Belkin Slim Backpack Review

It is amazing how a simple accessory in your wardrobe, which has been an essential component since you were perhaps a child in preschool, can be difficult to purchase due to the several choices in the market. However, when it comes to selecting a good backpack we know that by making the correct choice our life will be a lot easier in the long run. There are many options available when deciding what backpack to buy. However, after researching on the features available, there are some significant plus points about the Belkin Slim Backpack.

What to look for in a backpack?

It would seem an easy task to pick a backpack for everyday use, given that most of us have used this handy item at some point in our lives. However, keeping a few things in mind before making the purchase can definitely help you make the right choice. Therefore, before buying a backpack, try to look for the following features:

  • Weight, design and stylish
  • A durable exterior with a cushioned, soft protecting interior
  • Available in different colors for that tinged of personalization.
  • Cushioned shoulder traps for comfort.
  • Compact when carried yet large enough to accommodate a laptop
  • Have multiple pockets for everyday essential items such as pens, business cards, credit cards, power supplies as well as laptop/notebook accessories.
  • Should have several sections to organize the accessories and locate them while on the go.

Buying a backpack seems to be a simple purchase, but nowadays it is not. Therefore, the above list must be taken seriously, because by buying the wrong backpack, you will land into problems when it comes to accommodating and organizing your belongings for your trip.

How Much Should You Expect to Pay?

The listed price of Belkin Slim Backpack on a number of online stores is $49.99, however, you can get it from Amazon for just $32.29 and that too with free shipping.

What your electronic devices need?

Backpacks are great for carrying the essential laptops that everyone needs for work. For this function, you must ensure that the backpack is of appropriate size and weight. In addition, it must have a soft supporting interior to provide protection against the bumps and grazes encountered with day-to-day movements, such as being on the subway, buses or roads. The Belkin slim backpack exterior measures 18 x 12.5 x 5 inches. Its interior notebook compartment measures 17 x 11.5 x 2 inches and offers protection for laptops up to 15.4 inches in size.

This backpack weighs about 1 pound, which allows you to keep more of your belongings inside it than having to worry about the extra weight you carry. Furthermore, the durable polyester exterior makes it resistant to wear and tear as well as weather proofs it for mild climatic changes. Inside the Belkin Backpack, it is lined with a soft plush interior to cushion the machinery. Therefore, while you carry it around, you can be sure that the laptop/notebook inside it is secure and snuggly fit.

Compartments: a Great Way to Organize!

We all know how our personal belongings can be tangled or lost in our bags especially if the bag is large in size. However, the Belkin backpack eliminated the problems of having to sift through the entire sack. This is because it offers multiple compartments and pockets of every size imaginable for organizing the usual contents in a bag such as pens, business cards, credit cards, power supplies as well as laptop/notebook accessories. You do not need to dig in to find your belongings with this bag.

Bag in the backpack

The Belkin slim backpack comes with a separate removable bag. In this bag, you can keep power cables, mouse, flash drive and other computer accessories separately from your other belongings. Once you are done fitting your items in the separate bag, just fit it back in the backpack. There is no need to purchase smaller bags for organization because the Belkin slim backpack comes with one

Carrying capacity

Customers usually carrying a backpack travel long distances. Therefore, an important feature they must have is breathability. The Belkin slim backpack has shoulder straps and a back that is made of a breathable mesh yet at the same time; they are cushioned with extra padding for comfortable carrying.

Phone storage

Most of the times, we have trouble locating our phone. This is mainly because somehow it always seems to get lost in the bag. Due to this, we end up in an awkward and embarrassing situation where we begin to scan through the entire bag. Well, you will be glad to know that the Belkin slim backpack serves to solve that issue with its headphone grommet. The shoulder strap houses the cell phone/media device and at the same time, allows you to locate the device while you are on the move. In addition, you are able to use headphones with devices without having to keep other compartments open or unzipped as you use them.

Color Choice

The Belkin slim backpack is not only lightweight and appropriately sized, it has the added feature of color availability. The backpack is available five different colors, with contrasting exterior and inner pouch so you can express your own color moods! Some of the colors you can choose from are listed below:

  • Dark grey/Green
  • Black /Light grey
  • Dark grey/lavender
  • Dark grey/ Light Blue
  • Red/ Dark grey


Unlike other backups, maintaining a Belkin slim backpack is really easy. When it is soiled, simply wash it with soap and water, air dry and restore its original fresh appearance. You do not even have to worry about the colors fading, because the colors are so fast that no detergent will be able to run them out. The bag will be as good as new when you are done.

Does it include a Warranty?

The Belkin slim backpack comes with a lifetime warranty. Therefore, as long as you own it, it can be serviced and /or replaced with a new backpack. So unleash your wild side.

What Others Are Saying

There are mixed opinion about the backpack by a number of users. But on average, we have seen good feedback on the quality material, build style and durable feature of The Belkin slim backpack. Below you will see some of the recent comments of its customers:

  • “I’m very happy with this item. I love pockets & it has many of them to keep all my essentials.”
  • “The perfect backpack if you want a slim, not too heavy backpack. It carries my laptop, a notebook, pens, power cords, travel umbrella, and other odds and ends. “
  • “I have it more than 2 years. I like the fact that it is slim. I like things to be compact.”
  • “I purchased this specifically to carry my IPAD 2 and it fits perfectly.”
  • “I was torn between this backpack and the Incase backpack. They are more or less the same thing and this one is much cheaper.”

Other uses

The Belkin slim backpack is great for travelling. The compartments help you organize everything from passports to tickets in addition to providing space for storage of light items such as books and magazines for entertainment.

Any complaints?

On various customer review sites, we find positive comments about Belkin Slim Backpack. However, one consumer had a complaint that it broke in less than a year and the zipper came undone. Other than this exception, majority of customers are quite satisfied with this purchase.

Where Can You Buy the Product?

It is not difficult to buy Belkin Slim Backpack as you can find it on a number of websites. However, among all web stores, Amazon is offering the best deal in terms of pricing, shipping and warranty.


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