High Sierra Access Backpack Review

Usually, we do not want to miss anything when we are traveling. We prefer to keep most of our gadget – who knows when you may need a particular device. Thus, for such people a roomy stylish backpack is a requirement whenever a tour is being considered. In addition, even with the many options in the market, the High Sierra Access backpack has a lot to offer. The market has many options in terms of backpacks but picking the correct one that is designed to handle the needs of athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, students, travelers, and professionals is quite a challenge. This review will help you decide what exactly you need.

How Much Should You Expect to Pay?

The company price of High Sierra Access Backpack is $120, but Amazon has listed its price as $41.93 with free saver shipping and return offer. This price is for Dive/Charcoal/Black color, while other color combination’s have different prices. Anyhow, on average, you should not spend more than $60 for this backpack regardless of the color you opt for.

What the carrying companion must have?

For most of us, a backpack has been an essential part while traveling. Whether it was in school or office, we all have used it at one time or another. Even though we are used to strolling around with a bag strapped onto our shoulders, when purchasing a backpack, you must consider some key features. Let’s have a look at some of the key features:

  • Your backpacks should have a durable exterior
  • It should be stylish and trendy and at the same time be comfortable to carry
  • It should have multiple pockets for holding digital devices such as cameras, Mp3 players, cell phones etc.
  • Be able to accommodate laptops with the added feature of a buffering cushion
  • Be available in versatile colors for personalization
  • Comfortable to carry around with cushioned, padded shoulder straps
  • Must have multiple pockets and sections for storing a wide array of assorted gadgets
  • Must have several sections to organize the accessories and locate them while belongings such as stationary, digital tools, cell phones and beverage bottles.

By knowing these features, making the right choice will be a lot easier.

Electronic devices

Currently, everyone from students to professionals has an essential gadget that seems to make it everywhere with them. The gadget is none other than the laptop. The High Sierra Access Backpack is especially designed to accommodate laptops. With a capacity of 2,743 cubic inches and a size of 15 by 20 by 9.5 inches, it can carry laptops/notebooks of up to 17 inches in size. The bag has a special cushioned sleeve into which the user can slide his/her laptop. The exterior paired with the cushioned interior to keep the device secured and in place when you move around.

Front pocket for easy access

This High Sierra Backpack has various easy access pockets on the front, back and sides. At the front, the pocket offers a convenient side access division along with a multi pocket organizer. In addition, there is a removable key fob at the front, within your reach. These features allow easy access to the essential stuff that you carry in the backpack just as soon as you glance at them!

Smaller digital devices

On a trip, we all end up carrying other things than the laptop; these things also need that extra cushion and organization. Well, with the High Sierra Access Backpack you can carry all your devices. The backup comes with an easy-access deluxe media pocket. This media pocket can hold multiple devices such as cell phones, MP3 players and digital cameras. With its added feature of a headphone port, you can store your device and at the same time, use it for say, receiving an incoming call or listening to your favorite music while waiting at the bus stop. This ensures that all your gadgets are protected, organized and can be used by you. Moreover, the Sierra backpack comes with an organizer to store cards and pens.

Beverage compartment

We often end up on trips that take longer than anticipated. In such a case, the High Sierra Access backpack comes with a side beverage compartment. You can use this beverage compartment to store some water, tea, coffee or even soda for sipping as you travel. This separate compartment will free you from the misery of going through the entire bag just to find one bottle, and you will not have to worry about the beverage leaking and spoiling your devices.

The carrying design

The High Sierra Access backpack is designed for comfort. The shoulder straps are S shaped with Vapel mesh padding that allows easy ventilation and airflow while you carry the bag on your shoulders. These features allow you to carry a greater weight whilst distributing it across the whole body. In addition, the padded back panel supports your arches exactly where it has needed. An option of a waistband supports the extra weight at the bottom, in case it is required. Therefore, you can carry a greater weight without feeling as your shoulders will come off.

Colors and designs

The High Sierra Access backpack is available in seventeen colors. The user can be a proud owner of a backpack with colors that cater to his or her personality! The various colors are combined to create creative themes, such as “amazon”, “city map”, etc. The versatile design is a major plus point for all creative people because such themes can really spice up the whole experience.

Care and maintenance

Backpack surfaces are subject to various environmental damages. That is why the High Sierra backpack comes with its very own tuck away rain cover. When you are faced with unanticipated weather conditions, you can simply bring this out and cover your backpack to protect its interior and contents. The cover itself can be washed with soap and water and then reused as required.

Does it include a Warranty?

This backpack is designed for the rough and tough, which is why the company offers a lifetime warranty with the product. Therefore, as long as you are the owner of the High sierra backpack, you can be sure that any damages will be covered.

What Others Are Saying?

  • “Purchased this item for a trip where I did not want to bother with checked baggage. This backpack easily holds enough for four-five days, while being small enough to carry on, even when other people had to check their rolling carry-on bags.”
  • “I have not had a chance yet to actually use this. However, I was very pleased with what I have received.”
  • “I bought it for my one son for boy scouts and it has more pockets than expected. Worth every penny….”
  • “I bought this bag because I know a couple of people who own it and love it. I immediately liked the bag”

Any complaints?

The response of majority of customers is great about High Sierra Access backpack; however, one consumer due to her own fault of over packing faced some problems while handling it on a trip. Other than that, you will find positive reviews and high rating on a number of review sites.

Where Can You Buy the Product?

The High Sierra backpack is available on a number of stores. Including the Amazon website, you can purchase it with amazing deals and many colors available.


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