a reliable yet trendy mini backpack to carry your notebooks and tablet or you may already be working a high-end official job and need a professional bag for your items.

A mini backpack is a staple for many types of people. Whether you’re going out hiking, picnicking, or just a casual day trip across the town, having a bag to carry your essentials is of paramount importance. You don’t want to end up on a family beach trip and not be prepared with sunscreen and liquids.

Sure handbags are useful, but they are not easy to carry and don’t always have ample space for your extra items. This is where a mini backpack comes into action. They are designed to hold your essentials like water bottles, a phone charger, a couple of t-shirts, a tablet, and other bits and bobs. Regardless of your reason to buy a mini backpack, you’ll always find them useful, convenient, and dependable.

The History of the Mini Backpack

The idea of strapping your gear to your back sounds “old school” and is historically older than we can say. But, the modern mini backpack is fairly young – only 42 years old – and has changed and transformed to new lengths in a short amount of time. Let’s go further back in time. The first vessel of carrying essentials was not a bag at all, but rather a strap of cloth or leather that was fastened around the items. These straps remained in use for many decades and eventually went out of style and use.

Gerry Outdoors invented the first backpack with zippers in 1938 and the brainchild became popular among hikers. From the early 30s to mid-60s, school kids started using a leather mini backpack with a single strap. Doors blew wide open for backpack redesign in 1967 when the first “modern nylon backpack was created.” These smaller and lighter versions were a great alternative to heavy leather straps and become immensely popular among students and outdoor enthusiasts. By the end of 1980, backpacks became fully integrated into everyday life.

Coming back into the modern world of today, we have so many amazing features and styles to choose from these days. Depending upon your needs, you’ll have no problem finding the best mini backpack for your shoulders. We’ve included some pretty mind-blowing choices here, from vintage-looking mini backpack purses to ultra-light mini backpacks, along with a few economical options. Whether you’re going on a hike, packing for a weekend trip, or preparing for a picnic with your family, you’ll find the best transport mini backpack for your needs on our list.

Let’s get started!

The 10 Best Mini Backpacks

1. Fjallraven-Kanken Classic Mini Backpack

Fjallraven Kanken Classic Mini Backpack
  • Material: Vinylon
  • Dimensions: 11.4″ x 7.9″ x 5.1″

The original Fjallraven Kanken mini backpack was born in 1978 to help Swedish children better their posture. Since its invention, the backpack has transcended generations and still remains one of the top choices for mini backpacks. “Kanken” means “to carry” in Swedish and its practical and simple design has stuck around for decades.

Whenever you’re planning a trip or a simple day at school, you’ll have to break down what you’ll need. Your journey, no matter how long, might not always be conducive to a roller suitcase. This is where this lightweight mini backpack offers a great choice for backpack enthusiasts. It is a good combination of style and function that can be hard to find in mini backpacks. Slings and purses lack the benefit of protection and padding, which you’ll get in this top-notch mini backpack.

The signature features of this brand are a square body with top handles that are clipped together. There is also a beautiful red fox emblem on the front that adds to its style. This brand boasts dependability, durability, and functionality. Fjallraven Kanken has exploded in the mini backpack market on a global scale and you can see this backpack popping up in tons of airports and schools.

This backpack is “mini” enough to pack in a large bag or use as a cabin bag for personal items. The top handles are the key to a good mini backpack, as it allows versatility and ease-to-carry in many situations. You can easily hold this backpack on your arm through the top handle while sorting out some cash or rock it while wandering the streets of your favorite town.

The bag’s rigidity allows the bag to hold its shape and distribute the weight, regardless of what you cram inside. The bag can house items like a DSLR camera, power bank, cell phone, art supplies, or even a handful of funky souvenir items. The pockets are packed with a firm foam liner that offers support to the back, in case you have any sharp objects bouncing around.

This mini backpack has four pockets. The inner pockets will serve as a great place to put your visa documents, paperwork, passport, receipts, etc. This pocket will be nearly impossible to reach unless someone snatches your bag. The exterior has two slim pockets where you can store your sunglasses, medicines, and any item of a small size. The fourth pocket is a small zippered pouch on the outside front. It is perfect for train tickets, a chapstick, or other knick-knacks.

The zippers and the liners that cover them are great from a security point-of-view. There is less chance of any tampering, and the compartments are great for keeping your belongings safe. The straps are made from a high-quality and sturdy nylon material but are without padding.

So, if it is a warm day and you have a tank top on, the straps might not be very comfortable. Overall this mini backpack is one of the best in the market and will work great for travels, schools, and eventful town exploring.

2. Lily & Drew Travel Mini Backpack

Lily & Drew Travel Mini Backpack
  • Material: Nylon
  • Dimensions: 10″ x 8″ x 5″

The Lily & Drew mini backpack purse is great for girls to carry their daily items. You can also use it as a “diaper only” compact bag or a short trip on the weekend. It is not for laptops or school binders, but you can surely store your tablet, phone, passports, papers, and other essentials. The bag has a thick and highly durable nylon exterior that will last for years.

The shoulder straps are also made from the same canvas and are attached with extra stitching to carry heavier loads with ease. The interiors are lined with soft padding that adds a touch of luxury to this incredible mini backpack.

Let’s talk about how practical this mini backpack purse is –  The mini-sized bag might not be the ideal fit for carrying your laptop or heavy books, but it’s highly convenient for short travels, day touring, and cabin luggage. Regardless of its size, it has multiple pockets, both inside and out that will make your job of organizing the bag a lot easier. It has two external zippered pockets, one in the front and one on the back to help store items like your chapstick, makeup, and other stuff.

It also has two external side pockets for storing juice boxes, headphones, and other items that you may need to access quickly. You’ll also find one internal zippered pocket, one internal sleeve, and one tethered key-chain clasp. You can use the internal sleeve to pack items in your backpacks like an iPad mini, phone, and other small gadgets.

This mini backpack purse is comfortable at the least. It has an ultra-lightweight design that evenly distributes the weight on both shoulders. This feature is essential for your spine health and adds up to its overall use. You can also adjust the shoulder straps according to your height and weight. You’ll also get a tethered clip for your keys, so you don’t lose them at the bottom of your bag.

It is available in a wide range of colors and patterns that will fit your every mini backpack purse need with ease. You can also get the same bag in a medium-size if you’re looking for something slightly bigger.

3. Echofun Mini Backpack

Tiny Chou Mini Backpack
  • Materials: Nylon
  • Dimensions: 10.2″ x 3.9″ x 8.3″

Echofun is popular for creating ultra-lightweight travel bags that are used widely around the world. This mini backpack is made from a waterproof fabric that will keep your essentials safe in the rain and the super-soft Nylon material won’t irritate your shoulders either. An Echofun mini backpack is a great option for students and short trips away.

It is great for people in all kinds of phases of their lives. Whether you’re a student looking for a lightweight mini backpack or a professional searching for the best office backpack, this might be the one!

As mentioned this Echofun mini backpack is made from waterproof nylon material. Apart from being lightweight, this material can also withstand scratches and tears that can happen when you’re on the go. This bag has multiple pockets to help organize your essentials in the best way possible. It has one large front pocket and two side pockets on the exterior. A large zipper secures the opening of the bag and ensures that you can access the interior items with ease.

On the inside, this mini backpack can hold an iPad mini, a water bottle, umbrella, and other supplies with ease. It also has a key chain tethered securely on the inside, so you don’t ever lose your key or spend time searching for it at the bottom of the bag.

Moving on to the shoulder straps. They are well designed to release pressure on the shoulders and increase comfort for long travels. They are filled with a light cushioning material that won’t irritate or cause roughness on your shoulders, even in humid or hot weather. This mini backpack is combined together with a high-quality zipper closure system.

They are secure and easy to use, even when your hands are full. They also won’t open or tear during accidental bumps or rough use. This Echofun mini backpack is ideal for shopping, traveling, and schools, where you have to carry your essentials without making it a burden on your shoulders.

Overall, Echofun is known to produce some of the best mini backpacks in the world. They are popular among students and frequent travelers, who love this traditional style of carrying luggage at an affordable price. Choose from amazing color options, available for both men and women, and make the best of your travels.

4. Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Mini PM Backpack

Palm Springs Louis Vuitton Mini Backpack
  • Material: Monogram Canvas
  • Dimensions: 60.9″ x 93.9″ x 35.6″

If you’re a travel tramp looking for a luxurious mini leather backpack to wander around, then you do have this fabulous Louis Vuitton mini backpack that will make your dream come true! This Palm Springs backpack is designed with a distinctive monogram and sporty silhouette – perfect for a cruise, short travels, and tasty pizza searches around the town.

This stunning find is already a favorite of A-listers like Rihanna, Bella Hadid, and Kylie Jenner. The Palm Springs Louis Vuitton mini backpack renders a chic and timeless vibe that will upgrade any look to the next level. It features an ever-stylish design that boasts an exotic leather pattern with a modern touch, engraved zip pulls, and trims.

For people who are looking for practical usability above style, this Louis Vuitton mini backpack impresses them too. It has handy functions and versatility of uses. This is why this mini leather backpack is rising in popularity among everyone. This mini backpack purse is the cutest and most-adored creation by Louis Vuitton.

It has a padded leather top handle, padded shoulder straps, a leather scarf loop at the very bottom, and a double zip closure with engraved pulls. It also has a secure top flap and side patch pockets, which adds up to its versatility. One of the most significant features of this Louis Vuitton mini backpack is the leather.

It is an iconic Monogram coated canvas that is not only sturdy but also has a feminine Matelasse Flower in a quilted pattern. This transport mini backpack has the most perfect urban look that is casual yet edgy. You can get this bag in three sizes: Mini, PM, and MM, where MM is the smallest size.

Let’s move on to the interiors. Without a doubt, every Louis Vuitton product comes with impeccable quality and design. This Louis Vuitton mini backpack has a generous amount of space inside and is perfecting for storing all your everyday essentials. You would be able to comfortably fit items such as your diary, makeup, purse, and cellphone inside this Louis Vuitton mini backpack. The inner lining is also made from a high-quality waterproof material with sturdy stitching.

The zippers are not only stylish but also highly secure and easy to use. You’ll also get a patch pocket for easy cash and card organizing. The back also features an exterior pocket for extra space and grab-and-go things. This Louis Vuitton mini backpack is high in the price range and may cause a dent in your bank balance. However, Louis Vuitton promises to deliver only the best mini backpack in terms of design, style, and usability.

5. Michael Kors Rhea Medium Leather Backpack

Michael Kors Rhea Medium Leather Backpack
  • Material: Polyester
  • Dimensions: 11.75″ x 10.0″ x 4.5″

Michael Kors is popular for designing mini leather backpacks with an edgy mix of modern panache and fashionable details. This Michael Kors mini backpack showcases a contemporary bag for women that is stylish and sophisticated. It is made from high-quality 100%  calf leather, which is also sturdy, dependable, and water-resistant.

The gold-toned zippers lend this mini backpack a luxurious appeal and style. With the Michael Kors logo embedded on the lower front, this mini backpack deserves a place in your wardrobe. The premium leather offers a smooth touch and classy design. It is also available in various colors and they all look equally gorgeous.

The inside of this mini backpack is lined with a quality nylon mix waterproof material. It has multiple zippered pockets to hold all your essentials in one place and easy organizing of your items. You can store your tablet, wallet, makeup, and a lot more in this spacious Michael Kors mini backpack. The front zip pocket is easy to access and holds smaller essentials perfectly. The juxtaposition of pebbled leather and shiny hardware redefines big-city accessorizing.

All the pretty hues complement the overall aesthetics of this mini leather backpack perfectly. This luxury streetwear will become essential in your day-to-day life. The shoulder straps are sleek and designed to equally distribute the weight of the bag. The adjustable straps are also made from the same pebbled leather and perfectly compliments the overall look of the bag.

With this range of Michael Kors backpacks, they focused on creating a clean and cool look that creates a sharply defined design. This minimalist appeal lends this mini backpack a chic and sophisticated look. This bag is great for professional women searching for a spacious mini leather backpack that can accommodate their essentials without going over-the-top.

Students will love this mini backpack too, creating the perfect style statement on campus! This bag is for anyone looking for a designer mini leather backpack that redefines feminine bag style and comfort. This mini backpack comes with a hefty price tag and is certainly considered an investment – one which you won’t regret!

6. Michael Kors Rhea (Slim) Medium Leather Backpack

MICHAEL Michael Kors Rhea Zip Medium Slim Backpack
  • Material: 100% Leather
  • Dimensions: 11.75″ x 11.5″ x 4.5″

This Michael Kors backpack is a beautiful blend of sophistication, design, fashion, and versatility. This Rhea Slim mini leather backpack is made from premium pebbled leather with 100% authenticity. The soft-to-touch body of this mini backpack oozes luxury, class, and style. The leather is resilient to scratches and tears caused by occasional bumps and daily rough use.

It is also water-resistant so that you can enjoy the rain without worrying about your Michael Kors backpack. This bag has 18K gold hardware that impeccably reflects on the beautiful leather finish. Michael Kors logo is embedded on the lower front of the bag, adding more to its extravagant glare.

Whether you’re shopping for a mini leather backpack for your office use or carrying school supplies, this backpack made from first-rate leather and 18K gold hardware will surely become your first choice. It is also available in unique hues and shades, which will look fabulous on this 100% leather Michael Kors backpack.

Moving on to the interiors of this top-of-the-line mini backpack, it has two main compartments and multiple zippered pockets on the inside. It can easily accommodate your tablet, notebooks, makeup, snacks, and other essentials.

This Michael Kors backpack also has one pocket on the front end, which can be used to house smaller items like your chapstick, lipstick, sunglasses, etc. The top is flat and features dual adjustable shoulder straps. The straps are also made from the same leather and comfortably distribute the weight evenly. This ensures that your shoulders are relaxed, even when you wear this Michael Kors backpack for long hours.

The dual zippers are a whole new chapter for this mini leather backpack. They are made with a top-notch design that offers comfort and security. With a Frappuccino in one hand and your phone in the other, you can open the zippers with ease. At the same time, it also delivers on security – on occasions like accidental bumping or rough handling, you can be assured that none of the items in your bag will fly right out.

The zippers of this Michael Kors backpack are designed to securely hold the pockets closed. Overall, this mini leather bag is sophisticated, chic, and classy. As it is also a designer mini backpack, it does come with a heft price tag. However, I am sure the sheer beauty of this mini backpack is reason enough to make the investment!

7. Boyatu Mini Leather Backpack

BOYATU Mini Leather Backpack
  • Material: 100% Leather
  • Dimensions: 10.2″ x 9.0″ x 3.9″

If you’re in search of a 100% genuine mini leather backpack with ample space and at a more affordable rate, then this Boyatu mini backpack purse might be the one! This mini backpack is made from top-grain cowhide leather along with delicate gold accents. The high-quality leather lends a beautiful finish and soft touch to this mini backpack.

At the same time, this leather is sturdy and resistant to scratches and tears. The golden hardware complements the overall aesthetics of this mini backpack in the best possible way. Boyatu employs professional artisans to handcraft every mini backpack for the same elegant and fashionable finish.

The exterior of the bag has a top handle strap for easy carrying on the go. The quality zipper closures come with a metal logo pull, which marks its authenticity. It has two side pockets and one back pocket, which can hold smaller items like your chapstick, pen, and other essentials. The overall design of this mini leather backpack is portable and spacious enough to carry your everyday items. This mini backpack is great for college, school, short travels, and even office use. The genuine leather lends it a professional look, which is great for everyday office use.

The inner lining of this mini backpack purse is made from soft polyester, which is soft-to-touch and at the same time resilient. It has one main interior pocket that can hold tablets and other similarly sized gadgets. You can also add files and folders in this main compartment without overloading. The outer zipper pocket has a cell phone pocket, which securely keeps your phone in one place, avoiding the chaos of finding your mobile.

One of the most important features of mini backpacks is the shoulder strap. Your comfort experience with the bag will highly depend on this part. The shoulder straps of this mini leather backpack are made from a combination of leather and high-quality weave fabric. This dual combo of materials offers the best of both worlds: non-slip and reduced shoulder load from weave fabric and non-slip and durability from leather.

The Boyatu mini leather backpack is available in a variety of colors, ranging from the above featured blue – it is also available in black, pink, and other colors. The overall great material, chic design, and versatility make this mini leather backpack a great choice for students and professionals.

8. Jansport Half Pint Mini Backpack

Jansport Half Pint Mini Backpack
  • Material: 600D Polyester
  • Dimensions: 12.3″ x 10.0″ x 6.5″

This JanSport Half Pint mini backpack is a stylish and durable way of carrying your essentials. It features a combination of strong construction and a snazzy style that will make your travels a lot more fun. It is made from 600-Denier polyester, which is popular for its strength, durability, and resilience to outdoors pressure.

This material also brightens any shade and makes the artwork more striking. The “pint” size is a great fit for smaller frames and ideal for short travels. Don’t be fooled by this transport mini backpack size, as it is surprisingly roomy and offers plenty of interior space.

This amazing mini backpack is available in a wide range of colors and designs that will brighten your adventures. This backpack has one main compartment and multiple zippered pockets that will house your essentials with ease. Perfect for storing items such as your table, water bottle, notebooks, and more. The exterior pocket is ideal for smaller items like your phone or tablet charger, pens, and other essentials. The zippers are sturdy and secure and lend a comfortable fit to the mini backpack.

The adjustable web shoulder straps of this transport mini backpack allow less strain to fall on your shoulders. It is important for spine health and easier in long travels. The shoulder straps are cushioned, which means that the material won’t irritate your skin, even when it is humid or hot.

JanSport is a name that has been around for 30 years and delivers a fashionable and functional way to travel. This JanSport mini backpack is a smart, functional, and affordable way to carry your essentials and look stylish at the same time. Add this lightweight transport mini backpack to your collection and travel with style.

9. Lily & Drew Canvas Mini Backpack

Lily & Drew Canvas Mini Backpack
  • Material: 600D Polyester
  • Dimensions: 11.0″ x 9.1″ x 6.3″

The Lily & Drew backpack is one of the best casual mini backpack purse styles. This bag features quite a few trendy details that will allow you to make a statement on an everyday basis. It is made from a canvas-like textured nylon shell that retains the shape even when the bag is not full. This feature protects the items on the inside in the situation of falling. The heavy-duty canvas exterior is made from 600-Denier oxford fabric with padding on the back. The over-sized zippers are secure and striking in aesthetic.

This mini backpack has two side pockets for sunglasses, water bottles, and other smaller items. You’ll also get a small front pocket for holding your keys, phone, and other items that you may want to access in a jiffy. The inner lining is made from a 210-Denier oxford material, which adds up to its strength. The main compartment can hold items such as small books, cosmetics, tablets, and more. This mini backpack is perfect for storing your tablet as it comes with an inner sleeve.

One of the main concerns of any backpack owner is the weight distribution on the shoulders. This mini backpack has adjustable shoulder straps that will fit all sizes. The soft yet sturdy straps will not put too much pressure on a single area of the shoulder. The comfortable fabric will avoid skin irritation and allergies caused during the heat and humid weather. You can get this mini backpack in a wide range of sizes, colors, and designs. This bag is ideal for students and short travels.

10. Icdun Mini Faux Leather Backpack

Icfun Mini Faux Leather Backpack
  • Material: PU Leather
  • Dimensions: 10.2″ x 9.1″ x 5.5″

This adorable mini backpack for girls and women is small yet spacious for your everyday essentials. It is made from durable and thick faux leather with a polyester interior lining. The trendy and feminine design is too cute to handle. It has a Bowknot on this mini leather backpack front, which adds a refreshing and young vibe to the bag. It is great for students, travelers, and professionals searching for a reliable mini backpack for casual daily use. This is also the perfect alternative to those looking for a leather-look bag without the cruelty.

This cute mini backpack by Icfun is also well designed. The clean stitching and high-quality metal accessories are durable and add panache to this bag. It has one sewn short top handle and adjustable shoulder straps. They are comfortable and won’t irritate your skin under the sun. The bag has one large compartment with two internal slip pockets. You can store your cell phone, power bank, wallet, makeup, as well as your tablet. You can also find one exterior rear zip pocket, one front flap pocket, and three side slips for easy access.

This adorable mini backpack purse is easy-to-clean and comes with durable qualities that will fit right into your busy life. Whether you’re traveling for the weekend or joining a new office, you’ll enjoy this mini faux leather backpack in your day-to-day travels. As with all the other mini backpacks listed, you’re unlikely to be able to carry your laptop or similar sized items but it will be perfect for smaller items like your tablet and phone. For times when you want to travel light, this mini backpack can become your reliable partner.

Mini Backpack Buyers Guide

Zoning in on the right mini backpack that offers all the functionality, features, and usability that you need is challenging. Everyone has different travel needs and wants to carry different essentials in their backpack. Some want to carry their tablet and gadgets while others like to carry a change of clothes. Regardless of your requirements, you can find the best mini backpack that will make your everyday journey a lot easier and more fun.

Let’s find out things to consider when buying a mini backpack!


Choosing the right size is a personal choice. The main feature of mini backpacks is their small size, however, you still want to be able to fit your essentials in your mini backpack. If you are looking for a backpack for a weekend away then a mini backpack is probably not going to be your best choice. However, if you’re just wandering around the city searching for the best pastries in town, or looking for a back to hold your bare essentials, then a mini backpack will be a great option.


When you have to travel with your essentials for long or short durations, things can get a little heavy, literally. Your shoulders can get very sore very quickly from the weight and your spinal health can suffer. Picking out a mini backpack that can distribute the weight evenly on the shoulder and won’t irritate the skin is a must. Well-designed and load-bearing straps can make all the difference between comfortable and dreadful travels.

You’ll probably have to walk, climb, and even jump with your mini backpack on the shoulders. If you’re planning to carry heavy items like boobs and other school supplies on an everyday basis, then go for a mini backpack that has padded shoulder straps. This will soften the blow of the heavyweight and will put less strain on the shoulders. The soft material will also ensure that the shoulder straps are comfortable to wear.

You can also go for a material that will offer a combination of strength and comfort at the same time. A heavy mini backpack with hard straps can leave you with very sort shoulders and your skin is prone to irritation, particularly on a hot or humid day.


Again, the best number of pockets generally depends upon the user’s requirements and travel needs. Typically, a mini backpack should have one large main compartment and multiple zippered pockets. Your essentials might be large and small, some might not mix together, and others might be sharp to damage the bag. Here arises the requirement of multiple zippered pockets that can keep specific items in place and won’t allow them to come in contact with other items.

here are certain items like chapstick, keys, and mobile phones that usually go missing inside the depths of the mini backpack. This is where the exterior zippered pocket comes in handy. If you’re planning to carry gadgets like your tablet and phone, then an inner pocket that can accommodate these items will also come in handy. If you’re buying a mini backpack for travel, then choose a backpack with pockets that are wisely hidden inside for your passport and money. Generally, the best pocket is a U-shaped opening pocket that will allow easy access to the items even when your hands are full.


Typically, a great mini backpack should be light as feathers. Sadly, they don’t exist, but you should consider a backpack that is light, to begin with! Even though backpacks are not weightless, you should go for frames that are made from lightweight materials. Go for the lightest and toughest mini backpack that won’t add more weight to your shoulders and at the same time protect from tearing.

A leather mini backpack is considered one of the best materials for a backpack. It is durable, lightweight, and offers a great finish in any color. This is also expensive and isn’t preferred by vegans or those seeking cruelty-free products. If leather is not an option, you can also go for a canvas backpack. They may not have the same shine and luxurious effect of leather, but it will offer durability and is lightweight. You can also go for faux leather and other fabric materials.


A good mini backpack should really be comfortable. This is the place where you’ll store all your items and it will basically become your home. This is why you need a decent backpack that is not only dependable and durable but also comfortable. Depending upon one’s height and body frame, different backpacks are comfortable for different people.

Packing a backpack right is also crucial along with the comfort. You would want an even distribution on your shoulders, chest, and hips. Make sure that there are no pressure points or check if the bag pinches as you walk. Cushioned shoulder straps are usually a great way to avoid most of these problems. You should also consider buying a mini backpack that has a cushioned back if you’re planning to carry tablets and other valuables in the bag. This way, if the bag falls or someone pushes against you, your valuables will remain unaffected.


Durability is important for any type of bag, especially for a backpack, as the majority of the weight is placed on the shoulders. You don’t want to be walking the streets of Rome only to find your bag has fallen apart or attended your new school and the straps break on the first day. Many durable backpacks are constructed with nylon or polyester and the overall strength of these materials is measured in denier. In short, the higher the denier, the denser the fibers. 

This indicates that the strength is greater in materials with a higher denier. Another important factor in durability is the quality of threads and how well the seams are stitched together. A single and double stitching will have different effects on the bag. These things combined make a difference between your contents staying in the bag or on the floor.

Colors and Style

Are you a style-conscious traveler searching for the next destination and want to travel in fashion? Or are you someone who is more interested in functionality and features? Regardless of your preferences, you can find the best kind of color and style that suits your personality. There is a huge range of different colors, styles, and designs available in mini backpacks that will complement your personal taste with perfection. Whether you’re in the market for a pink backpack or something a bit more subdued, you’ll find you are spoiled for choice. The right color and style mean the right first impression, and now you can make one by selecting the best color and style for your travels.

Water Resistance

Another important thing that one needs in a mini backpack is a water-resistant exterior and interior material. Chances are that you’re going to travel with your backpack during every season. This also includes tackling the rains and it can get messy. Water-resistant material on the outside means that water won’t get in your bag and ruin your items. This is especially important if you’re planning to carry your tablet and school supplies in the backpack.

Any backpack is never 100% water-resistant, but it will surely help to avoid drizzles and spills of water from entering the inside. A water-resistant inner lining is equally important to contain the mess. What will happen if your water bottle leaks or your food spills inside the bag? Your items can get messed up. To avoid chaos, a waterproof lining will ensure that disasters happening in different pockets won’t affect other areas of the bag. If you need extra protection from the rain, then you can always buy additional waterproof covers too.


Backpacks are now a staple for many who like to travel with their essentials. A mini backpack always comes in handy at some point in your life. Whether you’re attending the next Coachella or waiting for your school to reopen, having a reliable and durable mini backpack in your wardrobe is a need! Crossbody bags, totes, and wheeled luggage are great for traveling however, none are quite as appealing and stylish as a chic mini backpack.

You need a reliable bag where you can throw your items into, zip them up, and carry them easily on the shoulders. The importance of a good mini backpack cannot be undermined. However, choosing the right one can be challenging, if you don’t look for the right things. Set out all your preferences, browse through the options, and pick the one that fits your choices and budget in the best possible way.

Compared to the traditional backpacks, which were made of only strings and leather straps, the bag industry has come a long way. Today backpacks weave through the cities and cross-oceans without bearing a scratch. With advancements in technology and designs, one can find a backpack that will serve their needs well.

Our Top Pick!
Fjallraven Kanken Classic

The signature features of this brand are a square body with top handles that are clipped together. There is also a beautiful red fox emblem on the front that adds to its style. This brand boasts dependability, durability, and functionality.

Written by
B. Deswal
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