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Best Range Bags -

Trips down to the gun range or traveling with your firearms can be made much easier and less stressful when using a good range bag or carry purses. Whether you make frequent trips down to the gun range, or if it is only once in a while, you can really benefit from the necessity and effectiveness of having a good range bag.

Our Top Pick!
G.P.S. Handgunner Backpack

Ready to be taken down to the range, the G.P.S Handgunner range bag is perfect for anyone looking for a comfortable and spacious backpack. Available in two color options – classic black or digital camo, this range bag is suitable for both men or women.

G.P.S. Handgunner Backpack

Depending on what you choose to carry around with you, your choice in range bag might be different for the next person. Some have extra compartments for added gear, and some are a little more inconspicuous to the contents inside.

Having a bag that properly meets your needs eliminates the hassle of being unprepared and makes your time at the range more enjoyable and purposeful. You don’t want to spend some of your paid-for shooting time ruffling through an unorganized bag looking for gear lost at the bottom somewhere. Your range bag should be suited to you and your needs – whether you need many different compartments to keep all the small stuff organized, or larger more versatile compartments for bigger gear – your bag, your needs.

While your old duffle bag might work for storing your various firearms, range bags were specifically designed for this purpose. A range bag allows you to carry your weapons securely and more importantly, safely, down to the range. Firearms, shooting glasses, hearing protection, ammunition, and scopes will all be kept tucked away neatly, but still easily accessible when you need them. A good range bag should also be lockable from the outside. This stops anyone else from having access to your firearms and other gear.

Range bags have been around for a couple of decades now. Some of the brands who first started crafting these range bags have had a good few years to perfect them by filtering out useless bits and bobs and specifying them to what users really need. Others have only just entered the market. Keep in mind that not all range bags are created equally and selecting a range bag from a good, reputable brand that is good quality will give you peace of mind that your range bag will survive many trips to the range.

What your range bag needs to hold:

There is more to going down to the range than just firing a gun and beginner shooters are often uncertain of what to pack into their bags. With so many different components to think about, often the simpler of items are overlooked.

Some folks bring nothing more than their firearm and then need to rent eye and ear protection from the range. The same applies to ammunition and targets. In contrast, others end up packing in far more than is needed and then have to lug around an unnecessary amount of gear. Having the right gear with you can ensure you a pleasant and productive shooting experience.

Aside from your firearm(s), here are some other essentials to keep in your range bag:

  • Emergency Personal Injury Kit – keeping an EPIK on you at all times is vital and you should never operate a firearm without having a kit on hand.
  • Rapid Application Tourniquet – Another non-optional item. Keeping one in your bag could be a matter of life or death.
  • Eye protection – Shooting glasses are a range must-have.
  • Ear protection – as you’ll know, guns are loud.  Good ear protection is imperative in protecting your hearing and providing an enjoyable gun range experience.
  • Ammunition – nothing quite like getting to the firing range and realizing you didn’t remember to pack in your ammunition too.
  • Notebook – to record your rounds fired.
  • Cloth – to wipe down your firearm and magazine.

Types of Range Bags

There are a variety of different types of range bags currently available but selecting the right one is mostly a matter of personal preference. Two of the most common include the duffle-style and the backpack-style. Duffle-style range bags are designed to be carried in-hand but should also include a padded shoulder strap too.

They are available in a variety of sizes and are suitable for both pistols and rifles, depending on the size which you select. Backpack-style range bags are designed to be worn on your back and are generally better suited for smaller firearms such as pistols. Regardless of the type, one thing they all feature is an abundance of both interior and exterior pockets/ compartments.

With a large variety of options available – some great, some not so great -it can be quite tough trying to select the best one for you. We’ve therefore decided to compile a list of the top ten range bags currently available to make your search that much easier. With a good variety of products, there is sure to be something below which suits your personal needs and preferences. Let’s get started!

Our Top 10 Choices for Range Bags

1. G.P.S. Handgunner Backpack

G.P.S. Handgunner Backpack
  • Style: Backpack
  • Handguns: 4
  • Lock: Yes – Luggage Lock

At the top of our list is the G.P.S Handgunner range bag backpack. Designed for easy and simple use,  this range bag is modern and clean-looking – perfect to take along in any environment.


The G.P.S Handgunner range bag contains multiple compartments for all your different gear. They are easily accessible and perfect for all your accessories.  The foam cradle can hold up to four handguns and is removable from the bag (it slides in and out of the lower compartment of the bag).

The cradle completely protects the firearms and the high-density foam is durable to pressure and keeps the firearms firmly in place. The compartments can hold 4 handguns, 12 extra magazines, ammo, eye protection, ear protection, as well as your other necessary gear. The Handgunner range bag also features an exterior strap to keep your targets rolled up and crease-free


Ready to be taken down to the range, the G.P.S Handgunner range bag is perfect for anyone looking for a comfortable and spacious backpack. Available in two color options – classic black or digital camo, this range bag is suitable for both men or women. With nearly 500 Amazon reviews, it’s no surprise that the G.P.S Hangunner range bag is a firm favorite among many!

2. 5.11 Tactical Range Bag

5.11 Tactical Range Bag
  • Style: Duffle
  • Handguns: 4-8
  • Lock: No

Designed with the input and opinion of professional shooters and range instructors, the 5.11 Tactical Range Ready Bag is an excellent choice. The bag offers plenty of space for a trip down to the range but has also been built for comfort too. Made with a durable 600D Polyester, the 5.11 Tactical comes with an ammo tote and brass bag, as well as a useful bottle holder.


A drop-down front flap opens up to store 8 magazines and has extra accessory pockets to keep your ear and eye protection safe. The segregated storage keeps multiple pistols and is padded for added protection. The removable brass bag and ammo tote mean that cleaning up is easy, and the bag can be packed away compactly as well.


Measuring 21 x 14 x 10 inches, the tactical range bag is a fairly large range bag – larger than most range bags. It certainly provides plenty of room to store your firearms and gear. The padded shoulder straps allow for a comfortable carry and the grab-and-go handles are great to use for lighter traveling too.

Crafted on the instruction of professionals in the industry, the 5.11 Tactical range bag is sure to have everything needed at the range and a little bit extra as well. It is a comfortable bag to carry and is available in a simplistic black color only. Built to be efficient and useful at the range, the Tactical does not disappoint!

3. Explorer Tactical Range Ready Bag 18-Inch

Explorer Tactical Range Ready Bag 18-Inch
  • Style: Duffle
  • Handguns: 2-5
  • Lock: Yes – Luggage Lock

Durable, reliable, and remarkably efficient, the Explorer Tactical Range Ready Bag is a must-have for any gun range enthusiast. It was designed with tactical operators and law enforcement in mind, the hardy 1200 denier rated material is exactly what you want in keeping the contents of your range bag safe. It has fast-access compartments and is a comfortable carry. The bag also packs away easily for extra convenience.


There are more than enough customizable compartments to keep all of your gear packed away safely. Adjustable and removable inner partitions allow you to customize the main compartment to suit your needs. There are two zippered handgun pouches that measure 13.5  x 1 x 7.5 inches.

The front compartment has seven magazine pouches and the rear compartment has four. The exterior dimensions of the bag measure 18 x 14 x 10 inches. The magazine and gear loops are nylon-elastic and the bag has thirteen padded and protected compartments.

With features such as a fast-access, dual-zippered main compartment; dual-exterior front pockets; as well as an ID pocket, the Explorer Tactical range bag is designed to be as convenient as possible. There is an additional weapon pocket on the back of the bag and a quick-access compartment in front which can accommodate an additional firearm as well.


Whether being used in the field or at the range, the Explorer Tactical range bag is perfectly sized to carry all your gear but yet still be easy and comfortable to carry. The compartments and pockets all allow for quick and easy access, and the detachable padded shoulder strap provides further convenience. Available in 6  different color schemes – camo, khaki, green, digital camo, and black, there’s sure to be something to suit everyone’s taste.

4. Osage River Tactical Shooting Gun Range Bag

Osage River Tactical Shooting Gun Range Bag
  • Style: Duffle
  • Handguns: 3+
  • Lock: Yes – Luggage Lock

The Osage River Tactical Range Bag is compact and easy to travel with, offering more than enough room to cater for your weekend trips to the range.


This Osage River range bag features multiple compartments. There are two padded dividers (which are also adjustable) in the main compartment, which provide three protected compartments. On the exterior of this range bag, there are an additional two zippered pockets that can hold a magazine, ammunition, and other essential gear. The bag also comes with a removable pistol pouch for even more convenience.


Made with a 600 denier rated ballistic nylon material and has heavy-duty zippers with attached pulls – the Osage River range bag is a bag built to last. As a testament to this, Osage River even offers a lifetime warranty. Lastly, this range bag is available in 4 simplistic color options: black, gunmetal grey, coyote tan, and OD green.

5. Explorer Tactical 12 Pistol Padded Gun and Gear Bag

Explorer Tactical 12 Pistol Padded Gun and Gear Bag
  • Style: Duffle
  • Handguns: 2+
  • Lock: Yes – Luggage Lock

Explorer has some of the best pistol range bags on the market. This one, the Tactical 12 is one of their very popular choices. Designed to suit the needs of tactical operators and law enforcement, it can also transition to a hobby-range bag that will store everything you need.


Overall, the Tactical 12 range bag has 13 padded compartments, with both the main and exterior compartments containing many nylon elastic magazine and/or gear loops. The compartments are all customized to suit different gear, so each piece of equipment has its own place for quick, easy access. On top of that, there is also an ID compartment and two cylindrical pockets for beverages. The large front padded compartment can hold an additional weapon.


Explorer’s Tactical 12 range bag is a great range bag for on-the-go or in the field. Each piece of gear has a specific place in the bag, with quick access to anything you need. It is compact enough to carry around comfortably while still spacious enough to home everything you might need.

There are eight different colors/ designs available – black, tan, grey digital, navy digital, olive green, navy/pink, black/purple. Finally, the Tactical 12 range bag measures 16 x 11  x 9 inches in size.

6. G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack

G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack
  • Style: Backpack
  • Handguns: 3+
  • Lock: Yes – Luggage Lock

Another versatile backpack-style range bag, the G.P.S Tactical range bag. This is the perfect bag for anyone wanting a reliable and durable home for all their range gear. It is built to be rigid and strong, ensuring safekeeping of all our firearms and gear. It is an easy-to-carry backpack and allows for hands-free traveling. The padded waist strap helps with weight distribution and keeping load stability.


There are three internal handgun storage cases that are also removable. Each handgun storage case also has an additional magazine storage space too. There are four outside zippered pockets for your gear and ammo which are all easy to access. All compartments are padded, and the top compartment can be secured using a buckle and strap. A keyring holder allows for keys or other smaller equipment to be added to the bag too.


The G.P.S Tactical range bag is as durable as can be, with the MOLLE webbing system that is triple stitched for extra strength; the quality, heavy-duty fabric used; as well as the internal honeycomb frame to keep the bag rigid.

Overall, it is a reliable and easy-to-use range bag that will keep all your gear and firearms safe inside. This range bag is available in black or tan and measures 19 x 14 x 11 inches in size. The waist strap does seem slightly unnecessary as this is not a hiking backpack, but some folks might prefer this feature.

7. Case Club Tactical 4-Pistol Backpack

Case Club Tactical 4-Pistol Backpack
  • Style: Backpack
  • Handguns: 4+
  • Lock: Yes – Luggage Lock

The Case Club 4-Pistol Backpack has been built for those serious about their shooting. It can carry everything you need for a trip to the shooting range or out on a trail. The water-resistant zippers ensure everything inside the bag remains dry, even if caught in some nasty weather. The backpack design allows for hands-free transportation, perfect for those constantly on the move. This Case Club range bag is strong, durable and able to carry more storage than it might seem.


The main foam cradle holds and properly protects four handguns. There are twin side pockets that allow for an additional six magazines each, with additional gear. The range bag also has a pull-out rain cover to ensure that everything stays dry.

Additional MOLLE straps allow for additional gear to be strapped on the outside of the bag too. The accessory pockets can accommodate gear like safety glasses, ear protection, and targets. The main compartment has been reinforced to be extra rigid and the ammo compartment doesn’t sag from the weight either.


The Case Club 4-Pistol range bag is perfect for 1911’s, HK Vp9’s, Glock’s, and similar handguns but not suited for weapons longer than 8 5/8″. The closed cell polyethylene foam compartment will keep your firearms safe and protected.

The heavy-duty zippers are lockable, giving you the reassurance that nobody else has access to your weapons or gear, as well as being compliant with certain state laws. The silicone top carry handle is soft and easy to use, but still strong enough to support the weight of the bag.

8. BlackHawk Pistol Range Bag

BlackHawk Pistol Range Bag
  • Style: Duffle
  • Handguns: 2+
  • Lock: Yes – Luggage Lock

Simplicity at its best – the BlackHawk Pistol Range Bag is both affordable and effective. This duffle-style bag has enough storage space and compartments to fit all your necessary gear. It is durable and easy to access, perfect for the range. The 600 denier material keeps your contents safe and is fairly resistant to rips, tears, and breaks.


This BlackHawk range bag has two exterior slash pockets to hold magazines and additional smaller items that you might need.  It features a dual-density foam with internal open-cell foam that offers weapon protection and an external closed-cell foam for impact protection. There are multiple rows of webbing to attach additional pouches or accessories if needed too.


The BlackHawk Pistol Range Bag has wrap-around, webbed handles for heavy-weight support and tactical webbing on the shoulder straps to help improve the strength of the bag. The BlackHawk is also strengthened with two rows of locked stitching and heavy seam binding.

The range bag features oversized, heavy-duty, self-healing zippers which resist pressure and won’t split easily. BlackHawk also includes two flannel-lined rugs to protect your handgun inside the main compartment.  This range bag is only available in black and measures 16 x 9 x 8 inches in size.

9. Nc Star Competition Range Bag

Nc Star Competition Range Bag
  • Style: Duffle
  • Handguns: 4
  • Lock: Yes – Luggage Lock

Compact and reliable, this NcStar range bag is a great choice, particularly for those involved in competitions. The range bag contains multiple compartments that will hold all your essentials and more. Being a competition-level range bag, you can expect it to have enough space for everything you’ll need at the range.


This range bag is riddled with compartments – in a good way. There are padded side pockets for your handguns which are secured with heavy-duty metal zippers. The main zippered compartment measures 15 x 10 x 7 inches and has two end pockets with Velcro closing flaps.

The zipper tabs have grommets that let you lock the compartments with a lock, keeping the contents secure and safe. The bag has a Velcro patch and name tape, along with a Velcro loop that lets you secure hearing protection to grab and go.

There are four padded magazine compartments with internal elastic loops which can hold up to eight AR15 magazines each, or 16 double stack pistol magazines. The side padded compartment has an ID card window on the exterior and the compartment itself is great for gear like your eye protection,  shot timer, etc.


The designers of the NcStar Competition Range Bag didn’t leave out any details when creating this bag. Along with a handy beverage pocket, the bag even has a meshed bottom to sift any dirt or gravel from the contents of your bag.

The compartments are all padded and secured by heavy-duty zippers that are lockable with an external zipper. Available in urban grey, digital camo, and brown/tan and measuring 15 x 10 x 7 inches in size. This NcStar range bag is a reliable and durable range bag.

10. Gunmate 1919687 Range Bag

Gunmate 1919687 Range Bag
  • Style: Duffle
  • Handguns: 4
  • Lock: Yes – Luggage Lock

This Gunmate Range Bag is another duffle-style range bag that is easy to carry and convenient to use. The range bag is simplistic yet effective and is reliable for frequent trips to the range. A great option for a range bag that stores all the essentials, without any added frills.


The large main compartment features removable hook and loop dividers and can be covered using a zippered roll-up flap. Side compartments are padded and have a padded pistol rug for extra protection. The zippered side compartments, along with the main compartment can all be locked as well.


Some prefer to keep things simple, and this range bag is exactly that. No frills, unnecessary pockets, or compartments – the bag has everything you need to keep your gear and essentials safe while being light and easy to use.  Available in a standard black color, the Gunmate 1919687 Range Bag is 16 x 8 x 7 inches.

Buyers Guide

When buying a range bag, there are many different factors that determine whether or not a range bag will suit your specific needs. To help you along, we’ve compiled a list below of things to consider when buying a range bag. We’ve also included tips for taking care of your range bag as well as a few things to remember when taking trips to the range.


The volume you need will really depend on the amount of gear that you have. However subjective as this may be, you need to be sure of the volume you require before making a purchase. Buying a bag that is too small is a nightmare; you will end up leaving essential gear behind or having to carry around two bags, which kind of defeats the purpose. A bag that is too big may be difficult or bulky to carry around. Finding the balance between a bag small enough to carry around, yet big enough to comfortably hold all your gear is essential.

Ease of Use

Taking your range bag to the shooting range shouldn’t be a chore. You shouldn’t have to search for specific items within your range bag, everything should be easily accessed. Being able to have quick but safe access to your firearms, ammunition, emergency medical kits and other gear will make your life much easier and your range experience more pleasant.


A good range bag will have enough compartments to keep your various gear separate and safe. Gun compartments in a range bag need to keep the gun secure and snug, without the possibility of it being rattled around too much or falling out of place. Whether you want just a few or many firearm compartments, is up to you, but make sure the bag you buy accommodates those needs.

A bag with a variety of compartments to cater to all your different gear will keep everything neatly organized and packed away, making it easy to find everything as needed. Don’t forget that it is essential to carry around an emergency medical kit in your range bag too, and it is important to make sure it’s very easily accessible should there be an emergency.

The range bag you choose should also let you access certain items even when the bag is full. Having to unpack your entire bag just to access items packed away in deeper compartments is tedious and a waste of time.

You might want to keep some personal items in the bag as well, to save having to carry two bags around. A good range bag should have secure compartments to store your phone and wallet along with all your other gear.


The contents of a range bag are very different from the contents of any ordinary bag. You cannot risk having your weapons fall out of your range bag, and one way to ensure that this doesn’t happen is to choose a bag with a good quality, durable and strong zipper. A zipper that breaks easily or splits under a small amount of pressure can be an extremely dangerous thing considering what you will be carrying around. Well-designed, strong zippers will be key to making sure the contents of your bag stay within your bag.

Bag Length/ Size

This will again, depend largely on your personal needs and preferences. While most bags are standardized, make sure the bag you decide on will fit in your choice of firearm. A bag that is too long will also be awkward to carry. A bag that will suit your height and size will help make carrying your range bag more comfortable.

Transport and Carry

Range bags can vary depending on how they were designed to be carried. Some can be carried using one strap, some have two-handles and some can be carried as a backpack. If you only need your bag for a trip down to the firing range and back, you won’t need anything fancy. Decide on what is best suited for your firearms as well as the build of your body.

You need to trust that the bag you are using to carry your firearms is safe enough to keep the contents inside and intact, even when put under a little bit of pressure. A good, high-quality material should be used to create a range bag. The material should be durable, easy to clean, and comfortable to carry.

You will be able to tell if the material is strong and reliable by looking at the denier rating. The denier rating indicates the thickness of the material woven together. A bag with a high denier rating will be reliable to use. Also, make sure the range bag you choose also has a secure bottom, you definitely don’t want the bottom of your bag tearing from the weight of all your gear.


A good range bag should have plenty of padding inside the compartments. The individual gun pockets need to be padded enough to keep your firearm safe and secure. The padding in the firearm compartments will obviously need to be more extreme than the rest of the compartments. This doesn’t mean that the rest of the bag doesn’t need adequate padding and protection as well. Emergency medical kits, ear protectors, eye protectors, ammunition, and all your other gear might be fragile and need to be protected and padded as well.


The contents of a range bag can be quite heavy, and the different compartments and padding inside a range bag can pack on some weight as well. Finding a bag that has everything you need on the inside while still being light enough to carry around is ideal. The better quality range bags are designed to be lightweight but still reliable. A bag that is too heavy to carry around can be incredibly uncomfortable and can actually cause back pain. There is nothing worse than nursing an injury just from carrying your bag around.

Water Resistance

One of the more important factors of a good range bag is making sure that the material is water resistant. The range bag you choose doesn’t necessarily have to survive being plummeted into a pool of water, but making it through drizzles and light showers is an important feature. Most of the contents in a range bag can be damaged and even ruined if exposed to rain. You never know when you might get stuck in sudden rainfall, so best be prepared with a bag that can resist the rain rather than regret it when you have a bag of water soaked gear.

Lockable Zippers

Gun safety is something that can never be downplayed. Accidents happen incredibly fast and as a gun owner, it is your responsibility to keep your firearms stored away safely and securely, particularly from children. Finding a range bag that has lockable zippers or buckles is another important feature.

Keeping your range bag locked at all times will be key to ensuring that no one else has access to your firearms other than yourself. There are some really power-packing small locks available, and only the most reliable and secure locks should be used when stowing your guns away. Many states also require lockable range bags, so keep your state law in mind when deciding on your range bag.


Some people like keeping their range bags as close to their bodies as possible. A shoulder strap that can even be worn across the body will help keep the bag close to you at all times. The only downfall is that single shoulder strap bags can cause strain on the shoulders which could lead down the back and up the neck.

Backpack range bags are really efficient and comfortable to carry around, but some people might not feel comfortable with the fact that their guns are on their backs facing away from them, out of sight. If you use your range bag in environments that you are comfortable with, then a backpack should do the job.

A double-strap handle is fine for shorter distances,  it helps you keep a close grip on your range bag and you can keep it close to you at all times. Double-strap handles aren’t comfortable to carry for long distances, but most of these bags come with an attachable shoulder strap. The type of handle you choose is completely subjective, just make sure that the straps are padded and comfortable to use. Back pain can occur so easily with an ill-fitting bag with unsupportive straps.

Customer Service

Good range bags will come with a decent warranty from the manufacturer. Finding a manufacturer that will honor this warranty is important. You need to make sure that the brand you are buying from is reliable and easy to contact. A good customer support can make or break a brand, so check online to see any reviews of whether or not other consumers have had issues with contacting the manufacturer. You want to make sure that, should you have any queries, suggestions or complaints, you can get hold of the company easily.

Type of Gun

Certain range bags only cater for guns up to a certain size so check that the bag you are buying caters for your size gun. It is also important to check that the bag has storage for the firearm’s magazine. Some range bags have compartments where the pockets store both the gun and the magazines together. This is handy when down at the range if you do not want to go through your bag trying to find magazines to reload. It also lets you keep the correct guns with the corresponding magazines to avoid any confusion if you do happen to carry different types of firearms in the same bag.

How to Care for your Range Bag

Taking your range bag out to the range or on a trail can rack up some dirty material. Gunpowder, sand, mud and everything else that could dirty your bag could end up being harmful to the material and contents of the bag. You also don’t want to carry around a bag that constantly looks like it has been dragged through the mud.

Cleaning your range bag is easy enough and keeping your bag clean will help extend its lifespan, allowing you to use it for longer. For light dirt, simply wiping it down with a damp cloth may be sufficient. For heavier dirt, some folks just throw their range bag into the washing machine.

Check the instructions of your manufacturer before doing this though, and also ensure that the bag dries adequately afterward or you may find yourself dealing with a moldy range bag. Another option, particularly if your range bag is pretty large, is to use your pressure washer. You can then also use an air compressor or leaf blower to dry it, just make sure you keep your foot on one of the hand straps!

Essentials to Make your Range Trip More Enjoyable

Taking a trip down to the range for the day can turn into a nightmare very quickly if you have forgotten even one item.  Keeping a range bag packed and ready to use at all times will help you avoid leaving anything behind.

Shooting at the range requires quite a bit of equipment. The more prepared you are, the better your shooting experience will be. Not only for range practice but if you take your bag hunting with you, you do not want to be caught in the middle of the wild without something essential to your trip.

Here are some things to remember when taking trips to the range:

  1. Choose the right bag for your needs. A bag that is equipped to carry all your essentials will be fundamental in keeping your gear protected and safe from outside conditions. Finding a bag that is dedicated to range shooting will make life so much easier.
  2. Safety equipment is completely necessary when shooting. Hearing and eye protection are a must-have for the shooting range. Other items such as sunscreen lotion and bug spray aren’t as essential, but they will most certainly make the experience much more enjoyable.
  3. Your gun needs to be cared for, even when at the range. Carrying a gun cleaning kit saves you having to worry about doing it later. The different powders and elements can damage and corrode the metal of the gun if not cleaned off properly. Gun oil, lubricant, and a rag will help keep your gun clean and in good condition. A small set of screwdrivers, adjustable wrenches, torque wrench will also come in handy.
  4. Extra ammunition might come in handy from time to time. You might want to have more practice than you thought, and not having enough ammo on you would prevent that.
  5. Shooting targets are also needed when having a shooting practice. Keeping spare targets on you along with staplers and stickers to cover the holes (in order to reuse the targets) will help you pinpoint your shots.


Finding the right range bag for you can make or break your experience at the firing range. You want one that will fulfill all your needs and sort of feel like an extension of yourself, something with easy access to all your gear, for both ease of use as well as in an emergency.

Range bags have been crafted by experts to accommodate all the gear one might need when visiting the firing range, and everywhere else you might be traveling with your firearms. From being used by professionals in various industries, competitors in high-level shooting competitions, to those just starting out with a gun hobby, a good range bag can last throughout your shooting journey.

Our Top Pick!
G.P.S. Handgunner Backpack

Ready to be taken down to the range, the G.P.S Handgunner range bag is perfect for anyone looking for a comfortable and spacious backpack. Available in two color options – classic black or digital camo, this range bag is suitable for both men or women.

G.P.S. Handgunner Backpack
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Rebecca Brown
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